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The Ultimate Age of Empires Betting Toolkit – 20+ Tools and Resources

There’s a very simple question that will tell us whether you will succeed in betting on Age of Empires or not – What betting tools and websites are you using to decide what you’ll bet on? If your answer is none, or you’re simply betting what you feel is right, there’s a good chance you won’t see any long-term success.

Before we get into the article, it is worth noting that the Age of Empires betting markets are very, very niche. Using traditional value betting services like RebelBetting or BetBurger (or Oddsjam, if you are from the USA) is NOT worth it for Age of Empires betting only as you will find very few betting opportunities, if any!

In my opinion, the concept of beating the Pinnacle closing odds in such a small market is not applicable, and if you are adamant about making money by betting on AOE, you are better off knowing as much as you can about the players – did they practise for the tournament, their motivations, how they perform in certain formats or game modes,… It also helps if you create a database of your own numbers and keep a record of all past Age of Empires betting odds.

With that in mind, here are the best Age of Empires betting tools and resources!

Short on time?

Age of Empires Stats & Data Websites

Websites and platforms with very useful information about pro Age of Empires players, tournaments, past results, upcoming matches and everything in between. Listed websites are a must-have for anyone who wants to start betting on Age of Empires and is in need of information for research.

AoE-ELO is a simple yet effective Age of Empires site that offers information about professional AoE players. Besides showing the current rankings and the players’ ELO rating, it also provides more in-depth information about each player, including their match history, tournament performances, ELO development, win rate, and anything in between

Age of Empires ELO Rankings

The most helpful feature of AoE-ELO is arguably its comparison tool, which compares two professional players, shows their past history, and calculates their chances of winning. Although the tool should not be used (exclusively) to look for value bets, it can offer great insight and valuable information AoE esports betting enthusiasts will appreciate. is an extremely useful website for keeping track of pro players’ ELO rating, their past performances, head-to-head records, and on-site calculator to convert ELO rating into win probability.


AoE2Recs is the best Age of Empires website for those looking to keep track of players’ live games since it offers links to live streams of most professional players.

Moreover, AoE2Recs provides direct links to spectating live matches of every active player (via AoE II client) – all available on the spectator dashboard.

You can find players’ rankings, their past results, aliases, and links to their socials, standings, trends, stats, and more. But while AoE2Recs has more than just links to streams and VODs, that’s arguably its best feature, offering a way to follow pro players at every step, whether they’re competing in Age of Empires tournaments or playing ranked matches.


Created by a prominent esports organisation, Team Liquid, Liquipedia is an esports version of Wikipedia (of sorts) and the go-to source of anything esports-related. From recent results, AoE II tournament overviews, player transfers, teams and player profiles, Liquipedia is where it’s at if you’re looking for any esports information.


Much like how you would use Flashscore or Sofascore to check the teams’ and players’ past performances, you have to use Liquipedia if you want to know more about an Age of Empires online player’s past results and other data that will help you decide who to bet on.

Analysing players’ past performances, head-to-head results or trends that would suggest that he tends to perform better in LAN matches than online are vital pieces of information that will help you on your betting journey.


AoE2Insights is a very popular website in the Age of Empires community, which offers player stats. It has stats for all players for the in-game ranked and unranked modes.


If you’ve ever played Age of Empires, you can check your own stats, which include win% on specific maps with each civilisation, ratings, and much more.

Community-Made Spreadsheets

Community-made spreadsheets with updated information about pro players, tournaments, past results and more.

AoE 2 Tournament Points Rankings

AoE 2 Tournaments Points Rankings is a community-made spreadsheet with pro players’ current rankings. It uses the ATP system, used in professional tennis, but it’s adjusted to suit Age of Empires II. Its main purpose is to keep track of the players’ tournament performances by including a wide range of criteria to show more accurate rankings

Besides the players’ rankings, the spreadsheet also keeps track of all past and upcoming tournaments (since the release of AoE II: DE); including S, A, and B-tier 1v1 events. The information provided includes games and matches win rate, change in rankings – to keep track of how recent results have affected players, as well as a visual representation of the top 20 AoE II players.

With AoE2 Tournament Points Rankings, you can find all the information about the players, Age of Empires tournaments, and past results you could ever want, while the alternative way of tracking the player’s ranks can be useful, especially for those betting on Age of Empires.

