My ISP Is Blocking bet365! How to Unblock Bet365? Fix For Desktop And Mobile Users!
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My ISP Is Blocking bet365! How to Unblock Bet365? Fix For Desktop And Mobile Users!

Is your ISP blocking access to bet365, and you aren’t sure what to do? Is VPN the best solution, or are there better, simpler, and cheaper ways to access ISP-blocked bookmakers and start betting? This article has the answer to how to unblock bet365!

Why Is ISP Blocking An Issue?

ISP blocking, known as web filtering or web blocking, is used to deny access to certain websites or online platforms. Most commonly, ISP blocking is used to prevent people from accessing bookmakers who don’t have a local betting licence or are, for whatever reason, not available in certain countries.

The most common example of ISP blocking occurs in countries that don’t have a legal framework to legalise online sports betting or countries that try to enforce the monopoly of their local betting company by denying access to international sportsbooks.

This obviously is a problem many bettors have to deal with, as they’re forced to bet on local sportsbooks, which usually offer much worse betting odds.

Interestingly, while a country can block access to any international sportsbooks (like bet365 or William Hill), the bookmakers might still be legal to use, meaning you can register on them and bet as long as you find a way to access the sportsbooks.

Most will instantly think about using a VPN service to resolve the issue. But is this really the best way to approach resolving this problem? Not necessarily.

Can I Just Use a VPN?

Using a VPN to unblock bet365 or any other blocked bookmaker will work, but it’s not the best option. You can use it as a temporary solution (or just don’t, not worth the risk), but it is not recommended as it can lead to getting flagged or losing your account.

You could opt to use a high-end VPN, which minimises the risk of getting flagged/banned, but such VPNs aren’t cheap, and the cost will outweigh the benefits, especially considering there are free solutions to the problem.

Will This Help Me Get Accounts At Bookmakers Not Available In My Region?

Many countries’ ISPs block access to bet365 even though it’s not illegal to bet on the bookmaker. This creates a weird situation where you can register and bet on the sportsbook, but you can’t access it.

Usually, the first solution that will pop into people’s minds to fix the issue is to use a VPN and bypass the restriction this way – but as mentioned, this is not the most intelligent way to approach the issue since it comes with risks. So instead, you might want to consider a few simpler and better solutions.

There are ways to access blocked or restricted betting sites, and they don’t require you to pay large sums of money for a VPN. But there are different approaches you’ll have to use depending on whether you want to use a soft sportsbook or a betting exchange/sharp bookmaker.

How To Access Pinnacle And Betfair From Restricted Regions?

Pinnacle is an excellent example of a sharp bookmaker, which you can access from your country, but it won’t allow you to open an account – creating a reverse situation compared to some bookmakers, which you can’t access, but you can open an account.

Betfair, on the other side, will neither be accessible nor offer accounts to bettors from certain territories, so you won’t be able to use it regardless of what you do.

For Pinnacle and Betfair, there’s a simple solution that bypasses the restrictions. By using a sports betting brokerage, you’ll gain access to Orbit Exchange (or FairExchange) and PS3838, which are effectively clones of Betfair and Pinnacle.

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So even though those from restricted territories can never open an account with Pinnacle and Betfair, they can enjoy the same experience by opening accounts with a betting broker.

How to Unblock Bet365 on a Desktop

Gaining access to ISP-blocked bookmakers is as simple as changing your DNS, which takes no longer than one minute. Here you can find all the steps you need to do to change DNS and gain access to ISP-blocked bookmaker from your desktop.

Change Your DNS

Changing your DNS is the best and simplest way to unblock bet365 or get access to other bookmakers blocked by your ISP.

When changing your DNS, you have a few options, including and Google DNS, and which is the best for you will depend entirely on your internet provider.

We recommend using either or Google DNS. You can also use a tool called DNS Benchmark, which will show you the best DNS for you.

How To Find The Best DNS For You?

DNS Benchmark is a free tool that will benchmark the best DNS servers and find the top 50 choices for you.

To get the most accurate results while running DNS Benchmark, ensure it’s the only thing using your internet connection. So close any streams, Netflix, games, or other downloads that might be using your bandwidth.

How to use DNS benchmark to unblock bet365
DNS Benchmark
  • Once you download the tool, click on the “Nameservers” tab to select the data pages and the main benchmark display.
  • Then click on the “Run Benchmark” button and read the “Conclusions” tab to understand the results.
  • The benchmark took 2-3 minutes to complete during our tests, but the time will vary from user to user.
  • When the Benchmark is done, click on “Build Custom List” to create a list of 50-75 DNSs that are the best for you.

