LoL Worlds Songs – Every LoL Worlds Song From 2014-2023
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Every League of Legends Worlds Song From 2014-2023

League of Legends World Championship is one of the world’s biggest and most viewed esports tournaments. First held in 2011 as part of DreamHack Summer 2011, the LoL Worlds has since grown to become a stand-alone event and a significant competition in the world of esports.

Even though its popularity has grown significantly in the earlier days, it wasn’t until 2014 that a LoL World Championship got its first official theme song. Since then, Riot Games has collaborated with various prominent artists to produce a theme song for the season-culminating LoL tournament.

The artists and Riot work together every year to produce a song that inspires, offering additional content for the fans in the music video. Some of which were downright legendary, filled with hidden clues and references to prominent LoL esports players of that time.

Here are all LoL Worlds Songs from 2014 to 2023!

LoL Worlds Song 2014 – Warriors (Imagine Dragons)

The first League of Legends World Championship song, Warriors, was created by a hugely popular band, Imagine Dragons. Although not known in the gaming world, Imagine Dragons did an excellent job with the song, which was one of the first to combine the gaming world and pop culture.

Warriors (ft. Imagine Dragons) | Worlds 2014 - League of Legends
LoL Worlds Song 2014 – Warriors

Like most other songs in the following years, Warriors came with a music video which featured players on their journey to the LoL World Championship. And while Warriors might not be regarded as the best LoL Worlds song, it quickly became an iconic song in the League community.

LoL Worlds Song 2015 – Worlds Collide (Nicky Taylor)

After 2014, Riot Games stuck with the idea of making a LoL Worlds song for each event, and so we got Worlds Collide by Nicky Tailor as the official music for LoL Worlds 2015. Unlike Warriors and some other songs that followed, Worlds Collide didn’t have an animated video but instead, a glowing red crystal, which reflected various landmarks, mainly from Europe.

Worlds Collide (ft. Nicki Taylor) | Worlds 2015 - League of Legends
LoL Worlds Song 2015 – Worlds Colline

While a solid attempt to create something different, the lack of an animated video led to criticism from the fans. However, while Worlds Collide is not even close to the most popular LoL Worlds song, it set a foundation for Riot Games to enter more collaborations with music artists in years to come.

LoL Worlds Song 2016 – Ignite (Zedd)

In many ways, the LoL Worlds 2016 song, Ignite, was very unique compared to other songs by Riot. As an electronic song, Ignite brought a different vibe, which has split the League community in half – some liking the new genre, others not so much.

Ignite (ft. Zedd) | Worlds 2016 - League of Legends
LoL Worlds Song 2016 – Ignite

After learning from their mistakes in 2015, Riot Games brought back an animated video for Ignite featuring pro players and stylised characters with fight scenes. It was a step in the right direction, but the songs that followed did it much better.

LoL Worlds Song 2017 – Legends Never Die (Against the Current & Chrissy Constanza)

Legends Never Die is one of the most well-known and arguably one of the best LoL Worlds songs to date. Created by Against the Current and Chrissy Constanza, Legends Never Die lived up to the expectations of a song that would excite the fans ahead of the biggest League of Legends tournament of the year.

Legends Never Die (ft. Against The Current) | Worlds 2017 - League of Legends
LoL Worlds Song 2017 – Legends Never Die

The catchy music was accompanied by a well-animated video showing in-game characters training, sparring, and travelling around the world. While the video didn’t feature pro players, not many LoL fans seemed to care.

However, as we’ve learned in the following years, videos showing players and their journey to Worlds proved an iconic addition to LoL Worlds songs.

LoL Worlds Song 2018 – Rise (Glitch Mob, Mako & World Alive)

For its LoL Worlds 2018 song, Riot Games partnered with three music artists: Glitch Mob, Mako & World Alive. But besides creating a very catchy song, Rise also featured one of the best-animated videos to date.

RISE (ft. The Glitch Mob, Mako, and The Word Alive) | Worlds 2018 - League of Legends
LoL Worlds Song 2018 – Rise

It featured Kang “Ambition” Chan-yong’s journey to becoming a LoL world champion and artistically depicts the battles he had to endure on his way to the Summoner’s Cup. The video was filled with symbolism and epic battles, setting the new bar for the songs that followed.

