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By | Updated: March 31, 2024


BetBurger is an excellent arbitrage betting software and a value betting tool every sports bettor should have in his arsenal.

Founded in 2014 and owned by Aspira Limited, BetBurger has, over the years, gained a reputation as one of the top services for new and professional bettors.

So whether you’re just starting out with arbs or value betting and are looking for a service that offers sure bets, value bets, API access, and odds comparison – BetBurger is worth your consideration.

Take advantage of their generous free plan using our link!

Speed & Interface


Supported Bookies


Supported Sports


Bet Tracking


BetBurger Review – Four Betting Tools In One Service!

Whether you’re just starting out with making your sports betting profitable and are looking for a service that offers sure bets, value bets, API access, and odds comparison – BetBurger is an arb and value betting service worth your attention.

  • Support for 80+ Bookies
  • Bet Tracker Included
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Free Trial
  • API Access
  • Odds Comparison
  • The starter plan price is somewhat expensive

BetBurger Arbitrage Betting Software

BetBurger is an excellent arbitrage software offering easy and straightforward access to arbitrage betting opportunities. Its software analyses hundreds of markets, and the scanner finds arbs across both traditional sports and esports and displays them on a feature-rich dashboard.

BetBurger also comes with an arbitrage calculator, where bettors can input their stake and currency and adjust the odds, giving them a better insight into their bets.

The layout of BetButger’s arbitrage service is easy to understand – anyone can use it. But most importantly, it looks over a number of bookmakers, giving punters a chance to pick between dozens of pre-match and live arbitrage opportunities across numerous betting sites. It is a little cluttered compared to RebelBetting, but it does its job well!

How Does Arbing Work With BetBurger?

Arbitrage bets or surebets are essentially bets which guarantee a profit regardless of the outcome. They’re mathematically calculated situations which allow punters to place bets on all sides of the outcome across different bookmakers and lock in a profit no matter how the game ends.

While it may sound too good to be true, arbitrage sports betting does work, and BetBurger makes it easier for any punter, regardless of his experience, to find arbitrage situations with just a few clicks of a button.

Besides offering pre-match arbitrage, BetBurger software also scans in-play betting markets, compares the odds across a large number of bookmakers and can offer a solid number of in-play arbs.

But it gets better.

BetBurger has a free trial and free access to arbs, but those are limited to 1%. While the free trial does offer punters a chance to test out the service and explore live and prematch arbs, you’ll find the best value and the best arbitrage opportunities by purchasing a subscription.

BetBurger Value Betting Software

BetBurger has more than one way to help punters succeed. Besides offering excellent surebet software, it also includes a value betting service for pre-match and live games.

BetBurger’s value betting software is based on a very fast comparison algorithm, which scans hundreds of bookmakers and finds, with high accuracy, the best value bets available. Like its arb service, the value betting software comes with pre-match and live options across numerous sports and esports.

The service offers a free plan for those who are unsure whether BetBurger value betting tool is for them and just want to try it out. While the free service comes with some limitations, it offers enough for any punter to try it out and see if it suits him.

But you can always check out the RebelBetting review and see if the alternative is a better fit for you.

Filters & How To Place A Value Bet With BetBurger?

BetBurger value betting service is very simple to use, but it comes with various settings and filters, allowing punters to set the service to their preference.

With the settings, it’s possible to pick specific sports, the value bet’s percentage, the age of the value bet, and the odds value, and manually pick which bookmakers the value betting tool should scan.

How to Create a League Filter on BetBurger – NFL

Filter options include:

  • Sports
  • Countries
  • Index (odds range by outcomes)
  • Age (in minutes for pre-match and seconds for live games)
  • Periods
  • Types of bets
  • Events from/Events till
  • Include/Exclude leagues
  • Bookmakers for calculation
  • Bookmakers for value bet display
  • Value bet percentage

Once you’ve set the filters to your liking, visit the value betting dashboard, where all the games and value bets that match your criteria will show up.

BetBurger Odds Comparison

BetBurger’s least-known feature is its odds comparison service, which the company might not advertise heavily, it it is there, and some punters will find it useful.

Premier League BetBurger Odds Comparison

Design-wise, the odds comparison tool could see some improvements – especially with its navigation and match pages. However, that doesn’t mean that it lacks in its functionality. The main point of an odds comparison tool is to cover as many bookmakers as possible – and BetBurger delivers.

Another drawback is that the service isn’t very mobile-friendly. So, those who want to use BetBurger’s odds comparison tool on mobile devices should consider using it in desktop mode.

BetBurger API

As of 2023, BetBurger is the only major player with API access. With BetBurger API, you can access pre-match and live value betting and arbitrage opportunities in JSON format via highly customizable queries.

BetBurger API supports up to 30 results per request, which is 50% more than a standard web version. Moreover, you get up to 1800 API results per minute.

The API can be used to create your own custom bot and automate your betting.

With BetBurger API you get:

  • Coverage of +30 sports
  • Over 65 bookmakers (over 230 with clones)
  • Up to 30 results per request
  • Pre-match and live surebets and valuebets in JSON format
  • in-depth filters with sorting by sport, country, bookie, start time, ROI, tournaments, and more

You can read more about BetBurger API, how to use it and more on the official website.

BetBurger Bookmaker & Betting Exchange Coverage

BetBurger has extensive bookmaker coverage in a bid to provide its users with enough betting options. It has 84 bookmakers (+305 clones) in pre-match and 84 bookmakers (+356 clones) in live betting markets.

