G2 Esports vs Bilibili Gaming - MSI 2023
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G2 Esports vs Bilibili Gaming – MSI 2023 Bracket Stage Betting Preview

Mid-Season Invitational 2023 continues with the second round of the Losers’ Bracket on Tuesday, May 16, when G2 Esports clash with Bilibili Gaming following their commanding victory against their regional rivals, MAD Lions. BLG, on the other side, suffered a humiliating 0-3 loss against JD Gaming in the second round of the upper bracket, proving once more that they’re no match for the reigning LPL champions.

As with most games between Asian and European teams, we have to not ask whether Bilibili Gaming can win but rather can G2 Esports cause an upset. According to the latest esports betting odds, that is unlikely to happen, but as I’ve been touting this entire tournament, Bilibili Gaming are very beatable, so is this the day when this is finally confirmed?

G2 Esports vs Bilibili Gaming

When: Tuesday, May 16, at 13:00 BST

G2 Esports entered MSI 2023 as one of the outsiders to win it all, which makes sense since they would need to make it past T1, Gen.G, and JD Gaming to win their second MSI trophy. It’s not an entirely unlikely outcome, but after the first few rounds of action, it’s fair to say that the Asian teams are significantly better than anything West has sent to London.

That said, out of all Eastern teams, Bilibili Gaming are objectively the weakest, and based on what they’ve shown so far, they’re very beatable – as long as you can match their early game and exploit Bilibili Gaming’s poor mid-late game transition.

Getting early leads and using the advantage to snowball to a victory has been Bilibili Gaming’s go-to playstyle this season, and so far this tournament, JD Gaming were the only team to deny BLG’s win condition. So when we try to answer the question of whether G2 Esports can win, it’s more about whether G2 Esports can do as well in the early game.

Early Game

Bilibili Gaming are by far the most efficient early-game team of the tournament. They boast a 1.00 Tower Differential at 15 minutes and a massive +2099 Gold Difference at 15 min, ahead of JD Gaming (1179 GD@15), T1 (908 GD@15), and G2 Esports, who are ranked seventh with 58 GD@15.

However, when we look at how teams do in the mid-late game, G2 Esports start catching up, but we don’t need to look at numbers to confirm that G2 Esports are a better mid-late game team than Bilibili Gaming. So as long as G2 Esports don’t fall behind too much, they will have a realistic chance to push Bilibil Gaming to their limits – yet that’s a big what IF.

G2 Esports have the experience and the talent to win, but they’ve been somewhat inconsistent this tournament. On a more positive note, they played well against MAD Lions, which gives me hope that they can perform up to par with expectations on Tuesday.

There’s still the question of how we can properly compare LEC and LPL teams. The regions aren’t the same, and the level of competition is much different – but how far apart are the top teams from each league, and is the gap really as big as the offered betting odds suggest?

I feel like the price on G2 Esports is way too big to ignore. This is a solid team that has yet to show its full potential, and perhaps the strong performance against MAD Lions was enough for G2 to get the confidence need to perform as well as we know they can. I’m taking G2 Esports to keep it close.

  • Prediction: G2 Esports +1.5 maps – 2.50 at bet365

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