The Ultimate Darts Betting Toolkit - Best DartsBetting Tools, Resources and Bookmakers
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The Ultimate Darts Betting Toolkit – Betting Tools, Resources and Bookmakers

Darts might not be the first sport that comes to mind when we talk sports betting. And that’s fair. It’s not nearly as popular as football or basketball, and you won’t find as much TV coverage for it as for other major sports.

However, that doesn’t change the fact that darts are an excellent sport to bet on. Professional darts tournaments run through the entire year, so there’s always something to bet on. But to take full advantage of the opportunities, you have to have the right tools for the job.

From having accounts with the right bookmakers and betting exchanges to taking advantage of numerous betting tools and services, which will make your life much easier – betting on darts takes some preparation.

But you don’t have to look far to find the best darts betting tools and resources.

Short on time?

  • Betting Picks: BiC Darts (works via Telegram) or OnTheOche (SBC Proofed)
  • Best Darts Odds Comparison: Oddschecker (free)
  • Statistics: DartsOrakel
  • H2H Player Comparison: DartsOrakel (paid feature)
  • Darts API / Raw Data: iDarts Darts Statistics / Sportradar
  • Best Soft Bookmaker: Bet365 (having problems accessing bet365?)
  • Best Sharp Bookmaker: Pinnacle
  • Best Semi-Sharp Bookmaker: BetOnline (or, both US friendly)
  • Best Betting Exchange: Smarkets or Betfair (preferably a clone, for lower commission)
  • Darts Fantasy: Zweeler

Darts Statistics & Data

Find the best websites with useful information about the professional darts scene, including results, upcoming tournaments, ratings, stats, and other data that’ll help you find educated betting picks.


DartsOrakel is arguably the best darts statistics website, offering a lot of in-depth stats for professional darts tournaments and players. That includes past results, current performance stats, and much more – forming the most extensive statistical repository in the world of pro darts.

It also comes with betting stats such as event probabilities, head-to-head comparison tool, updated power rankings, and much more. For what DartsOrakel offer it’s excellent value at just £1.99 per month.


DartConnect is the official scoring app of the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC). It offers detailed information on upcoming and past tournaments, as well as details about players, their form, past results, and performance ratings.

Users can use filters, activity, and game menus to refine their search and find the information they need, including 30+ performance metrics for all professional players.

The platform is free, has a downloadable mobile app and is a great website for any information and stats related to professional darts players.


ClickOnDarts offers some basic stats with an even more basic design. Unlike DartConnect, ClickOnDarts doesn’t offer performance metrics; however, it includes updated information on players’ past performances and tournament results.

So, for checking past PDC World Darts Championship winners, Michael van Gerwen’s past results or any basic information, ClickOnDarts does its job just fine.


DartsRankings is a simple website which does one job – offers updated rankings of pro darts players. 

Darts Rankings over at
Darts Rankings over at

It includes rankings for PDC Order of Merit, ProTour, Premier League darts events and secondary events such as Development Tour, Women’s Series, and Challenge Tour. 

Darts World Magazine

Darts World Magazine is one of the world’s biggest and most well-known magazines dedicated to professional darts. Darts World Magazine offers free regular magazines, downloadable from the website, where the writers sum up recent events in the world of darts and other interesting information darts fans will find interesting.

We wouldn’t consider reading Darts World Magazine a must for darts punters, but it won’t hurt as it offers excellent insight into the world of professional darts, with bits of information that can help find educated betting tips.

Raw Data / APIs

Those looking to build their own betting model will need some reliable data. The best darts stats website (with the most stats) is currently DartsOrakel, but they likely won’t be too excited to learn that they have users scraping their data.

If you are a big baller, you are probably already using an API from Sportradar. An alternative option is iDarts Darts Statistics API, which is widely regarded as THE place to find darts results and statistics.

To get the correct price for the two options, it’s best to contact the provider. But we can be sure neither option is very cheap.

Where Can I Watch Darts Live? 