This process will take about 35 minutes to complete.

How to use DNS benchmark to unblock bet365
DNS Benchmark

After 35 minutes, you get a list of the fastest DNS based on your location, after which you’ll have to rerun the Benchmark and right click on the list and select “Sort by Uncached Performance” to get the DNS displayed in order from the best to worst.

How to use DNS benchmark to unblock bet365
DNS Benchmark

Finally, it’s time to set it up the DNS. Remember that for the best results, you’ll want to change the DNS settings on your router, so all devices connected to it will use the settings.

Again, all of this is completely optional and more of a side project for a rainy day. For those short on time, you pretty much can’t go wrong with choosing either or Google DNS.

Use Mirror Sites

Another way to access ISP-blocked websites is through mirror links, which are website addresses that are different from the official web address, but redirects you to the same website. In contrast to direct links, which are hosted on the server, mirror links are the same websites hosted on different servers.

A good example is bet365, where the direct link is, while its mirror link is The mirror site is a clone of the original website, offering all the same features and functionality, and are used by bookmakers whose website was blocked in certain regions.

The problem with mirror links is that they can also get banned once they become too popular, in which case you’ll have to find an alternative mirror link.

How to Unblock Bet365 on Mobile

Changing your DNS on a desktop is very straightforward, but if you’re a mobile bettor, you’ll also have to change your phone’s DNS. If you’ve changed DNS on your router and are using WiFi on your phone, you won’t have to make any changes, but if you’re on cellular data, then changing DNS is mandatory.

Use the app to unblock bet354!
Use the app to unblock bet354!

Change Your DNS On Mobile

Setting up DNS on your phone, whether you’re using iOS or Android, is extremely simple; it doesn’t require you to be tech-savvy, and it takes only a couple of minutes to complete.

If you want to use DNS, all you have to do is visit the official website and download the DNS mobile app, available on both App Store and Google Play. With an app, you simply have to flip on a switch, and you’ll get connected.

If you don’t want to use the app, you can follow the instructions below to change the DNS manually.

To manually change DNS on an Android device, follow these four steps:

  1. Go to SettingsNetwork & InternetAdvancedPrivate DNS
  2. Select private DNS provider hostname
  3. Enter (for DNS) or (Google DNS)
  4. Save and exit

For iOS devices:

  1. Go to SettingsWiFi
  2. Select the “i” icon next to the WiFi settings
  3. Scroll down and select Configure DNS
  4. Change the configuration from Automatic to Manual
  5. Select Add Server
  6. For IPv4 use and
  7. For IPv6 use 2606:4700:4700::1111 and 2606:4700:4700::1001
  8. Save and exit

Keep in mind that you can only set manual DNS on iOS devices for a WiFi network. For a cellular connection, you have to use the app.

Use Mirror Sites

In the same way, as it’s possible to assess restricted bookmakers from the desktop via mirror links, bettors can use mirrored links on their phone browsers. For example,, which is a mirror site of bet365, will work both on your phone and desktop.


Even if you’re in a country or live in a region where certain bookmakers are restricted or ISP-blocked, there are ways to access them, open an account, and start betting – and you can do so legally!

So, in short;

  • Mobile and Desktop users: Either change your DNS or use a mirror site
  • For most users, the best DNS service should be
  • If you need access to Pinnacle or Betfair, use a betting broker/agent
  • Avoid VPNs

In this article, we’ve covered everything you need to know about accessing ISP-blocked bookmakers, which tools you have at your disposal to do it, and which are the most efficient way to bypass ISP blocks.

Equipped with all the knowledge, you won’t have any problems trying to unblock bet365 and betting on ISP-blocked bookmakers.


How do I unblock bet365?

If you can’t access bet365 in your country, it was most likely blocked by your ISP provider, but this doesn’t mean you can’t access it. Using a VPN is the most common yet ineffective solution, and you should instead look to set up a custom DNS or use mirror links.

Which VPN works for bet365?

Using a VPN to access bet365 works, but it’s not recommended as it can lead to your account getting flagged or, worse, banned. There are better and cheaper solutions, including using mirror links.

How do I hide my IP address on bet365?

If you want to hide your IP on bet365, you’ll have to use a VPN, but as we’ve covered in this article, this is not the best solution for accessing blocked websites. Using a cheap VPN will get your account in trouble and is not worth the risk.

Does bet365 not work with VPN?

You can use VPN to access bet365, but you’ll have to opt for an expensive solution, or else you can get in trouble. Bookmakers don’t like people using VPNs and will flag or ban your account.

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