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Why Bet on Age of Empires?

  • Exciting Gameplay
  • Rich History
  • Lots of Data
  • Regular Tournaments
  • Straightforward Format
  • Lots of Non-Pro Content

Age of Empires Recommended Bookmakers

Age of Empires is more of a niche esport title, which makes its betting markets less accessible on online betting sites. Yet many sportsbooks will still accept your Age of Empires bets, and below, you can find our picks for the best Age of Empires bookmakers.

Sharp Bookmakers & Exchanges

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Soft Bookmakers

Age of Empires betting is available on most of the popular bookmakers like bet365, Betway, Thunderpick, Rivarly,… However, there are two problems with betting on AoE on traditional bookmakers – low limits and account limitations.

If you want to know more about the main difference between sharp and soft bookmakers, check out the article below.

Age of Empires Betting Picks, News & Previews

Check out our Age of Empires betting previews, picks, and the latest news from the AoE world with all the information you’ll need to find AoE betting opportunities.

Age of Empires IV Season 4 Introduces “Enchanted Grove” Fantasy Biome, Nomad Mode & More

Age of Empires IV Season 4 Update

Posted on
The fourth season of Age of Empires IV launched on Thursday, February 16, introducing a new, unique biome, the Enchanted…

General Tips for Betting on Age of Empires

Betting on Age of Empires is a unique experience as there aren’t many esports titles that are quite like it. Although you can find other popular Real-Time Strategy games, such as StarCraft II, there are some defying differences between the two.

LAN or Online

Age of Empires, like many other sports, can be played either online or on LAN (offline), and there is a major difference between the two. Even though online and LAN tournaments can have the same format and the same players, the results will often be different.

That is because certain Age of Empires pro players perform better on LAN than online and vice versa, so when you’re analysing the players’ past performances, you have to weigh whether he has played on LAN or online.


  • AoE players perform differently on LAN and online
  • Some players produce better results online, while others will fare better in LAN events


Like all other esports titles, Age of Empires is a video game that constantly gets updated by game developers, which can introduce impactful changes. A certain strategy or civilisation that was strong last month might not do as well this month.

Nowadays, most pro players are extremely efficient in playing all strategies and civilisations, yet some do better with their favourite civilisations. So make sure that you follow the latest game updates, analyse what is strong, and make your picks accordingly.


  • Age of Empires meta is always changing
  • Do not overlook major updates (CIV updates)

Best-Of Series

When betting on Age of Empires, you mustn’t overlook the format in which the games are played. Like in other esports, you should approach betting on best-of-one (Bo1) series differently than betting on best-of-three (Bo3), Bo5s, Bo7s, and so on.

The general rule you need to follow is that Bo1 series tend to produce more upsets. Underdogs winning is rare, but it’s far more likely for an underdog to win one map than to secure two maps (in Bo3) or three maps (in Bo5).

So when betting on the Bo1 series, there are more excellent Age of Empires betting opportunities on the underdogs – if the odds are right.


On this page, you can find everything you’ll ever need to start betting on Age of Empires and to improve as an AoE bettor. From guides to the best betting tools and recommended bookmakers.

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