LoL Worlds Song 2019 – Phoenix (Cailin Russo and Chrissy Costanza)

For the second time, Riot partnered with Chrissy Costanza for the LoL Worlds song, who linked up with Cailin Russo to create Phoenix. The song was initially delayed and wasn’t released until weeks into the LoL World Championship Play-In stage, but it didn’t disappoint.

Phoenix (ft. Cailin Russo and Chrissy Costanza) | Worlds 2019 - League of Legends
LoL Worlds Song 2019 – Phoenix

Phoenix featured a stunning music video with animations and real-life footage of some of the most well-known LoL pro players, including Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok and Rasmus “Caps” Borregaard Winther, who transform into their iconic LoL characters.

LoL Worlds Song 2020 – Take Over (Jeremy McKinnon, Max and Henry)

LoL Worlds 2020 song, Take Over, set a new bar of what LoL Worlds music videos should be. While the whole video is animated, it has an incredible amount of symbolism, easter eggs, and references to numerous pro players attending the LoL World Championship that year.

Take Over (ft. Jeremy McKinnon (A Day To Remember), MAX, Henry) | Worlds 2020 - League of Legends
LoL Worlds Song 2020 – Take Over

The music video follows a young player’s journey to winning the Summoner’s Cup, including getting coached by no other than Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok and fighting fierce battles with various protagonists.

Those included champions personified by famous LoL players who are known to be efficient on the champion and those who left a huge impact on the LoL scene with them. Some of the most notable included Mata’s Thresh, Xpeke’s Kassadin, BeBe’s Caitlyn, and more.

While the preference in music is subjective, Take Over delivered in other aspects and is widely regarded as one of the best LoL Worlds songs.

LoL Worlds Song 2021 – Burn It All Down (Riot Music ft. PVRIS)

Burn it All Down was the first LoL Worlds song written and produced by Riot Music Team, Alex “Mako” Seaverm, with the vocals performed by PVRIS. The music didn’t disappoint, and neither did the music video, which followed the successful concept of Take Over.

Burn It All Down (ft. PVRIS) | Worlds 2021 - League of Legends
LoL Worlds Song 2021 – Burn It All Down

LoL Worlds 2021 song was again filled with symbolism, easter eggs, and references featuring active LoL players. The story of the video follows Heo “ShowMaker” Su, who completes series of events, including practising and preparing for LoL Worlds 2021.

LoL Worlds Song 2022 – STAR WALKIN’ (Lil Nas X)

Upon its release, STAR WALKING was not accepted well by the League community, mainly because the song wasn’t nearly as energetic as its predecessors. And while we’re not here to rank songs, STAR WALKING had one of the worst reception from the fans.

Lil Nas X - STAR WALKIN' (League of Legends Worlds Anthem)
LoL Worlds Song 2022 – STAR WALKIN’

While the song received its fair share of criticism, the music video was done well. It featured various storylines centred around pro players and the upcoming World Championship – ending with an epic battle in front of Chase Center in San Francisco, which hosted the LoL Words 2022 finals.

LoL Worlds Song 2023 – Gods (NewJeans)

LoL World’s 2023 song, Gods, is performed by a popular K-Pop group NewJeans and produced by Sebastien Najand and Alex “Mako” Saver. It brought back a more energetic vibe, which was missing in 2022, and it was generally well-accepted by the League community.

GODS ft. NewJeans (뉴진스) (Official Music Video) | Worlds 2023 Anthem - League of Legends
LoL Worlds Song 2023 – Gods

The music video depicts Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu’s journey to the LoL Worlds 2022 title while showcasing his previous failures on the international stage.


What is the song of the first LoL World Championship?

The first LoL Worlds song was Warriors, created by a hugely popular band, Imagine Dragons. It was the official song of LoL Worlds 2014 – the first championship that featured its own song.

Who is the artist for the LoL Worlds song?

This year, the League of Legends Worlds song, Gods, was created and performed by a popular K-pop group NewJeans. The group collaborated with Sebastien Najand and Alex “Mako” Saver to create the song.

What is the best LoL Worlds song?

While there is no clear answer to which LoL Worlds song is the best, Warriors is the most popular LoL Worlds song based on YouTube views. On the other side, Take Over and Legends Never Die are two of the most iconic songs in LoL Worlds history.

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