Darts is not as big of a sport as football or basketball, which explains why most won’t find the World Grand Prix, World Matchplay, or other major events broadcast on TV. Still, there are many ways to watch darts live besides paying for access to the broadcast. is the best option for watching darts, available on the official PDC website. It offers free streams of all Home Tour games, yet darts fans will likely want to explore the paid option, which grants access to broadcast of all PDC events.

PDC.TV comes with four packages from £4.99 a month to £59.99 per year.

  • UK, Ireland & Netherlands – £4.99/month
  • Rest of the World – £9.99/month
  • UK, Ireland & Netherlands – £49.99/year
  • Rest of the World – £59.99/year

It’s important to note that Unibet Masters & Betway Premier League and other PDC events are only available outside the UK, Netherlands, and Ireland. European Tour events and PDC ProTour events are available worldwide for all subscribed users of

Darts on TV

Some darts fans won’t have to buy a subscription to a streaming service to watch darts since the PDC is partnered with several broadcasting channels to bring the tournaments to your TV screens.

World Darts Championship, Premier League, World Cup of Darts, World Matchplay, World Grand Prix, and Grand Slam of Darts are all broadcast live on Sky Sport in the UK and Ireland.

Moreover, The Masters, UK Open, European Championship, World Series of Darts’ international events, World Series of Darts, and Players Championship Finals are all broadcast live by ITV4.

Outside of the UK and Ireland, darts fans can watch PDC tournaments through PDC’s broadcast partners.

  • Viaplay – Netherlands
  • DAZN – Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Japan, Italy, USA, Brazil, Canada
  • Sport1 – Germany
  • Fox Sports – Australia
  • Sky – New Zealand
  • Nova – Czech Republic & Slovakia
  • Prago Sport – Hungary
  • TV Play – Norway, Denmark, Bulgaria & Baltic States
  • TVP – Poland
  • VTM – Belgium

If none of those options are available, is the best alternative.


While live PDC darts tournaments are available through official broadcasts and streaming services, which may be restricted in some locations, the recaps are accessible to anyone who has access to YouTube.

PDC’s official YouTube channels regularly upload interesting videos related to the professional darts scene, recaps of big events, and memorable moments such as the 17-dart perfect finish by Michael Van Gerwen at the 2013 World Darts Championship.

Darts Fantasy Sports

Darts is a niche sport in the fantasy sports world, and there aren’t many fantasy sports platforms that offer it. So far, there is just one fantasy sports site we can recommend.


Zweeler is an excellent sports fantasy platform which offers over 1,500 fantasy games per year, including football, NHL, NBA, MMA, F1, tennis, golf and some niche sports such as cycling, biathlon, snooker, ice speed skating, darts, and many more.

Fantasy Darts over at Zweeler
Fantasy Darts over at Zweeler

Not only is Zweeler one of the few darts fantasy sites, but it’s also easily the best choice. It has various competitions from free to €25 and fair play rules in place, which include limits on one team per game, no automatic uploads, player experience indicators, and necessary differences between your own teams.

We’ve found Zweeler to be the best option for anyone looking to play fantasy darts.

If we discover more reliable platforms, we’ll be sure to update our list.

Darts Betting Odds Comparison

You don’t need a darts betting guide to know that comparing available darts odds and finding the best odds is an essential part of a successful betting endeavour. To make this simpler and less time-consuming, it’s critical to use reliable odds comparison tools which cover darts betting markets.


BetBurger is an all-in-one betting service which offers anything from value betting and arbitrage betting services to an odds comparison tool. it has a huge roster of sports and bookmakers and even includes some niche sports, including darts.

With BetBurger you’re not only getting a darts odds comparison tool, but a service that can help you in many areas of betting on darts and other sports.

We wouldn’t recommend BetBurger to someone who is looking solely for a darts odds comparison tool, as it is quite pricey, and the free options, like Oddschecker, are usually enough.


Oddschecker is the best free odds comparison tool for darts. It covers main markets and some niche markets such as total sets, players to score the highest checkout, sets handicap, and more.