Age of Empires IV Esports Tournament Ranking (ATR) 

A community-made Age of Empires IV esports tournament rankings with accurate data on all professional AoE IV players, their performances, activity, and results.

The file offers updated information on professional players, their current ranking, tournaments won, form and more. There’s also separate data on regions’ performance in esports tournaments.


Age of Empires (much like other real time strategy games such as StarCraft II) is not the largest nor the most popular esports title, which makes it a bit harder to stay up to date with what’s happening in the scene. Even some of the biggest leagues and competitions are not promoted as heavily as that of League of Legends, Counter-Strike and other big esports titles.


Luckily, there are sites like AoEZone, which has a thriving community of Age of Empires fans and plenty of resources that will keep you in the loop of what’s happening. That includes links to the official AoE tournament and co-streaming streams, a calendar with upcoming events, leaderboards, and VODs of completed matches.

AoE4 World 

Out of the websites provided in this article, AoE4 World stands out as a site that focuses exclusively on Age of Empires IV, but that doesn’t make it any less useful. It’s essentially a hub of everything that is related to AoE IV, offering in-depth players’ stats, their current ratings, upcoming and past matches, and dates and reviews of the next esports tournaments.

AoE4 World
AoE4 World

Beyond that, the site features links to YouTube videos of prominent AoE content creators, pro players, and other figures from the AoE esports scene, including an analytical breakdown of past AoE tournaments and professional matches.

AoE4 World also offers community-built tools such as build orders, counter calculator, production calculator, even mods for your overlay and more. Although not particularly useful for bettors, AoE4 World is worth checking out for anyone who wants to improve at the game.

Websites that don’t focus on offering data on pro players or tournaments but rather on providing general information about the game, units, civilisations, and more.


AoE2TechTree is a very simple website, which, as the name suggests, is a site where you can find civilisations’ tech trees. There isn’t much more to it than that, and while AoE2TechTree doesn’t offer much, it does what it’s supposed to do well.

Age of Empires 2 Tech Tree

It uses the same design as you would find checking the tech tree in-game, which certainly has its appeal, making the tech tree more transparent and easier on the eyes. Admittedly, AoE2TechTree’s only feature is the technology tree (in 17 languages), but sometimes that’s all you need., is a lightweight website with useful information and data on AoE civilisations. It offers updated information on civilisation win rates and their popularity, as well as information about maps, pick rates, the most successful civilisations on each map, and more.
Age of Empires 2 Civilization Stats

While AoEStats doesn’t have any information tied directly to esports or professional players, it’s a very useful website for anyone who wants to know more about the current state of the game and the optimal meta.


CaptureAge is a spectating client, which is extremely useful for anyone who wants to analyse his games or any esports game by pro players. Due to all of its features, it’s a must-have tool for anyone who regularly watches VODs of recorded Age of Empires games, including content creators, AoE bettors, or fans of the game.


CaptureAge comes with a custom overlay which displays in-depth statistics of the spectated game – which is otherwise not available – and can be a good tool for analysing matches for betting and those who simply want to improve at the game.

AoE Analysis/Casting/Educational Videos

There are many Age of Empires content creators on YouTube who offer insightful videos, guides, in-depth analyses and commentary of professional games. Yet, out of all available channels, we have to point out Tristan “T90Official” Berry, who has a ton of content of all types, runs his own AoE tournaments, and also streams on Twitch.

As a part-time professional Age of Empires player, T90Official is mainly known as a caster and host of professional AoE events, with a sizeable following on YouTube, where he regularly posts informative videos. From in-depth analysis of professional games, guides, meta breakdowns, and entertaining videos such as Low Elo Legends, which is an excellent tool for new Age of Empires players to learn and improve at the game.

On the topic of content creators who will help you improve and better understand the game, we mustn’t forget to mention Hera, Spirit of the Law, MembTV, and AoE legend TheViper.

Hera is a prominent AoE pro player who puts a lot of work into his YouTube content, providing interesting guides and high-elo games analysis. Spirit of the Law offers in-depth math/game mechanics videos, which break down every aspect of AoE and offer great insight into how pro players think and decide on their moves.

