How Much Time Have I Spent Playing Fortnite
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How Much Time Have I Spent Playing Fortnite?

Fortnite is one of the most played online video games in the world, with over 2 million average players logging into the battle royale title daily. Even though its esports scene isn’t as big as that of other esports titles such as League of Legends or Counter-Strike, that doesn’t take away from its popularity.

With its exciting and fast-paced gameplay, Fortnite is one of the games that is easy to sink hours of time in. Especially with its battle pass, it requires players to grind for hours to level up their characters and pick up rewards.

But how much time exactly? While there’s no accurate answer to how many hours are required to complete the battle pass, there ways to find an answer to “How much time have I spent playing Fortnite?”

Find Your Total Playtime In Fortnite On Epic Launcher

The simplest way to check how much time you’ve spent playing Fortnite is to open the Epic Launcher and find the accurate number there. The launcher displays all the time spent playing all the games available on Epic, including other titles.

  1. Open Epic Launcher
  2. Click on the Library button in the top left corner
  3. Open the library of games
  4. Select List View
  5. Navigate to Fortnite

It’s important to note that this only works for PC players. Console players will have to resort to using another method for figuring out how much time have I spent playing Fortnite.

Fortnite Tracker

Fortnite Tracker is a third-party website, which displays detailed information about players, including their win rate, total tie played, K/D, kills, number of wins and their rank.

It is a free website, which also includes other information about the esports scene, such as current rankings, tournaments, esports teams and their standings, and more.

To use the website to figure out how much time have I spent playing Fortnite, you simply have to visit the website, input your EPIC name and click enter. The page will display the total play time as well as stats, and more.

  1. Visit Fortnite Tracker
  2. Input your EPIC name
  3. Click enter

Fortnite Tracker is a more convenient way to check the time spent playing Fortnite and it comes with added features related to the account’s performances in games. While the Epic Launcher does a fine job displaying the time spent playing, the players will find Fortnite Tracker a better option.


How do I find out how much time I have spent on Fortnite?

There are several methods for figuring out how much time you’ve spent playing Fortnite. Besides checking the total playtime on Epic Launcher, there are also third-party websites like Fortnite Tracker that display total play time and other stats.

Does Epic Games track hours?

Yes, Epic Games launcher tracks the total time spent playing each of the games you own in its library. That includes Fortnite and other titles available on Epic Games.

Is Fortnite Tracker accurate?

Yes, Fortnite Tracker provides accurate information about a player’s performance in Fortnite, including total play time, K/D, and other details such as win rate, rank, and more.

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