LCS 2023 Summer Week 5 Betting Picks - Friday, July 14
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LCS 2023 Summer Week 5 Betting Picks – Friday, July 14

The final round of League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) 2023 Summer Week 5 is around the corner, and we still have just three teams that are guaranteed a spot in the playoffs, and we saw some movement in the middle of the table, keeping the final stretch of the regular season interesting.

For most of the LCS 2023 Summer teams, the work is far from done, but for a couple, Friday could make or break their season. Today, we take a look at a couple of games slated for Friday, July 14, and see what esports betting opportunities they present.

Team Liquid vs FlyQuest Betting Preview

When: Friday, July 14, 14:00 PDT

FlyQuest are a frustrating team. They go from looking like the worst team in the league to running over everyone in Week 3, back to losing four straight games, and then they stomp Evil Geniuses. At least FlyQuest keeps things interesting in the LCS 2023 Summer, but after all the ups and downs they’ve had this split, it’s hard to say where FlyQuest will go from here.

Was their dominant victory against Evil Geniuses on Thursday an indication of good things to come, or was that just one of those scenarios where the better team dropped the ball? I’ve said previously that LCS top team are very inefficient in closing out games and how betting on the favourites has proven not to be the best method – granted, EG’s defeat against FlyQuest was way more than just EG not managing to close out the game.

Team Liquid fall into the same category of frustrating teams as FlyQuest. They’ve proven how dangerous they can be, but as soon as you start thinking that this might be a good team, they turn into a pumpkin. Liquid defeated Cloud9 on Wednesday and lost against TSM on Thursday, showing lacklustre mid-late game decision-making and shaky teamfights.

Watching Team Liquid play and struggle so much in the late game leads me to believe that Liquid was perhaps so dominant in their pre-season scrims that they never got to the late game and therefore got no practice on how to act post-15 minutes. My theory could be completely off, but whatever the reason might be, TL are the type of team to gain large leads and do nothing with it.

For this match, we have a team that should be dominating the league but are extremely inconsistent and a team that has proven it can be good but struggle closing out games. Despite all their ups and downs, Liquid are still priced as favourites, and that’s not too crazy as they’ve accomplished more than FlyQuest, but at 1.53, Liquid are a bit overrated.

I’m not one to overreact to one good performance, but Liquid are a flawed team and more than capable of losing against FlyQuest, who have to start winning. Just hold your nose and take FlyQuest at plus money – they’ve been struggling, but Team Liquid can easily crack, as long as FlyQuest keep the game relatively close until the mid-late game.

It’s important to note that Team Liquid could easily be a top-tier team, and if they clean up their act, they can produce a deep run in the LCS 2023 Summer Playoffs and offer solid betting opportunities at good odds. But they’ve yet to do so, so we’ll stay cautiously optimistic about what TL can accomplish.

  • Prediction: FlyQuest to win – 2.37 at bet365

100 Thieves vs TSM Betting Preview

When: Friday, July 14, 15:00 PDT

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – 100 Thieves are not a good team. They’re 2-3 from their last five games, and over that stretch, they’ve only beaten Immortals and Dignitas, who I don’t have much faith in either. Against any semi-decent team, 100 Thieves have struggled, and five weeks deep, I’ve seen enough from them to say that 100T just don’t have the tools to stay competitive in LCS 2023 Summer.

100 Thieves could be good with the players on the roster, but they’ve shown no desire to develop and improve in areas they’ve shown weakness. They’re just doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result – that’s the definition of insanity, right?

100T seem happy with their abysmal early game and playing their games from behind. At least they could try something focused more on early or mid-game rather than force scaling repeatedly and expecting that the opponents can’t match it. This hasn’t worked for them so far in LCS 2023 Summer regular season.

TSM weren’t expected to do well in LCS 2023 Summer, but they head into the final round of Week 5 with a solid 8-6 record, and they deserve all the success that came to them. This is not a good team in the greater picture, but TSM are not as volatile as most other teams in the LCS 2023 Summer. They’re average across most metrics, which is good enough to pick up wins, mainly because top squads are slipping and because all other teams are just terrible.

As the latest esports betting odds suggest, TSM should defeat 100 Thieves, and that’s a fair assessment. 100 Thieves might have better individual players, and if they cleaned up their act, 100T should be heavily favoured. But 100 Thieves clearly have no desire to improve and are just content with being a mediocre team.

  • Prediction: TSM to win – 1.699 at Pinnacle

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