IEM Cologne 2023 Play-In Betting Tips - Thursday, July 27
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IEM Cologne 2023 Play-In Betting Tips – Thursday, July 27

Intel Extreme Masters Cologne 2023 Play-In stage continues with the second round of matches on Thursday, July 27, with eight teams fighting for a direct invite to the Group Stage and the remaining eight for survival.

The games will now shift to a best-of-three (Bo3) format, which should result in fewer upsets, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any esports betting opportunities to explore.

Astralis vs Apeks Betting Preview

When: Thursday, July 27, 12:30 CEST

Astralis smashed Team Liquid (again) in their opening match of IEM Cologne 2023 with 16-10, and they played surprisingly well. It’s way too early to start praising Astralis too much, but this new-look roster might surprise many.

Christian “Buzz” Andersen was a pleasant surprise, averaging a 1.40 performance rating, followed by Nicolai “device” Reedtz, who finished the game with a 1.35. In fact, all members of Astralis played well, except for the recent addition, Victor “Staehr” Staehr, who is seemingly still acclimating to the new environment.

Apeks did what was expected of them in the first round of the IEM Cologne 2023 Play-In when they defeated BIG (16-10). It wasn’t the cleanest performance, but it was also Apeks’ first game after the summer break, so we can expect they’ll start ramping up slowly.

Esports betting sites have Apeks priced as 2.29 underdogs to defeat Astralis, which sounds about right, but I would price them closer to even money. Astralis are admittedly playing well, but who have they beaten this season? Team Liquid and Complexity – not something to write home about.

It could be a close game, but at the offered betting odds, I like Apeks to come out ahead.

  • Prediction: Apeks to win – 2.29 at GG.Bet

Complexity vs OG Betting Preview

When: Thursday, July 27, 16:00 CEST

Complexity and OG both lost their opening games of the IEM Cologne 2023 Play-In. Complexity fell against Fnatic (17-19) in overtime, whereas OG had to admit defeat to 9INE (17-19). The same results against arguably equally strong teams would make OG and Complexity equally as strong, right? Not necessarily.

I’m not a big fan of this OG roster, which doesn’t have any exceptional players and no future. I’m ready for OG to prove me wrong, but this team seems to have built its roster from players no one wanted, and that tells a lot. Iulian “regali” Harjău is an exception, and I don’t mind Nemanja “nexa” Isaković, but everything else is just “meh”.

Complexity failed to overcome Fnatic, but they didn’t play that poorly. Decision-making seems to still be an issue, and until that’s fixed, Complexity won’t be a top-tier team. Nevertheless, I don’t mind this roster which should be fairly competitive at the highest level.

Complexity are priced as favourites for their second match of IEM Cologne 2023, which sounds fair and even at 1.892, they’re not a bad bet.

  • Prediction: Complexity to win – 1.892 at Pinnacle

Into The Breach vs The MongolZ Betting Preview

When: Thursday, July 27, 16:00 CEST

The MongolZ got off to a great start to their IEM Cologne 2023 campaign and looked solid against MOUZ. The Mongolian CS:GO squad eventually lost the game in overtime (19-22), but they showed some good qualities and played much better than expected.

Some of it had to do with MOUZ not playing extremely well and the fact that MOUZ aren’t exactly a top-tier team. But neither is Into the Breach.

Into the Breach failed to impress in their IEM Cologne 2023 Play-In opener against Ninjas in Pyjamas, and even that’s an understatement. ITB started the series by winning just four rounds on T-side on Ancient and completely collapsed on CT-side, with just one map.

It was an extremely one-sided game which made me wonder who good ITB really are. Admittedly, NiP are the kind of team that can do well against anyone, but a 5-16 defeat doesn’t look good for Into the Breach.

This do-or-die match will be contested between two of the weakest teams of the IEM Cologne 2023 Play-In stage, and based on what they’ve shown, I have no preference. Into the Breach have brand value on their side and known players, which explains why they’re priced as the favourites. But they’ve not shown enough to justify betting on them at 1.49.

Value is with The MongolZ at 2.59!

  • Prediction: The MongolZ to win – 2.59 at GG.Bet

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