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The Ultimate Darts Betting Toolkit - Best DartsBetting Tools, Resources and Bookmakers

Why Bet on Darts?

  • It’s an Exciting Sport
  • Regular Tournaments with a Year-long Schedule
  • Easily accessible Betting Markets
  • Regular Tournaments
  • Straightforward Format
  • Spectator Friendly
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The Best Darts Betting Tools & Services

Despite being a niche sport, darts betting is highly popular among punters, and it can be a lucrative endeavour with the right betting tools and services. Here, you can find our top recommendations for the best betting tools, websites, and services that’ll help you succeed with betting on darts.

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BiC's Darts

✅Match Odds and 180s
✅Huge Coverage
✅Works via Telegram!
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✅Fantasy Darts Competitions
✅Free and Paid Games
✅Player Experience Indicator
✅Regular Free Games with Bonuses
First deposit bonus for at least 25 € with a maximum of 250 €


✅ Pre-Match and In-Play Value Bets!
✅ 200+ Bookmakers and Markets!
✅ Available on Desktop and Mobile!
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✅ Affordable Pre-Match and In-Play Value Bets!
✅ OddsClicker browser extension!
✅ Mobile Friendly!
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Free Darts Value Bets!
SureBetSlip – Helper Extension!


In-Play Arbitrage Betting!
✅ 65+ bookies (230+ with clones)
✅ Available on Desktop and Mobile!
API Access Available!
✅ Free Trial!

BreakingBet Great Value

✅ Support for Pre-Match and In-Play arbs!
✅ Mobile Friendly!
OddsClicker Browser Extension!
✅ 30 Days of Freezing!


✅ Affordable Prices!
✅ Supports Pre-match Arbs and Middles!
Free Value Bets With Every Plan!
SureBetSlip – Helper Extension!
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✅ Step by Step Guidance
✅ Profit Tracker and Calculators
✅ Video Walkthroughs
✅ Forum for Premium Members!
✅ Daily Offer Calendar
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PremiumTradings Exclusive 0.10% Cashback

✅ Access to PremiumGoal!
✅ Access to Orbit Exchange!
✅ Online since 2010!
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✅ Access to Sportmarket PRO!
✅ Access to FairExchange!
✅ Excellent Mobile App!
✅ Online since 2004!


✅ Huge Roster of Sports and Bookmakers!
✅ Supports Esports!
❌ Paid Clients Only!
Smart Betting Club


✅ Expert Reports On The Best Tipsters!
✅ 16+ Years Of Experience!
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Pinnacle Odds Dropper

✅Notifications for Price Drops at Pinnacle!
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✅Custom Filters!
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BiC's Pinnacle Steamers

✅Notifications for Price Drops at Pinnacle!
✅Support for Multiple Sports, including Darts!
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Darts News, Picks & Previews

Check out the latest darts news, betting previews, and our darts betting tips for the upcoming tournaments. Here, you can find everything you’ll ever need to find the right darts betting picks.

Darts might be a niche sport, but it’s well-covered by most betting sites and sharp bookmakers, and you won’t struggle to find adequate liquidity on betting exchanges. But there are some bookmakers that are better choices for betting on darts than others.

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✅ Winners Welcome!
✅ Great Coverage!
✅ Mobile Friendly!
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BetOnline US Friendly

✅ Semi-Sharp!
✅ Great Coverage!
✅ Mobile Friendly!
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SportsBetting.ag US Friendly

✅ BetOnline Clone!
✅ Semi-Sharp!
✅ Great Coverage!
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Bookmaker US Friendly

✅ Sharp!
✅ Great Coverage!
✅ Mobile Friendly!

As with most sports, to get the best value you need a combination of soft and sharp bookmakers.

If you want to know more about the main differences between sharp and soft bookmakers, check out the article below.

If you are looking to play in darts fantasy competitions, your best bet is to go with Zweeler.com.

General Tips for Betting on Darts

Most of what we know about betting on sports can be translated to darts betting, including finding the online bookmakers with the best darts betting odds. But there are a few specific things that apply to betting on any darts competition which is important to know about.