Darts Betting Odds Comparison over at Oddschecker
Darts Betting Odds Comparison over at Oddschecker

While it doesn’t have as many features as BetBurger, Oddschecker is completely free. Just make sure you don’t click on any links, as some bookmakers track those clicks and can profile you as someone who is using odds comparison sites.


Oddsportal is a well-known odds comparison site, which covers a large number of sports and esports. It includes odds from soft and sharp bookmakers and even betting exchanges and is an excellent website for checking the odds of any match across dozens of sports, including darts.

Besides covering the main markets, Oddsportal also displays odds for outright markets and handicap betting markets. It’s important to note that even though Oddsportal offers more than just main markets, that mainly applies to bigger sports.

So, while Oddsportal is OK for basic odds comparison, you are better off with using Oddschecker.


Oddspedia, like Oddsportal, is a solid choice for anyone looking for a basic darts odds comparison tool. it offers slightly more features, like odds movement graphs, but comes with fewer markets.

We also find Oddspedia to be a bit too cluttered compared to its alternatives – Oddsportal and Oddschecker.


OddsJam is a well-known tool in the sports betting world, offering value betting, arbitrage betting, odds comparison, and more.

Especially for bettors from the United States and Canada, OddsJam is an excellent betting service; however, we wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who is looking solely for a darts odds comparison tool.

Darts Schedule over at OddsJam
Darts Schedule over at OddsJam

Five days from the biggest darts tournament of the year, OddsJam only had a category page set up but didn’t have any odds displayed, which was a bit of a letdown. That doesn’t take away from the fact that OddsJam is an excellent betting tool, but for darts odds comparison, we would look elsewhere.

Darts Betting Picks & Tipsters & Value Betting Tools

Finding a good tipping service for any sport can be tricky, as there are far more bad tipsters than there are good ones.

Thankfully, there are websites such as SmartBettingClub. It does an excellent job reviewing and promoting great tipping services with a proven record and should be the go-to service for checking which tipsters are worth your money and time.

Since darts is more of a niche sport, there aren’t as many tipsters for it and even fewer solid options. However, there is one darts betting service which we can wholeheartedly recommend to anyone who is getting into betting on darts.

BiC Darts

BiC Darts is one of the top darts tipping services available, with a proven record of over €7,500 profit at 7% ROI across nearly 800 bets. The service runs through Telegram, where you can find detailed information about how to join the service.

The service covers all major PDC tournaments and PDC European Tour events, including some minor tournaments and is an excellent choice for experienced bettors or just those starting in.

Value Betting Tools

Besides trusting a tipping service for your sports betting endeavour, it’s also possible to find betting opportunities through value betting tools such as BetBurger and BreakingBet. However, those who are after only darts picks might not want to go for this option.

That is largely due to the fact that compared to football, basketball, tennis, and esports, there aren’t as many darts games. Therefore, even the best value betting service won’t be able to offer enough picks to make it worth it.

BetBurger offers darts value betting and is an option; however, we would recommend sticking with BiC Darts.

If you are adamant about getting betting picks through a value betting tool, you can also get free value bets via SureBet.

BreakingBet is another budget option at €24,99 per month for its pre-match package, which includes value bets, sure bets, and middles.

  • Want to bet on Tennis rather than on darts? Check out WinnerOdds!

Smart Betting Club

SmartBettingClub is an independent reviewer of tipping services, but they offer way more than that. SBC offers interesting articles, their in-house betting tipsters/systems and tipster reports, which are worth checking out regardless of your experience level as a bettor.

Smart Betting Club
Smart Betting Club Magazines

But more importantly, SBC covers and proofs the top tipping services in the industry, including the only good darts betting tipster (that is not not “alerts based”) – OnTheOche.

Darts Matched Betting

Darts, especially its biggest tournaments, such as the PDC World Championships, offer plenty of excellent betting opportunities for punters to explore. Depending on the tools you have at your disposal that can include value betting and even matched betting; however, this comes with an asterisk.

While darts-matched betting is possible and definitely profitable, there aren’t as many matched-betting opportunities as in other sports.

