Australian Grand Prix 2023 - F1 2023 Betting Preview and Picks
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Australian Grand Prix 2023 – F1 2023 Betting Preview and Picks

After an exciting finish to the Saudi Grand Prix, the Formula One World Championship travels to Australia for the third round of the 2023 season.

But as much as we can look forward to the 2023 Australian Grand Prix, the question is not who’ll win but whether anyone can stop Red Bull from a three-peat.

The answer is probably no, knowing that Red Bull has been one second faster than the next best car, and it seems highly unlikely that any team will catch up with them anytime soon. Regardless, that doesn’t take away from the fact that there are a few betting opportunities to explore.

Australian Grand Prix 2023 Information

The 2023 Australian Grand Prix will mark the third race of the Formula One World Championship and the 86th race in the combined history of the Australian Grand Prix. Going into this weekend, Max Verstappen leads the Drivers’ Championship with 44 points, one above his teammate Sergio Perez and 14 points ahead of Fernando Alonso.

  • Date: Sunday, April 2, 2023
  • Time: 16:00 AEDT
  • Venue: Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit in Melbourne, Australia
  • Where to Watch: DAZN

The preparations for the race will begin on Friday, March 31, with the first two practice races, followed by the final practice and qualifying run on Saturday, April 1. The race will take place on Sunday, April 2, at 16:00 local time (AEDT).

Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit Track

Melbourne’s Albert Park circuit used to host the Formula 1 season opener but was since moved to the third round of the season. Last year marked the first time in two years that Australia hosted an F1 race after the 2020 and 2021 Grand Prixes got cancelled due to COVID-19, which gave the organisers enough time to introduce a few adjustments to the track.

Layout of the Albert Park Circuit
2023 Australian Grand Prix. (2023, April 14). In Wikipedia.

Last year, the organisers resurfaced the track and reprofiled corners, creating a much faster race, offering a more flowing layout. Although considered a street circuit – since it uses some sections of the public road – it’s hardly a proper street circuit like Monaco or Baki, but more so a hybrid track between a street and a traditional racetrack.

Weather at Australian Grand Prix 2023

The weather forecast for the 2023 Australian Grand Prix shows we could have some wet weather, with Friday and Saturday forecasted to be cloudy and quite cold at about 16°C. The biggest chance of rain is on Saturday for the final practice, and we could see some drizzle on Friday. Sunday is expected to be sunny with dry and warm(er) weather at around 20°C.

Last Five Winners at Australian Grand Prix 2023

Year / PlaceFirst PlaceSecond PlaceThird Place
2022Charles LeclercSergio PérezGeorge Russell
2019Valtteri BottasLewis HamiltonMax Verstappen
2018Sebastian VettelLewis HamiltonKimi Räikkönen

The Road So Far – F1 Season 2023

The season so far has been quite a one-team show, with Red Bull collecting 1-2 across the first two races of the season. And unless something changes drastically, we can safely say that no team will catch up to the Verstappen-Perez duo for a while longer.

While Red Bull is pulling ahead, other teams either stagnated or became worse. Aston Martin have shown improvement; however, they are a big step behind Red Bull. Meanwhile, the other big dogs in Ferrari in Mercedes have shown nothing too exciting so far.

Alpine are nowhere to be seen, McLaren are just not it, and neither is Alpha Taurri. Williams have improved, but only relatively, whereas Alfa Romeo is doing fine but nothing exceptional.

F1 Australian Grand Prix 2023 Betting Preview

To no one’s surprise, Max Verstappen leads the outright betting markets to win the 2023 Australian Grand Prix. Even though he has yet to win in Melbourne, his form and the fact that he is driving a Red Bull car makes him a clear favourite to collect his first victory in the Land Down Under.

Close behind is his teammate, Sergio Perez, who is fresh off a victory in Saudi Arabia. He finished 5s ahead of Verstappen and over the 20s ahead of the third-placed Fernando Alonso, who is priced at 10 (at bet365) to claim his first win of the 2023 season.

Behind the leading three, we have Charles Leclerc (19.00), Lewis Hamilton (26.00), Carlos Sainz (41.00), and George Russel (41.00) as the only remaining drivers priced at under triple-digits. But given how the season has looked so far, that’s hardly shocking.

Australian Grand Prix 2023 Betting Odds

Driver / BookmakerBet365Unibet
Max Verstappen1.321.83
Sergio Perez5.005.40
Fernando Alonso10.008.00
Charles Leclerc19.0021.00
Lewis Hamilton26.0026.00
Carlos Sainz41.0044.00
George Russel41.0043.00
Lance Stroll125.00111.00
Esteban Ocon501.00201.00
Pierre Gasly501.00201.00
Lando Norris1001.00201.00
Oscap Piastri1001.00201.00
Kevin Magnussen1001.00201.00
Nico Hulkenberg1001.00201.00
Alex Albon2001.00201.00
Guanyu Zhou2001.00201.00
Logan Sargeant2001.00201.00
Nick de Vries2001.00201.00
Valtteri Bottas2001.00201.00
Yuki Tsunoda2001.00201.00

F1 Australian Grand Prix 2023 Betting Picks

It’s tough to find any good reason to back any other driver but Max Verstappen to come out ahead. He is priced at 1.32, which looks about right, considering he has suffered unreliability in Jeddah. Perez is the only serious alternative that looks appealing at 5.00, but not quite enough for us to pull the trigger.

Instead, we’ll look at the points finish for A Finnish driver who has previously enjoyed success in Australia.

Valtteri Bottas to Finish In The Points – 3.00 at bet365, 1 Unit

Value looks thin for the 2023 Australian Grand Prix, but there is a side market with odds that have little value. Valtteri Bottas has an excellent track record in Australia.

He finished 14th in his debut with William Renault in 2014, but outside of that, he landed in the top eight in six starts, including an eighth-place finish for Alfa Romeo last year. Admittedly, Alfa was terrible in Jeddah, and it’s fair to question Bottas’ performance in corners. But at 3.00 for the Finn to place top 10, this is an excellent offer.

For the third race of the season, we have just one betting pick, granted it’s tough to find any extra betting opportunities before we see a major shift in power in Formula One, which is currently dominated by two drivers.

But as we get deeper into the season, there are bound to be some shakeups – or at least that’s what we can hope for to make the 2023 F1 season a bit more exciting to watch.

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