HCS 2023 Arlington
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HCS 2023 Arlington: Everything You Need To Know

Halo Championship Series (HCS) 2023 Arlington is an upcoming Halo esports tournament and the second event of the HCS 2023 season, following Year 2 Kickoff Major Charlotte. It will welcome some of the best Halo esports teams in the world, competing for the lion’s share of the $250,000 prize pool and HCS Points.

Here is everything you need to know about HCS 2023 Arlington.

HCS 2023 Arlington Schedule & Format

HCS 2023 Arlington will take place on June 30 – July 2 in Arlington, Texas. It will use the same format as the previous Major of the Halo Championship Series (HCS), which divides the tournament into three stages – Open Bracket, Pool Play, and Championship Bracket.

HCS 2023 Arlington will begin with the Open Bracket, which will feature a maximum of 96 teams, who will fight for four spots leading into the Pool Play. The Pool Play spots will be awarded to the top two teams from the Upper Bracket and the top two teams from the Lower Bracket.

In the Pool Play, the teams will be divided into four round-robin groups and play best-of-five (Bo5) series to determine which 12 teams advance to the Championship Bracket. The top two teams from each group will receive a direct bye into the Championship Upper Bracket Round 1, the third-placed team will proceed to Championship Lower Bracket Round 1, while the fourth-placed teams get eliminated.

The Championship Bracket will feature 12 teams who will be seeded into a double-elimination bracket based on their placement in the Pool Play. All games are best-of-five (Bo5), except for the finals, which are best-of-seven (Bo7), with a bracket reset.

HCS 2023 Arlington Prize Pool

HCS 2023 Arlington will have a $250,000 prize pool, as it’s standard for HCS Majors, with the winners taking home 50% of the total pot.

HCS 2023 Arlington Prize Pool Distribution

Every participating team at HCS 2023 Arlington Pool Play will receive a share of the total prize pool, with the champions taking home half of the total pot.

  • 1st – $100,000
  • 2nd – $60,000
  • 3rd – 30,000
  • 4th – $17,500
  • 5th-6th – $8,000
  • 7th-8th – $5,000
  • 9th-12th – $2,500
  • 13th-16th – $1,625

Who Are HCS 2023 Arlington Favourites?

According to the latest esports betting odds, FaZe Clan are the main favourites to win the tournament, priced at 2.75 (at bet365). FaZe are followed by Spacestation Gaming (3.00) and OpTic Gaming (3.25) as two serious candidates go all the way, with HCS Dallas 2023 quarter-finalists, Quadrant priced as fourth favourites at 9.00.

HCS 2023 Arlington Betting Odds

Team/ Bookmakerbet365GG.Bet
FaZe Clan2.752.75
Spacestation Gaming3.003.00
OpTic Gaming3.253.25
Native Gaming Red26.0021.00
Shopify Rebellion26.0026.00
Native Gaming White29.0029.00
Gamers First41.00/
Natus Vincere51.0051.00
Any Open Bracket Team67.0034.00
Luminosity Gaming1001.00/

Where To Get HCS 2023 Arlington Value Bets?

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Where is HCS 2023 Arlington?

HCS 2023 Arlington will take place in Arlington, Texas, on June 30 – July 2.

What is the prize pool for HCS Majors?

HCS Majors, including the HCS 2023 Arlington, have a $250,000 prize pool divided among all 16 teams that reach the pool play stage. The champions take home half of the total pot or $100,000 in tournament winnings.

What is the format for competitive Halo?

HCS Majors have 16-team Pool Play in a double elimination championship bracket format, with the top 12 teams from the pool play qualifying for the final stage of the tournament.

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