How Old is My League of Legends Account
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How Old is My LoL Account?

Released on October 27, 2009, League of Legends has, over the years, grown to become one of the most-played online games and one of the biggest esports titles in the industry. Over the last decade, the game has changed drastically and nowadays looks almost nothing like it had in the first years after launch.

And despite its age and all the changes LoL has gone through, many early LoL players still play it, and its esports scene is stronger than it has ever been. However, while some don’t care about LoL much beyond the esports betting opportunities it offers, for others, LoL is their favourite game.

So it’s only natural to be curious about the game’s and your account’s past, including how much time you have spent playing the game. But also trying to remember when you created the account and what is your LoL account age.

Luckily, there are methods to find it out.

Ask Riot Games

The best method to determine accurate information about your League of Legends account is to ask Riot Games support.

On the official League of Legends website, LoL players can submit a request about numerous things related to their accounts. That includes data requests found under the “Account Management, Data Request, or Deletion” section, which can answer questions about your LoL account age.

  1. Visit the official League of Legends website
  2. Navigate to the support section
  3. Submit “Account Management, Data Request, or Deletion” request
  4. Provide details about your request and ask Riot to provide information about your account
  5. Wait for Riot to send you the data pack
  6. View the files in a text editor
  7. Check your LoL account age

Due to the Californian Privacy Act and EU GDPR laws, any LoL player can request Riot to provide them with data about their Riot Games accounts, which includes any information associated with the account.

Check Your In-Game Items

A simpler and quicker way to find out your LoL account age is to check your in-game cosmetic items and find the earlier purchase you’ve made on a champion skin. Alternatively, it’s possible to check when you’ve received a specific icon, ward skin, or other item.

  1. Open LoL client
  2. Navigate to the “Collection” tab
  3. Open “Skins”
  4. Scroll down to your earlier acquired skins

Players can use the same process to check when they’ve acquired icons, ward skins, or chromas. Unlike the first method, this only gives you an approximate LoL account age, as it only shows the age of specific in-game items.

Check Your Email

Another way to check LoL account age, available mainly for those who still have access to the email they used to sign up for LoL, is to sift through their email inbox and find the registration email. This will give you the exact time you’ve created your LoL account.

  1. Open the email inbox of the address you used to register on Riot Games
  2. Input “Riot ID” or Riot Games” in the search bar to find emails from Riot Games
  3. Locate the registration email

Like the first method, finding the registration email will give you a very accurate answer; however, by requesting account information from Riot, players can access other details about their accounts that they might find useful.

Using Third-Party Websites

There are many third-party websites that offer detailed information about LoL accounts, their match history, performance metrics and more. However, while these websites offer interesting details, none can be used to figure out LoL account age as accurately as other methods.

That is because most of the websites don’t have access to data that goes beyond a few years, and those who’ve not played ranked games definitely won’t be able to use this method, as third-party LoL stats websites typically don’t track normal or ARAM games.

This, however, is hardly a problem, knowing that there are other, simple, and more accurate methods for finding LoL account age.


How do I find my League of Legends account age?

There are several methods for figuring out your LoL account age. Players can either contact Riot Games directly, check their email folder to locate the registration email, or check the age of in-game cosmetics such as champion skins, icons, and ward skins.

How old is League of Legends?

League of Legends was released on October 27, 2009, as Riot Games’ first game.

How to check how much time have your spent on LoL?

Several methods can be used to find out how much time you’ve spent on League of Legends, including checking the LoL client or using third-party websites such as

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