JD Gaming vs T1 - LoL Worlds 2023 Semifinals
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JD Gaming vs T1 – LoL Worlds 2023 Semifinal Tips

JD Gaming and T1 are set to clash on Sunday, November 12, 2023, in the LoL Worlds 2023 semifinal, in what promises to be an exciting affair between two of the world’s best LoL esports teams. JD Gaming, who entered LoL Worlds 2023 as the main favourites to win it all, are expected to do well and are priced as favourites; however, with the improvement T1 have shown recently, the line between the two teams isn’t as clear.

So, which team will come out on top and join Weibo Gaming in the LoL Worlds 2023 grand final?

JD Gaming vs T1

When: Sunday, November 12, 9:00 CET (17:00 KST)

Esports betting sites have JD Gaming priced as 1.72 (bet365) favourites to defeat T1 (2.00 at bet365) on Sunday, which might not sound too crazy. JD Gaming are on a Golden Road, having won everything there was to win so far this season (both LPL splits and MSI), and that alone is a good testament to this team’s quality.

As difficult as it may be to accept it – if JD Gaming win LoL Worlds 2023, they will earn the tag of the undisputed best LoL esports team in history. But first, they need to make it past T1, which might be easier said than done.

For many, the perception of the team’s strength ahead of this match is heavily influenced by what they’ve shown in the quarters, where JD Gaming had shown some struggles against KT Rolster, whereas T1 humiliated LNG Esports. But I wouldn’t overreact to those results – both teams have made it to the LoL Worlds 2023 semis for a reason.

There is also no point in comparing teams player-by-player since T1 and JD Gaming both field elite-tier players who are very close to one another talent-wise. And while we could find some gaps, there are other elements that will play a bigger role in deciding the victor. The biggest one is drafting.

T1 have found serious momentum at LoL Worlds 2023, mainly thanks to their ability to play anything, which has definitely led to a shift in the meta. But more importantly, it made it very clear for any team that’ll face T1 that they’ll have a hard time preparing themselves for this match.

Another thing worth talking about is the team’s early game.

JD Gaming are a solid early-game team, but they shine the most in the mid-late, showing excellent ability to close out games with leads. They’re not that bad in fighting from behind either; however, we’ve not seen JD Gaming trail in gold in many matches, which brings up a question of how will JDG do if they fall behind against T1.

  • GD@10: JDG 122.8 – 304.0 T1
  • GD@15: JDG 335.9 – 1014.1 T1
  • GD@20: JDG 1424.2 – 2346.1 T1
  • GDM: JDG 209.5 – 156.8 T1

We’ve also seen before how JD Gaming’s early-game isn’t as explosive against elite teams – which T1 are. So, I don’t find it too crazy to believe that T1 will be gaining early leads against JD Gaming; the only question is whether T1 will manage to close out the games.


T1 actually match up well with JD Gaming stylistically, and they have the hands to compete with JDG in small skirmishes and teamfights. Moreover, T1 are in excellent form and playing the best League we’ve seen them play so far at LoL Worlds 2023.

They crushed LNG Esports in LoL Worlds 2023 quarters and stomped Bilibili Gaming in the Swiss Stage, but more importantly, T1 showed that they’re ready to play different compositions, forcing JD Gaming to try and adapt. So even though JD Gaming might be considered the better team heading into this match, it’s them who’ll have to respond to T1 and not the other way around.

I actually feel like this game is much closer than what the public believes. Even though there is no question that JDG have been better a better team this season, T1 are up there quality-wise and should present a unique challenge for JD Gaming.

I would love T1 at plus money, but that price is long gone. Smarkets and bet365 both have T1 at 2.00, which is a bit too low for me, so I’m not taking any bets here. If we can get the number up to 2.10, I might pull the trigger.

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JD Gaming vs T1 Value Bets
JD Gaming vs T1 Value Bets at SureBet
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