Cloud9 vs Bilibili Gaming - MSI 2023
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Cloud9 vs Bilibili Gaming – MSI 2023 Bracket Stage Betting Preview

Day two of the Mid-Season Invitational 2023 Bracket Stage served us with an explosive performance from T1, who crushed MAD Lions (3-0), showing an incredible ability to adapt after they nearly lost the first map of the series. With that, LEC teams started the tournament with two losses, whereas Korean LoL squads are 2-0 up and will now meet in the second round of the upper bracket.

But before we move to the second round of MSI 2023 Bracket Stage, we still have two more first-round bouts left to be played, starting with a meeting between Cloud9 and Bilibili Gaming on Thursday, May 11.

According to the latest LoL esports betting odds, Bilibili Gaming (1.25 at bet365) are heavily favoured to defeat the LoL Championship Series (LCS) representatives (3.75), and even though it’s hard to argue with LPL’s superiority, BLG are not nearly as good as people seem to believe.

Cloud9 vs Bilibili Gaming

When: Thursday, May 11, at 13:00 BST

Western LoL teams got paired with Asian LoL squads in the opening round of MSI 2023 Bracket Stage, which is essentially the worst possible outcome, knowing how much better LPL and LCK squads are. However, out of the four fixtures, this has the highest upset potential.

I’ll keep it short and stay at the start that I like Cloud9 in this game. Obviously, it’s fair to feel concerned about Cloud9’s lack of international experience which could potentially lead to some nerves, but when we talk quality, Cloud9 should be able to dance with Bilibili Gaming.

I’m basing Bilibili Gaming’s strength mostly on what they’ve shown in the Play-In stage, where they haven’t impressed me. I don’t care about how good BLG looked against Movistar R7, but I am most interested in how much Bilibili Gaming struggled against Golden Guardians.

Let’s remember that Cloud9 won the LCS 2023 Spring and were the best NA team by a large margin. So considering Golden Guardians put up a strong fight against Bilibili Gaming, it’s not too crazy to believe that Cloud9 can do the same – or better.

If Golden Guardians almost won against Bilibili Gaming and Cloud9 are definitely better than Golden Guardians, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Cloud9>Bilibili Gaming, and this is not the point here. The main reason why I’m bringing up Bilibili Gaming’s close win against GG is because they looked very exploitable.

Out of the top four contenders at the MSI 2023, BLG are the weakest team, and that’s no secret. They’re still very good but can easily be punished by teams that can match their early aggression (such as Cloud9).

Upset Potential?

On paper, Bilibili Gaming are stronger than Cloud9, and they likely would win this game more times than not. But having them priced at 1.25 is just absurd.

Bilibili Gaming can be exploited, and as much as we can praise them for being the second-strongest team hailing from the LPL (based on the regular-season outcome), they haven’t really impressed with their MSI 2023 Play-In showings. Admittedly, they haven’t had many chances to do so, but from what I saw, BLG have holes.

It’s also important to note that Cloud9 have side selection here, which isn’t a huge factor, but it helps in what could potentially be the first (and likely the only) upset of the MSI 2023.

  • Prediction: Cloud9 +1.5 maps – 2.25 at Pinnacle
  • Prediction: Cloud9 to win – 3.75 at bet365

We continue our coverage of the 2023 Mid-Season Invitational 2023 tomorrow with the clash between Golden Guardians and JD Gaming. Until then, check our betting guides, recommended bookmakers, and the best esports betting tools, suitable for both rookie and experienced bettors.

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