Race For World First Amirdrassil
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The Race For World First Amirdrassil Begins – Can Team Liquid Defend Their Throne?

The RWF Amirdrassil begins on Tuesday, November 14, welcoming the world’s best World of Warcraft guilds, who will fight through the newly-introduced raid Amirdrassil (meaning Crown of Harmony in Darnassian) and look to become the first guild to take down Fyrakk the Blazing!

Echo x Amirdrassil, The Dream's Hope | Race to World First Announcement Trailer | WoW: Dragonflight

As defending champions, Team Liquid enter the RWF Amirdrassil as frontrunners, followed by Method and Echo, who will look to spoil Liquid’s plans and re-establish themselves as the top WoW guild in the world. And while Liquid have proven themselves as the most efficient WoW guild in the recent RWF competitions, the battle for the RWF crown – as always – isn’t as straightforward as it may seem.

RWF Amirdrassil Format & Schedule

RWF Amirdrassil will kick off on Tuesday, November 14, with the release of Amirdrassil with Patch 10.20 of WoW: Dragonflight. The race will last until the first guild takes down the final boss of the new raid.

Liquid vs WORLD FIRST Mythic Sarkareth - Aberrus the Shadowed Crucible

The previous. RWF Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible, lasted for just six days. The RWF started on May 9, 2023, and concluded on May 15, when Team Liquid took down Sarkareth, five and a half hours before Echo, who narrowly missed out on the RWF title.

  • Date: November 14
  • Where to Watch: Twitch, YouTube

Guilds To Watch Out For

RWF Amirdrassil will welcome hundreds of WoW guilds from all corners of the world; however, there are just a handful that can be considered a serious threat to win the RWF Amirdrassil title.



After coming in second in the Aberrus, Echo enter RWF Amirdrassil with a vengeance to reclaim their title as the best WoW guild in the world. Despite the drama surrounding the earlier release of the raid in North America (compared to EU), Echo decided to stay on the old continent and set up a special event in Växjö, Sweden, with seven on-site casters and live broadcasts of the race.


The former European WoW juggernaut and still the guild with the most RWF titles in history, Method have pioneered the RWF competition and continues to present a serious threat to any RWF.

In Aberrus, Method came out short and placed third, behind Liquid and Echo, needing an additional day to take down Sarkareth, but that won’t stop the European titans from pushing for another RWF title, which has been eluding them since The Eternal Palace in Battle for Azeroth.


FatSharkYes finished sixth in Aberrus, and while they remain a highly competitive guild, FatSharkYes have specifically avoided the pageantry of RWF over the last years and instead focus on completing the raid rather than putting in the resources to compete for the no.1 spot.

North America

Team Liquid

The defending champions and the current top dogs to win RWF Amirdrassil, Team Liquid, look to continue their legacy as the best WoW guild in the world. Like Echo, Liquid will live stream its progress with on-site casters and professional production for the fans to enjoy.

Big Dumb Guild

Despite its name, Big Dumb Guild (BDG) have proved themselves as a highly competitive guild in RWF, placing fourth in Aberrus, behind Method, Echo, and Team Liquid. Now looking to defy the odds once more, BDG re-enter the race and look to improve upon their showing in May 2023.



Despite the shutdown of Blizzard services in China, all of the top Chinese WoW guilds remained in the RWF by migrating to Taiwanese servers. This not only required them to create new accounts, but they also need to connect to a different region, which serves as a big handicap in their attempt to compete with the world’s best.

Still, guilds like Skyline remain very competitive as one of the biggest threats to Western guilds, granted Skyline never promoted themselves as a serious threat to claim the RWF title.

Huoguo Hero

Huoguo Hero did well in Aberrus, finishing the race in eighth place as Chao Je, before rebranding to Huoguo Hero due to a sponsorship deal. Although still a Chinese guild that lives in the shadow of Skyline, Huoguo Hero are set to make another splash at RWF Mythic Amirdrassil and aims to lock in another top-10 finish.

RWF Amirdrassil Betting Odds 2023

Despite being one of the more niche esports competitions, it’s possible to bet on World of Warcraft RWF Amirdrassil on several betting sites, including bet365.

Team Liquid2.00
Instant Dollars51.00
End Myth161.00

Can Team Liquid Defend Their RWF Crown?

According to the latest World of Warcraft betting odds, Team Liquid and Echo are priced at even odds (2.00 at bet365) to win RWF Mythic Amirdrassil, suggesting that the race for the RWF title is very close. In Aberrus, it was Echo who were priced as the top dogs (2.00) ahead of Liquid (2.20); however, given Liquid’s success, it makes sense that the NA representatives took over as the guild to watch.

Some of it also has to do with the fact that Team Liquid have the luxury of starting the RWF Amirdrassil before Echo – because the update releases sooner in NA than in Europe – granted, this might not be as big of a deal as some make it seem.

Due to the nature of RWF, where the guilds figure out tactics as they go and copy one another to help with the progress, the delay in the release of the raid might not affect Echo as much – as long as we don’t have another indicated like in 2022 when Blizzard nerfed the final boss at a very unfortunate time for Echo, who after a tight battle with Liquid, woke up to find out that Liquid managed to complete the race by killing the nerfed boss while Europe was asleep.

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