MembTV offers commentaries of professional matches, game breakdowns, and co-streams of tournaments, exhibition matches, and more. TheViper is not as invested in providing commentaries for tournaments since he tends to compete in most of them. Still, much like Hera, he offers educational videos and high-elo gameplay with commentary, guides, and patch reviews on his Twitch and YouTube channels.

Game Theory Content

Improving at the Age of Empires takes a lot of time investment, but achieving a high level of understanding of the game takes more than just playing it for hours daily. So, to speed up the process, it’s wise to follow established content creators who provide insightful guides, tutorials, and other game theory content.

Spirit of the Law

Spirit of the Law is one of the most recognisable names in the Age of Empires community, who has been involved in the AoE scene for nearly a decade.

Armenians overview (AoE2)

Mostly known as a YouTube content creator, Spirit of the Law creates interesting videos on the game’s strategy, meta, updates, and anything from videos that will help newbies improve at AoE to more complex content for those who want to improve their knowledge of the game.

Professional Games Casting & Analysis

While some content creators focus more on creating fun and educational videos, others prioritise watching and analysing professional matches and casting pro tournaments.


Tristan “T90Official” Berry is a professional Age of Empires II caster, mostly known in the community for organising various professional tournaments, including the Hidden Cup Series and T90 Titans League.

GRAND FINAL | Warlords 2

Not only is T90 a professional caster, but he is also a very active content creator with one of the biggest AoE-oriented YouTube channels and a very popular Twitch channel.

Although there are many content creators who offer similar content to T90, none does it quite like him. And if you are serious about following Age of Empires, learning the basics, or improving at the game, T90 is the YouTube channel to watch.


Hamzah “Hera” El-Baher is a Canadian professional Age of Empires II player and former Age of Empires IV pro who is one of the highest-rated players in the scene and very active with his YouTube content. Like T90, Hera has plenty of videos where he analyses professional matches and co-streams tournaments when he doesn’t compete.

The Best Arena Game I've Ever Played | AoE2

Hera also started offering coaching services, which you can watch live on his Twitch channel or catch up via videos he posts on YouTube, which provide a lot of value for new and experienced players alike. In many ways, Hera has all the types of content you would want as someone who wants to learn more about AoE.


Ørjan “TheViper” Larsen is an Age of Empires legend, the most successful player the AoE esports scene has ever seen, and an active content creator who both records insightful YouTube videos and co-streams big events.

1v1 Malians vs Italians | vs Mbl

His YouTube channel has a plethora of recordings of his and others’ games, which we found very useful if you’re trying to learn more about the high-ELO Age of Empires. Moreover, TheViper occasionally streams himself playing and competing in various online tournaments, giving you first-hand experience of how professional AoE games look like.

Age of Empires Betting Guide

AoE betting is a niche activity since the game isn’t as popular as some other esports titles. However, that doesn’t make it significantly less accessible for punters who want to get into it.

Age of Empires Betting Odds Availability

Age of Empires is a niche esports title in the betting world, but bettors won’t have any issues finding Age of Empires betting odds and markets with bet365, Marathonbet, and many other popular betting sites. It’s important to note that the limits are somewhat small, especially on soft bookmakers.

On betting exchanges, you shouldn’t expect to find AoE markets; however, sharps like Pinnacle regularly cover AoE events.

How to Bet on Age of Empires?

Betting on Age Of Empires is no different to betting on any other esports or sports – at least as far as the general approach is concerned. But now that we know which tools we can use, the process is far simpler to follow, control, and execute.

  • Decide on what to bet on – before placing your bets, you first have to figure out which tournaments are on the schedule, and for that, we can use either Liquipedia, AoEZone, or AoE4 World.
  • Check Age of Empires betting odds – Age of Empires is not the largest esports title, and some events go unnoticed by bookmakers, so you should check whether the tournament you wish to bet on has betting markets available. Checking through betting sites is an option, but you should preferably use BetBurger, which shows you if there are odds available and where you can get the best offer.
  • Research – Researching players (or teams) before placing bets is what will dictate your success as a bettor, and you have to have the right tools for the job. Check AoE-Elo to see which players are in form and how they usually perform against their opponents, and consider reading what other fans of the esports scene have to say about the upcoming games on AoEZone.
  • Watch The Game – The best part of betting on AoE (besides cashing out the winnings) is watching the games unfold. Although you can watch the official streams on YouTube or Twitch, watching the games through T90Official’s Twitch channel while he talks about the game and provides unbiased opinions on how the match is unfolding is the way to go, especially if you’re new to AoE.
  • A big part of making money with betting is also taking advantage of bookmakers’ promotions. You’ve probably seen offers such as “Bet 10€ Get 30€”, deposit bonuses and other offers on the bookmaker you’re using.