Player Ranks vs Form

Darts World Ranking (PDC Order of Merit) is a system designed to show which are the best darts players in the world – based on their tournament performances. The higher the rank, the more successful the player was throughout the season, so naturally, a rank one player should have a good chance to defeat a rank 10 player.

In outright betting markets, the rankings are typically reflected in the players’ odds. But that shouldn’t be taken at face value.

While ranks do indicate a player’s success and are often indicative of their chances to win big events – namely the PDC World Championship – it shouldn’t be the main reason to bet on a player in any given match. 

The player’s form is a much more important factor when figuring out betting tips on a match-to-match basis. But just like form, there are also head-to-head stats we have to take into account when exploring darts betting markets.


Darts statistics websites, such as Dartsorakel, do an excellent job of displaying in-depth head-to-head stats for all pro players, which bettors should check before placing their online betting picks. Yet, even when comparing the H2H stats, we should question why the numbers are the way they are.

If we’re betting on Michael van Gerwen to beat Joe Cullen because MVG is 25-10 up in the head-to-head, there are a few things to ask ourselves:

  • When did MVG defeat Cullen – does it include recent results?
  • What was his opponent’s form at the time when MVG won?
  • Where were the games played – audience or no audience?
  • What was the format of the game – best of 3/5/7/9/11/13 sets?

Many factors affect the outcomes of H2H bouts, and while over a long period of time, the record will fairly reflect the balance of power, we should consider variables that might’ve affected the recent outcomes.

Location/Venue & Audience

The location of the match or tournament we intend to bet on is to be taken into account when looking for the right strategy to find the best darts betting opportunities.

That applies to other sports such as rugby, golf, football, and anything in between. But in a different way when we discuss darts.

Certain players do better at specific venues, but the biggest differences come when we compare the results of players in games with and without an audience.

The best comparison comes when betting on esports, which has games played either online or on LAN (physically at a venue). Certain players feel the stress of playing in front of a large crowd a lot more than others, which is reflected in their results, and that is one of the key factors that should be taken into account.

If a darts player is unbeaten in televised events, that doesn’t mean he will do as well at the Grand Slam of Darts or at the World Championship.

The presence of an audience has an effect on the players’ performances. But it doesn’t affect all equally.

Hunger for Prize Pool

When looking for a favourite to win a tournament, we have to consider the player’s experience and their results so far in the season. Not necessarily to indicate their form as much as to figure out how likely they are to struggle with pressure.

The biggest darts tournaments are typically won by top-rated players who’ve already won several events in recent times.

This, in part, has to do with the fact that they’re simply good, but we must also consider that even though there’s plenty of money to be won in big events, some darts pros aren’t phased by it. In contrast, lower-rated players will feel added pressure when a £50,000 prize share difference is on the line with one dart remaining.

Darts Is A Great Betting Niche, But You Have To Be Persistent

Darts is one of the best niche sports for betting since the markets are still easily accessible and have enough liquidity to get a bet on, but not nearly big enough for bookmakers to properly price games outside of the major competitions. 

Those looking for excitement don’t have to look much further than darts either. By its nature, darts is a sport that is decided by literal millimeters, which can lead to some bad beats. Those will come, regardless of how ready you may be, but the key thing is to be prepared to go through the thought times and believe in the process.

With the right approach and the right betting tools, eventually, you end in the green.

Other Things To Consider

  • The upcoming game’s format (Best-of sets)
  • Play the odds, not the player
  • Always shop around for the best odds

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Where can I bet on darts?

Darts might be a niche sport, but it’s well covered by most online bookmakers. That includes sharp bookmakers (Pinnacle, Betcris), semi-sharp bookmakers (Sportsbetting.ag, BetOnline), and betting exchanges (Smarkets, Betdaq, Matchbook, Betfair).

What is PDC?

PDC stands for Professional Darts Corporation and is the professional darts organisation in the UK, overseeing the professional dart scene as an organiser of some of the biggest events.

What to consider when betting on darts?

When betting on darts, it’s extremely helpful to use betting tools and websites with useful information and data. However, there are other things to consider such as player’s form, their ranking, head-to-head results, venue at which the games are played, and more.