Red Bull Still On Top - Formula 1 2023 Season Preview
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Red Bull Still On Top – Formula 1 2023 Season Preview

The 2023 Formula One season is set to kick off on Sunday, March 5, with Bahrain Grand Prix, at Bahrain International Circuit. It will mark the 74th running of the Formula One World Championship and one of the most important seasons to date.

As we near the opening race of the season, the main question everyone is asking is whether we’ll see Max Verstappen continue his dominant run and secure his third consecutive world championship title. Or maybe 2023 is the year when Lewis Hamilton bounces back and finally breaks Michael Schumacher’s record of seven titles?

Formula One 2023 Format & Schedule

The 74th season of the Formula One World Championship will begin with the Bahrain Grand Prix, slated for Saturday, March 5, at Bahrain International Circuit. It will be the first of 23 scheduled races, culminating with the iconic Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on November 26.

  • Date: March 5 – November 26
  • Where to Watch: DAZN

The 2023 Formula One season will feature 23 Grand Prix, which is one more than last year. Moreover, the Azerbaijan, Austrian, Belgian, Qatar, United States and São Paulo Grands Prix will all feature a sprint format which was first introduced in 2021 and made its first official appearance in 2022, with three sprints at Emilia Romagna, Austrian, and São Paulo Grands Prix.

Formula One 2023 Schedule

  • Bahrain Grand Prix (March 5)
  • Saudi Arabian Grand Prix (March 19)
  • Australian Grand Prix (April 2)
  • Azerbaijan Grand Prix (April 30)
  • Miami Grand Prix (May 7)
  • Emilia Romagna Grand Prix (May 21)
  • Monaco Grand Prix (May 28)
  • Spanish Grand Prix (June 4)
  • Canadian Grand Prix (June 18)
  • Austrian Grand Prix (July 2)
  • British Grand Prix (July 9)
  • Hungarian Grand Prix (July 23)
  • Belgian Grand Prix (July 30)
  • Dutch Grand Prix (August 27)
  • Italian Grand Prix (September 3)
  • Singapore Grand Prix (September 18)
  • Japanese Grand Prix (September 24)
  • Qatar Grand Prix (October 8)
  • United States Grand Prix (October 22)
  • Mexico City Grand Prix (October 29)
  • São Paulo Grand Prix (November 5)
  • Las Vegas Grand Prix (November 18)
  • Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (November 26)

The 2023 season will mark the first time that Formula One World Championship travels to Las Vegas, in what promises to be quite a spectacle. The teams and drivers had already spent most of the offseason filming videos and marketing material in the Sin City, adding to the hype of a long-awaited race.

The F1 2023 Grid Is Ready For Vegas

Unfortunately, according to the news, the Las Vegas Grand Prix tickets will be the most expensive on the 2023 race calendar. Quite fitting for a race in a city where everybody loses money.

Another Red Bull Season?

Max Verstappen and Red Bull pocketed both the Driver Championship and the Constructors’ Championship title last year, so it’s hardly shocking to see Red Bull as are favourites heading into the 2023 season. Still, the 2022 season saw new cars with fresh designs, which caused a big shakeup in the balance of power, pushing Mercedes down a few steps and helping Red Bull and Ferrari on top.

Ahead of this season, we’re not promised any major shakeups, and while the pre-season testing has unveiled some interesting things, it hasn’t changed the balance of power much. Red Bull (1.66 at bet365) are still the leading favourites to win it all, followed by Ferrari (3.75 at bet365), Mercedes (4.00 at bet365) and Aston Martin well in the back, at 51.00 with outright betting markets.

The drivers’ outright betting odds follow the same pattern. The reigning back-to-back champion Max Verstappen (1.61 at bet365) is the leading favourite, ahead of Charles Leclerc (5.50 at bet365), Lewis Hamilton (6.00 at bet365), George Russell (15.00 at bet365), Sergio Perez (17.00 at bet365), Carlos Sainz (19.00), and Fernando Alonso (26.00 at bet365) as the main drivers.

The rest of the field consists of complete outsiders in Lando Norris (251.00 at bet365), Lance Stroll (251.00 at bet365), Esteban Ocon (301.00 at bet365), Pierre Gasly (501.00 at bet365), Valtteri Bottas (501.00 at bet365), Huanyu Zhou (501.00 at bet365), Kevin Magnussen (751.00 at bet365), Nico Hulkenberg (751.00 at bet365), Oscar Piastri (1001.00 at bet365), Nyk de Vries (1001.00 at bet365), Yuki Tsunoda (1001.00 at bet365), Alex Albon (1001.00 at bet365), and Logan Sargeant (1001.00 at bet365).

Aston Martin With Strong Pre-Season Testing

The preseason testing was interesting, especially for Aston Martin fans. Not only has the team acquired Fernando Alonso for the 2023 season, but the two-time F1 world champion helped Aston Martin to impressive results.

His pace and race distance satisfied many Aston Martin fans, showing the performance you would expect ahead of a new season. However, it remains to be seen whether Aston Martin will manage to translate its pre-season testing showings into the new season.

Other than Aston Martin’s surprising pace, there weren’t many surprises. Red Bull still looks to be in a class of their own, followed by Ferrari in second and Mercedes in third. But honestly, it wouldn’t be too shocking to see Mercedes fall another step – especially if Aston Martin figured something out with its 2023 car.

Formula One World Championship 2023 Betting Odds

Driver/ BookmakerBet365UnibetGG.Bet
Max Verstappen1.611.61.70
Charles Leclerc5.5057.005.00
Lewis Hamilton6.006.503.50
George Russell15.0013.008.00
Sergio Perez17.0026.0025.00
Carlos Sainz19.0026.0025.00
Fernando Alonso26.0034.00125.00
Lando Norris251.00201.00100.00
Lance Stroll251.00301.001000.00
Esteban Ocon301.00501.00200.00
Pierre Gasly 501.00501.00500.00
Valtteri Bottas 501.00501.001000.00
Huanyu Zhou 501.001001.002000.00
Kevin Magnussen 751.00751.001000.00
Nico Hulkenberg 751.00751.001000.00
Oscar Piastri 1001.00751.001000.00

Constructor’s Championship Odds

Driver/ BookmakerBet365UnibetGG.Bet
Red Bull1.661.601.85
Aston Martin51.0061.00500.00
Alfa Romeo501.00401.00350.00

How Will The 2023 F1 Season Look Like?

It’s tough to say what to expect from any Formula One season, but if the pre-season testing and the latest news are to be trusted, we don’t expect to see any major changes from last year.

Max Verstappen and Red Bull continue to look like a class above everyone else; Ferrari are close behind, while Mercedes are slowly slipping down the rankings and could potentially fall behind Aston Martin. That is a big IF, and an assumption mostly based on the pre-season testing results, which are to be taken with a grain of salt.

If you want a more in-depth look into what we expect to happen this season, check out our race preview for the 2023 Bahrain Grand Prix, where you can find our thoughts and betting predictions for the opening race of the season.

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