Finding those promotions definitely isn’t easy, especially when we talk about offers that are time-limited. But there are tools that can help you with that.

OddsMonkey / OddsJam

Oddsmonkey is the world’s leading software for finding bookmakers’ sign up and other promotions, helping you to find great deals and an opportunity for a steady stream of money. And you don’t have to do much more than sign up for an account and spend a couple of minutes a day looking for the latest bookmakers’ deals.

OddsMonkey is the best-matched betting tool every serious bettor should have in his arsenal and we highly recommend anyone to check it. It’s important to note that it’s extremely unlikely for OddsMonkey to have an offer for Age of Empires, but that doesn’t take away from its usefulness as a highly valuable betting service.

If you’re from the United States or Canada, OddsJam is a better alternative.

Value Betting Tools

Even though none of the listed value betting services is exactly an AoE tool, it’s a very useful tool every esports bettor should have in his arsenal. Primarily used by sports bettors to find value bets, these tools can also be used for esports betting and are arguably one of the most valuable weapons a bettor can have to find betting opportunities.



✅ Support for Soft Bookies, Sharps, and Exchanges!
✅ BetTracker with Automatic Bet Settlement!
✅ Available both on Desktop and Mobile!
✅ Free 14-day trial!
OddsJam Logo

OddsJam #1 Service in US and CA

✅ Pre-Match and In-Play Value Bets!
✅ Bet Tracker!
✅ Access To Middles and Low Hold Bets!
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✅ 90-day Money Back Guarantee!


✅ Pre-Match and In-Play Value Bets!
✅ 200+ Bookmakers and Markets
✅ Available on Desktop and Mobile!
API Access Available!
✅ Free Trial!

Consider it a final tool you must use before deciding on whether to place a bet and arguably an essential instrument you should have as a bettor.

Using ELO for Predicting the Outcomes of AoE Matches

ELO or ELO rating is a numerical way to show the players’ skill level based on their performances as well as their relative skill to their opponents. In other words, higher ELO means that the player is relatively better than all other players he competes against.

So technically, a player with a higher ELO rating should beat a player with a lower ranking more often than not, so clearly, there is some use in it to find AoE betting opportunities.

To do so, you have to use ELO and get an approximate probability of a player winning, which you can then convert into betting odds. Note that this is a very simplified and not entirely correct way to get the real odds, and it’s often not enough to beat the bookies.

You should instead take a different approach.

How to Use Fair Odds?

It’s advisable that you don’t place your bets straight away but rather wait until before the start of the game.

With that, you’re waiting for more money to pour into the market, leading to higher limits and more accurate odds (on Pinnacle).

After that, you check the Pinnacle odds, convert them to fair odds and compare the numbers to soft bookmakers like William Hill, Betway and bet365.

But how does waiting for people to bet on AoE matches actually help you find better AoE betting opportunities? 

How to Calculate Fair Odds?

Betting odds serve two purposes:

  • Show how much money you can win if your wager hits.
  • Number that represents the likelihood of a specific event; the higher the odds, the less likely the outcome.

If we look at them from another angle, Age of Empires betting odds show what the bookmaker that offers them believes is the probability of an event. But the bookmakers have different ideas of what the actual probability is, which – combined with odds movement which comes as a result of the amount of money that is placed on either of the outcomes – leads to different odds on different bookmakers.

Moreover, they purposely offer slightly shorter (lower) odds than what they believe are “fair odds”, which is how bookmakers make money. 

For bettors, it’s important to know how to define fair odds and how to work around market inefficiencies to find the best prices. In other words, we want to get odds where the true chance of a win is greater than estimated by the bookmaker.

We’ll look at an example to explain this further.

In this example, we’ll look at Age of Empires odds offered on a match between TheViper and Hera and compare the offered odds on William Hill, Pinnacle, and fair odds. We’re using Pinnacle odds due to its low margins and no stake restrictions – which helps it attract the most knowledgeable bettors, which aids Pinnacle to move the odds until they reach the price that resembles a set of fair odds.