Those include some of the biggest and most reputable bookmakers, such as bet365, William Hill, and Pinnacle (not recommended to value bet on Pinnacle, but almost essential for arbitrage betting), as well as exchanges such as Betfair, Smarkets, Matchbook and Betdaq.

They also support brokers like Sportmarket.

  • Learn the difference between sharp and soft bookmakers here!

BetBurger Pricing

BetBurger has three different plans – Prematch (€159.88 a month), Live (€279.99 a month), and Prematch+Live (€359.99 a month). Besides monthly payments, Rebelbeting also offers 360-day, 180-day, seven-day, and one-day packages, which vary in price.

BetBurger has enough pricing plans for punters for all experience levels, even offering a free trial for those who just want to test out the service.

BetBurger vs RebelBetting

BetBurger is one of the best arbitrage and value betting tools in the world; however, it has a serious competitor in RebelBetting. But while they’re excellent services, there are also some major differences between the two popular services.

Most notably, by using BetBurger, punters will have access to in-play betting, which isn’t available on RebelBetting. Still, it’s worth noting that RebelBetting has promised that live betting will come soon.

While we won’t promote live value betting as one of the recommended betting strategies for new punters, BetBurger does make it far more accessible with its premade filters, making it easier to use even for less-experienced BetBurger users.

Online Since
Number of Bookmakers
Number of Sports
In-play Betting
Bet Tracker
Free Trial
Starter Plan Price
RebelBetting Logo
11 for Arbing, 9 for Value Betting
Yes (Pro Only)
14-day Free Trial
99 EUR
BetBurger Logo
80+ (300+ clones)
Forever Free, with limitations
159.99 EUR

Another key difference between the two services is that BetBurger has an odds comparison tool, whereas RebelBetting does not. Likewise, unlike BetBurger, RebelBetting has no API.

Supported Bookmakers & Sports

Perhaps a more important comparison between the two services is the number of bookmakers the two cover.

As of 2023, BetBurger analyses over 300 bookmakers (84 bookmakers + 305 clones) in pre-match and over 400 bookmakers (84 bookmakers +356 clones) in live betting markets.

RebelBetting advertises that its arbitrage and value betting software analyses “around 100” bookmakers, but a more accurate approximation is +80.

BetBurger does have a leg over RebelBetting when is comes to number of supported sports, with 40+ compared to RebelBetting’s 11 in their arbitrage software and 9 in on their value betting side of things.

Freeze Subscription

Both services offer an option to freeze the subscription in case you aren’t able to bet for a certain time.

With BetBurger, it’s possible to freeze the subscription at any time; however, the freeze period must be a minimum of 7 days and up to 28 days.

RebelBetting’s maximum pause time is two months, and it’s possible to suspend the subscription a maximum of three times per 12 months. It’s important to note that only monthly subscriptions (or longer) can be paused.

Price Comparison

RebelBetting and BetBurger are both solid choices for anyone looking to get into value and arbitrage betting. They have their pros and cons, but for most bettors, the deciding factor won’t be the number of arbs. Instead, it’ll be the price of the service that’ll dictate whether it’s worth subscribing to one or the other service.

When we talk price, RebelBetting has fewer plans – two subscription options – RebelBetting Starter and RebelBetting Pro.

BetBurger Review Summary

To conclude our BetBurger review – BetBurger betting services, including arbitrage and value betting tools, are widely regarded as some of the best. It is trusted by thousands of punters who use its service.

  • Mobile Friendly – A littler clustered on mobile, but it does its job. Not a deal breaker.
  • Four Betting Tools in One Service – Arbitrage and value betting, odds comparison and API access.
  • In-Play Betting Alerts – Out of the main value/arbitrage bets providers, BetBurger is the only one with in-play betting alerts. Not a recommended betting strategy for those starting out, but it is there for those who know how to use it properly.
  • Bet Tracker – Ability to track all your bets in one place.


Should I choose BetBurger or RebelBetting?

BetBurger has support for more sports and markets, but at the same time, it not really time efficient to value bet on “low game count” sports like snooker or darts – it could take ages to get any meaningful volume in – your money and time should be spent on soccer, tennis, basketball, esports.

Same with in-play betting – not recommended for people who have zero experience with sports betting.

Sure, BetBurger has more features, but do you really need them? All in all, it comes down to personal preference – both RebelBetting and BetBurger are valid choices.

Is BetBurger Legit?

Betburger is a legit, trusted, and safe betting tool, offering arbitrage betting and value betting services, with options to make it accessible for experienced and new punters.

Does BetBurger offer a Google Chrome Extension?

No. They did in the past, but it was discontinued.

Does BetBurger Offer In-play Betting?

Yes, BetBurger has pre-match and in-play betting available. However, we would advise new bettors to start with BetBurger pre-match options since in-play betting can get a bit more complex, even though BetBurger makes it more accessible with their premade filters.

Does BetBurger Work in the USA?

Yes, BetBurger works in the USA and can be used by any US bettor. It supports numerous US sports leagues and scans dozens of bookies, including US bookmakers like FanDuel, TwinSpires, DraftKings and more.

Is arbitrage betting illegal?

Arbitrage betting (or “arbing”, “arbs”, or “sure bets”) is not illegal, but bookmakers (except Pinnacle and betting exchanges) will do anything they can to stop you from making money.

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