Bahrain Grand Prix 2023 - F1 2023 Betting Preview and Picks
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Bahrain Grand Prix 2023 – F1 2023 Betting Preview and Picks

The 2023 Formula One World Championship kicks off on Sunday, March 5, with the opening race of the season, the Bahrain Grand Prix. It will mark the third year in a row that the F1 season will begin in Bahrain rather than Austria and the 19th running of the Bahrain Grand Prix.

As a track that historically hasn’t been too favourable for any team outside of Ferrari (7 wins) and Mercedes (7 wins), the 2023 Bahrain Grand Prix promises to be an exciting spectacle. But most importantly, we’ll get to see the teams showcase their new cars and strategies and give us a taste of what to expect in Formula One this season.

Bahrain Grand Prix 2023 Information

The Bahrain Grand Prix 2023 is scheduled for Sunday, March 5, with practice races and qualifiers held in the days prior. There will be three practice races, two on Friday, March 3, and the final one on Saturday, March 4, hours before the qualifying race.

  • Date: Sunday, March 5
  • Time: 18:00 AST
  • Track: Bahrain International Circuit
  • Where to Watch: DAZN

Bahrain Grand Prix Track

Bahrain Grand Prix 2023 will be held at Bahrain International Circuit, which hosted its first Grand Prix race in 2004. The current lap record stands at 1:31:447, set by Pedro de la Rosa in 2005.

The circuit is 5.412 km in length, with 15 turns and plenty of straights, giving the drivers plenty of overtaking opportunities, yet the highlight of the race are the challenging tight, downhill, off-chamber Turn 10, followed by the fast run through Turn 12.

Bahrain International Circuit - Grand Prix Layout
Bahrain Grand Prix. (2023, April 9). In Wikipedia.

The Bahrain Grand Prix 2023 will be raced over 57 laps for a total of 308.238 km.

Weather at Bahrain Grand Prix

It’s rare that the weather in Bahrain is a factor, and this year won’t be an exception. As shown in the forecast, we’re in for a sunny race leading into a warm evening with relatively little wind.

Although it will be a bit cooler than in the test races, the weather on Sunday won’t have much of an effect on how the race will play out.

Last Five Winners at Bahrain Grand Prix

Year / PlaceFirst PlaceSecond PlaceThird Place
2022Charles LeclercCarlos Sainz Jr.Lewis Hamilton
2021Lewis HamiltonMax VerstappenValtteri Bottas
2020Lewis HamiltonMax VerstappenAlexander Albon
2019Lewis HamiltonValtteri BottasCharles Leclerc
2018Sebastian VettelValtteri BottasLewis Hamilton

The Opening Race Of The 2023 F1 Season

The pre-season testing gave us some taste of what is to come in the 74th Formula One World Championship season, but as always these tests are not 100% indicative of what’s ahead. However, in 2022, the tests suggested that Red Bull and Ferrari would be fast and that Mercedes would struggle, which was the case.

On the other side, Alpha Tauri looked good but then disappointed, like McLaren and Aston Martin, who didn’t deliver what they showed in the test. The point is that while pre-season testing gives some insight into what to expect, it’s to be taken with a grain of salt.

Without going into too much detail about what happened in the preseason testing, here’s a quick recap.

Ferrari have shown great pace, while Mercedes was all over the place. Both drivers stated that the car feels better than last year but not quite good enough to challenge Ferrari and Red Bull. Perhaps more interesting is Aston Martin, which made massive investments in 2022 and is now running a promising new car.

During testing, Aston Martin was up there with the best, so it wouldn’t be too shocking to see them compete for a top-three finish in the season opener.

Everything else is mostly the same, Red Bull are still the top dog, and every other team not mentioned is not quite up there with the best

F1 Bahrain Grand Prix 2023 Betting Preview

Betting on the first race of the season is quite challenging as we have to figure out where the bookmakers have gone wrong with pricing the drivers and teams relative to their form. And there aren’t many things to look at for this race.

Everyone is talking about Aston Martin, and the hype around them has seen their price adjusted accordingly, so it’s hard to find a good reason to back them at current betting odds. Even looking ahead, Aston Martin will likely be a one-man show since it’s tough to expect much from Lance Stroll and even less from F1 rookie Felipe Drugovich, who might step in this season.

Red Bull and Verstappen are the main favourites, and understandably so. Whereas Ferrari have shown some promise, but also concerning tyre deg, which will affect their chances of winning on Sunday.

Another thing hasn’t changed – Mercedes are still overrated. Hamilton is overhyped due to his past reputation and many seem to look past his current performances. Much like Schumacher, Hamilton is priced like can win even though he doesn’t have the car to do it.

To evaluate everything else, we’ll have to wait. Haas is moving up, Alfa Romeo are showing some potential, McLaren are regressing further, and Williams are way in the back. Alpha Tauri, on the other hand, are a bit of an enigma.

Bahrain Grand Prix 2023 Betting Odds

Driver / BookmakerBet365UnibetBetfair
Max Verstappen1.731.801.8
Charles Leclerc5.005.504.5
Lewis Hamilton10.0012.008.00
Carlos Sainz10.0012.009.00
Sergio Perez10.0011.0015.00
George Russel17.0023.0019.00
Fernando Alonso21.0021.0021.00
Lance Stroll126.00151.00151.00
Lando Norris251.00301.00201.00
Valtteri Bottas251.00301.00276.00
Guanyu Zhou251.00301.00276.00
Pierre Gasly501.00751.00501.00
Estaban Ocon501.00751.00501.00
Kevin Magnussen751.001001.00501.00
Oscar Piastri501.001001.00501.00
Niko Hulkenberg751.001001.00501.00
Nyck de Vries1001.001501.00501.00
Logan Sargeant1001.001501.00501.00
Alexander Albon1001.001501.00501.00
Yuki Tsunoda1001.001501.00501.00

F1 Bahrain Grand Prix 2023 Betting Picks

The opening races of a new Formula One season are always a bit of a mystery, especially when trying to figure out what will happen before the practice races. But there are a few drivers that caught our attention.

Pierre Gasly to Finish In The Top 6 – 8.00 at bet365, 1 unit

Alpine might be worth a look for Bahrain Grand Prix 2023. This is a team that had bookmakers struggling, and many believe that Alpine are not cut out to make a splash this weekend, but we would beg to differ.

Alpine is a solid team, and it wouldn’t be shocking to see them compete for a strong finish. Of the two drivers, Pierre Gasly has the best track record in Bahrain, having already secured two top six finishes and a top-eight.

Moreover, he was faster than Ocon during testing, so if there’s anyone who will score a top six, it’s the Alpine’s newest driver.

Alpine To Finish Double Points – 4.00 at bet365, 1 unit

As noted, Alpine are good enough to start the season strong, and it’s not beyond the realms of possibility to see both drivers end in points. Ocon and Gasly did well in testing, and if they can translate that form to the race day, a top-10 finish for both should be achievable.

Kevin Magnussen to Finish In The Points – 3.50 at Ladbrokes, 1 unit

Haas won’t be competing for the world title this year, but we have them closer to mid-table rather than the bottom. The team said they’d enjoyed a great pre-season test, which is always inspiring. And if we combine their enthusiasm with experienced drivers, then we have a recipe for a strong start to the season.

Magnussen is an important driver for Haas and will highly likely be in a better spot to finish strong than Hulkenberg. He already has two fifth-place finishes for Haas in Bahrain, and his performance last year was the best of the season.

As we know, Haas can be a bit unpredictable, having scored points in the season opener just three times in the last seven seasons, but those were fifth and twice sixth-place finishes.

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