** bookmakers adjust their odds depending on what people bet on, and the more people bet on a certain outcome, the more likely it is that this outcome will occur (wisdom of the crowd).

BookmakerTheViper (to win odds)Hera (to win odds)
William Hill2.101.67
Fair Odds (Pinnacle)2.031.97

Fair odds show Pinnacle’s betting odds with a 0% profit margin.

Value is calculated by using the formula (Odds - Fair Odds) / Fair Odds

In this example, betting on TheViper with William Hill (2.10) makes the most sense since the Age of Empires betting odds appear to be bigger (by 3.4%) than the theoretically fair odds. We got the number using Pinnacle odds ((((2.03 – 2.01)/2.03) x 100)).

On the other hand, betting on Hera would offer a negative expected value of -15.2%, as shown using the formula (((1.67 – 1.97)/1.97) x 100).

In this example, it’s important to note that Pinnacle’s overround stood at 5% ((1/1.93 + 1.188) – 1).

To calculate fair odds, you use the following formula:

Fair Odds (player A) = Odds Team A * (Overround +1)

To calculate overround use the following formula:

Overround = (1/ Odds Player A) + (1/Odds Player 2) -1

Overround is the difference between the sum of probabilities for the two outcomes ((1/odds A) + (1/odds B)) and 100%. The figure, in simple terms, shows how much lower the odds offered by the bookmaker are than the odds that should be offered in a fair world.

All that we explained works in theory, but in practice, it might have some issues. That is because the main problem with betting on Age of Empires is that AoE – unlike Counter-Strike, LoL, Dota 2, and other games – doesn’t have as big markets, hence less efficient Age of Empires betting odds.

That is not to say that finding solid bets on AoE is impossible, but it’s wiser to start with “paper trading” and see how you do before you start risking money. This might take a while, as there aren’t as many AoE tournaments, but it’s a process.


This rounds up our list of the essential betting tools, services, and websites Age of Empires punters should have in their arsenal. Even though all listed sites should be considered, we would prioritise the following;

Also, make sure to check out our other useful guides for betting!

Other Useful Betting Tutorials


Is Age of Empires still popular?

Released in 1997, Age of Empires remains one of the most played real-time strategy games in the world. Relative to other major esports titles, AoE’s player base is very small; however, that doesn’t take away from the popularity of its esports events, with over 110k people tuning in to watch the Red Bull Wololo event in 2022.

Can you bet on Age of Empires?

Yes, it’s possible to bet on Age of Empires. While it’s a very niche title in the esports betting world, most prominent bookmakers will offer Age of Empires markets, making Age of Empires betting easily accessible for anyone who wants to try it.

What is the best esports value betting service?

You can’t go wrong with choosing either RebelBetting, BetBurger or OddsJam. If you are on a budget, you can try BreakingBet or start for free with SureBet.

What are some of the sites where you can bet on AOE?

You can’t go wrong with bet365 or Pinnacle – if your ISP is blocking bet365, check out this tutorial. If you would like to access Pinnacle odds via a broker, check out our recommended brokers.

Is Age of Empires betting available on betting exchanges?

So far, we have yet to see AOE on either Betfair, Smarkets or Matchbook.

What are the most popular AoE events?

Some of the most popular Age of Empires events include Red Bull Wololo, Battle of Africa, RMS Cup, T90 Titans League, and Hidden Cup.

Even though Age of Empire’s esports scene is not nearly as huge as the League of Legends or Counter-Strike’s, there are enough tournaments over the year to keep you entertained, mainly thanks to community members like T90 Official, who often sponsor their own tournaments.

Can I bet on AoE II In-Play?

Age of Empires II is more of a niche esport that isn’t by any means a huge name in the esports scene, so, unfortunately, it doesn’t get as much attention in the betting world. To date, we’ve yet to see a proper in-play market for AoE on a reputable sportsbook.

Is Age of Empires betting legal?

Betting on Age of Empires is legal, the same way you can legally bet on any esports title. Although still prohibited in some countries due to the esports scene featuring underage players, betting on esports is legal and regulated by the likes of the UK Gambling Commission and Malta Gambling Commissio

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