Matched betting offers for darts will pop up from time to time. But we have to emphasise that there aren’t nearly as many as in football, basketball, and other major sports.

OddsMonkey Logo


✅ Step by Step Guidance
✅ Profit Tracker and Calculators
✅ Video Walkthroughs
✅ Forum for Premium Members!
✅ Daily Offer Calendar

For matched betting, we recommend using OddsMonkey and OddsJam. Both services are superb choices for anyone wanting to start with matched betting, although far more useful for other sports besides darts. 

OddsJam is a much better option for bettors from the United States and Canada. Others should consider using OddsMonkey.

Darts Betting Sites & Brokers

While we would consider darts as a niche sport, this doesn’t necessarily translate to market availability. Nowadays, every notable bookmaker and exchange has darts betting markets, making it very easy to place darts bets, regardless of which betting site you use.

Soft Bookmakers

Nearly every soft bookmaker offers darts betting markets, so it’s not difficult to find a betting platform to wager on darts. You can’t miss with William Hill, Marathonbet, or bet365, which are all solid choices (as far as soft bookmakers go)

If you can’t access bet365 because you have your access blocked, check out our article on how to unblock bet365 for desktop and mobile users.

Sharp and Semi-Sharp Bookmakers

Darts betting markets can also be found on sharp bookmakers, such as Pinnacle, which is a great choice for darts betting. Alternatively, darts punters can also consider SBOBET, ISN, Bookmaker.euBetOnline (or its clone, – both US-friendly).

Some bettors won’t be able to open an account with a sharp bookmaker due to location restrictions. But we can bypass that with a betting broker.

Best Betting Brokers

PremiumTradings Review

PremiumTradings Exclusive 0.10% Cashback

✅ Access to PremiumGoal!
✅ Access to Orbit Exchange!
✅ Online since 2010!
Sportmarket Logo


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Betting Exchanges

Smarkets, Matchbook, Betdaq, and Betfair (or Orbit, via betting brokerage) are all solid choices for anyone looking for betting exchanges to bet on darts with reasonable liquidity on match day.

Darts Betting Sites Conclusion

Those serious about getting into the world of darts betting and making money from it should consider using the available betting tools and services. However, just as important is having access to a combination of soft bookmakers (bet365, Marathonbet, William Hill, Unibet, Coral), sharps (Pinnacle,, Betcris) and betting exchanges (Smarkets, Betfair/Orbit).

Thankfully, everything you need to bet on darts and make money from it is easily accessible, and it doesn’t take much to get things rolling.


Darts might be considered a niche sport; however, that doesn’t make betting on it any less accessible. With the right tools, betting sites, and services, anyone can do it.

Here, you can find our top recommendations for everything you’ll ever need to start your darts betting endeavour.

  • Betting Picks: BiC Darts (works via Telegram) or OnTheOche (SBC Proofed)
  • Best Darts Odds Comparison: Oddschecker (free)
  • Statistics: DartsOrakel
  • H2H Player Comparison: DartsOrakel (paid feature)
  • Darts API / Raw Data: iDarts Darts Statistics / Sportradar
  • Best Soft Bookmaker: Bet365 (having problems accessing bet365?)
  • Best Sharp Bookmaker: Pinnacle
  • Best Semi-Sharp Bookmaker: BetOnline (or, both US friendly)
  • Best Betting Exchange: Smarkets or Betfair (preferably a clone, for lower commission)
  • Darts Fantasy: Zweeler

Other Useful Betting Tutorials


Can you make money betting on darts?

Yes, you can make money betting on darts as long as you have the right approach and the right tools. It’s also possible to make money with darts fantasy sports on Zweller.

What does total 180s mean in darts?

Total 180s is a darts betting market used to predict the total number of 180s scored in a match. 180 is the highest score possible with three darts (2x 60 points) and is also known as “ton 80”.

What are the best betting sites for betting on darts?

Darts betting markets are available on nearly every online bookmaker. However, some of the top options are bet365, Pinnacle as a sharp bookmaker, and BetOnline (or as a semi-sharp US-friendly bookmaker.

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