Cloud9 vs Gen.G - MSI 2023
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Cloud9 vs Gen.G – MSI 2023 Bracket Stage Betting Preview

With G2 Esports’ elimination from the tournament on Tuesday, Cloud9 remain the sole remaining Western team at the Mid-Season Invitational 2023 as they get ready for their next fixture against Gen.G. Cloud9 and Gen.G will clash on Wednesday, May 17, in the second round of MSI 2023 Losers’ Bracket, with the winner set to face Bilibili Gaming for a spot in the Losers’ Bracket finals.

The latest LoL betting odds show Gen.G priced as massive 1.01 favourites to defeat Cloud9, who enter the game as 15.00 outsiders. In other words, Gen.G are expected to win 99% of the time, which is quite a big number, but based on what we’ve seen so far in this tournament, it just might be fair.

Cloud9 vs Gen.G

When: Wednesday, May 17, at 13:00 BST

It is very difficult to predict games like this because, obviously, Gen.G should win more times than not, but how high is that number exactly? To answer that, we have to compare the teams and how they did, yet taking only the games they’ve played at the MSI 2023 isn’t large enough of a sample size, whereas comparing their performances in their respective leagues won’t give us an accurate picture.

A weird situation.

If we only take into account what Cloud9 and Gen.G have shown this tournament, they’re not that far apart. Gen.G still deserve more praise since they’ve defeated G2 Esports (3-1) and nearly T1 (2-3), whereas Cloud9 lost against BIlibili Gaming (0-3) and defeated Golden Guardians (3-1). But we must also consider the regional strength, which plays a bit role in the offered betting odds that show Gen.G as a massive favourite.

Cloud9 Or Nothing

Every time we have a match between strong favourites and a capable but objectively weaker team, we’re put in a spot where you either take the underdogs or pass.

Gen.G are an elite-tier team and arguably one of the top-five LoL squads in the world. On the other side, Cloud9 are a solid team and capable of competing at the highest level, yet they don’t have the same ceiling as Gen.G or any top international contenders.

Cloud9 don’t have as much individual talent, hail from a weaker region, and have already lost against Bilibili Gaming – mainly due to blundering their chances – but they’re not that bad, and it’s not entirely unlikely for them to win one map. I don’t expect them to easily steal a game from Gen.G, but it’s within realms of possibility and priced quite generously.

Betting on kill handicaps is also an interesting play. The kill line is set at 11.5 kills which seems a bit too high for this match – unless you believe that Gen.G will completely obliterate Cloud9. it could happen, but Gen.G are not exactly a bloody team, averaging 13.2 kills and 11.3 deaths at the MSI 2023.

That number should be taken with a grain of salt since Gen.G had to play T1 and G2, but even if Cloud9 are weaker than either of the two, it’s not easy to close out games with double-digit kill lead. Since we talk numbers, Cloud9 have averaged 14.3 kills and 13.4 deaths per game this tournament.

So betting on Cloud9 with a +11.5 kill handicap isn’t a bad choice, but I don’t want to have much exposure in this match, so I’ll stick with Cloud9 +2.5 map handicap at 2.77.

  • Prediction: Cloud9 +2.5 maps – 2.77 at Pinnacle

Check back tomorrow when we return with more esports betting coverage for MSI 2023, covering the upper bracket semifinals between JD Gaming and T1. If you want to learn more about how to bet on esports, check out our guides, recommended bookmakers, and the best betting tools every punter should have in his arsenal.

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