Gen.G vs Bilibili Gaming - LoL Worlds 2023 Playoffs
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Gen.G vs Bilibili Gaming Betting Tips – LoL Worlds 2023

The second round of LoL Worlds 2023 Playoffs will see Gen.G clash with Bilibili Gaming in what should be an exciting series between Korea’s no.1 seed and China’s no.2 seed. Gen.G are priced as strong favourites to win, which isn’t too surprising, but at the offered esports betting odds, there’s more to say than just “Gen.G will probably win”.

Gen.G vs Bilibili Gaming

When: Friday, November 3, 9:00 CEST (17:00 KST)

Esports bookmakers have Gen.G priced as 1.20 favourites (bet365) to defeat BIlibili Gaming (4.50) in the first round of LoL Worlds 2023 Playoffs, which is almost the same number we got for the match between Gen.G and G2 Esports.

At this point, it’s fair to ask – are Bilibili Gaming better or weaker than G2 Esports? Arguably, they’re a stronger team, so this is where we can start looking at this match.

Gen.G have looked phenomenal this season, and they haven’t disappointed en route to LoL Worlds 2023 Playoffs, with commanding wins against GAM Esports, T1, and G2 Esports. BIlibili Gaming, on the other side, defeated KT Rolster, Fnatic, and G2 Esports but lost against JD Gaming and T1.

En route to LoL Worlds 2023 Playoffs, BLG and Gen.G have produced similar results, the only real difference being that Gen.G have not come close to losing a single game. But then there’s also the fact that BIlibili Gaming haven’t looked amazing this tournament.

I had high hopes for this team based on what they’ve shown in the domestic playoffs, but it seems like haven’t been playing at 100%. BIlibili Gaming, while still the same team, haven’t looked like BLG from LPL 2023 Summer.

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The big issue is their poor transition from early-mid game, where Bilibili Gaming have looked the most vulnerable, and that’s an area an elite team like Gen.G can exploit. Moreover, BLG have so far proven that they can be very shaky in the early game – securing a meaningful advantage pre-20 minutes in just two games – which will be a problem.

Overall, Bilibili Gaming don’t look nearly as good as they did before LoL Worlds 2023, and while I had them ranked as the second-best team in the world (behind JDG), I wouldn’t rank them nearly as high ahead of their LoL Worlds 2023 Playoffs match.


As explained, Bilibili Gaming don’t look as good as they did before the tournament, and they have some obvious weaknesses Gen.G can exploit. Moreover, Gen.G have side choice for this match, which only further adds to my concerns about BLG’s chances to come out ahead.

Admittedly, Gen.G haven’t been properly tested before LoL Worlds 2023 Playoffs, so while I can praise them for their dominant wins, they’ve also beaten only GAM Esports, G2 Esports, and their regional rivals T1. The game against T1 wasn’t as big of a stomp as the other two games, and Gen.G even had to fight to get back into the game, but even with that, it’s fair to say that they deserved the win.

Gen.G enter this match as one of the most experienced teams at LoL Worlds 2023 Playoffs, fielding some of the best players in their respective roles. Compared to Bilibili Gaming, Gen.G have a significant advantage in a few positions and sie choice, which, based on the current meta, matters A LOT.

Everything points to Gen.G victory; however, you could make a case for Bilibilii Gaming at the offered price with a 1.5-map handicap (2.28 at Smarkets). Since I have an outright bet on BLG, I’m passing on this match.

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