LCS 2023 Summer Week 5 Betting Picks - Thursday, July 13
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LCS 2023 Summer Week 5 Betting Picks – Thursday, July 13

We saw a few upsets in the first round of League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) 2023 Summer Week 5 on Wednesday, July 13, and with the results produced, we already have three teams that are locked in for the playoffs – Golden Guardians, Cloud9, and Evil Geniuses, who now only play for seeding.

But the season is far from done, as seven teams remain in the right race for the top-eight finish, and it continues on Thursday, July 13, with the second round of action in LCS 2023 Summer Week 5.

FlyQuest vs Evil Geniuses Betting Preview

When: Thursday, July 13, 14:00 PDT

FlyQuest lost to NRG Esports on Wednesday, which is a huge blow to their chances to reach the LCS 2023 Summer Playoffs. Luckily, 100 Thieves aren’t performing too well, so there is just a two-game gap between the bottom two teams and 100T in eighth place, but even that is a huge deficit considering we’re just five rounds removed from the regular season end.

For FlyQuest to climb out of the bottom two and catch up to 100 Thieves, a lot will have to go right. 100T need to lose at least three games, whereas FlyQuest have to win four of their final five, which is easier said than done. FlyQuest still need to face Evil Geniuses, Team Liquid, TSM, Immortals, and Cloud9 – essentially the top three teams in the LCS 2023 Summer and the adverse TSM. Things aren’t looking good.

Evil Geniuses are guaranteed a spot in the LCS 2023 Summer Playoffs with a 9-4 record and are now only playing for seeding. But that doesn’t mean EG can put their foot off the gas. They’re in a three-way tie with C9 and Golden Guardians, with Team Liquid close behind at 8-8 and TSM in fifth at 7-6. So a couple of slip-ups could easily see EG end the LCS 2023 Summer regular season outside of the top four.

I’m not a big fan of backing heavy favourites in the LCS, mainly because most of the top teams have been very ineffective in closing out games – which explains all the upsets we’ve seen so far. But even taking that into account, betting against Evil Geniuses in this spot makes no sense.

That said, I prefer FlyQuest on the first blood market. As bad as this team has been this split, FlyQuest have a 53.8% first blood rate, whereas Evil Genisues’s FB stats rank them one of the worst teams at 38.5%. Over their last five games – against C9, Dignitas, NRG Esports, 100 Thieves, and Golden Guardians, EG have been on the receiving end of the first blood.

This is more of a “numbers don’t match” kind of bet, but I like FlyQuest to secure first blood at the offered esports betting odds.

  • Prediction: FlyQuest First Blood – 2.00 at bet365

Immortals vs Golden Guardians Betting Preview

When: Thursday, July 13, 18:00 PDT

Immortals won against 100 Thieves on Wednesday (not shocking), but this is a god-awful team regardless of that win. Were they the better team on the day? Probably, but that’s hardly as impressive as it may sound, and it mainly has to do with 100 Thieves being one of the most overrated teams in the league besides NRG Esports.

I don’t want to spend too much time talking about Immortals. They’re a bad team and possibly the worst in the LCS.

Golden Guardians are on the come-up and have joined Cloud9 and Evil Geniuses as one of the three teams that locked LCS 2023 Summer Playoffs spot on Wednesday with a win against Evil Geniuses. They lost against TSM on Saturday, but that isn’t necessarily as bad as it may seem – TSM are actually a good team.

One thing to note about Golden Guardians is that they’re not afraid to fight and are one of the bloodiest teams in the LCS 2023 Summer. They average the league-highest 15.5 kills per game and 11.5 deaths and usually play high-scoring games. Their last two outings were an exception (19 and 16 total kills against TSM and EG).

As much as taking kill handicaps in the LCS can be tricky, GG’s tendency to run over their opponents makes taking the favourites to close it out with at least ten kills to spare a solid choice. Last time out, Golden Guardians defeated Immortals with 13 kills to spare, but since 13.13 the total kill count across all leagues has gone up and so has GG’s form.

  • Prediction: Golden Guardians -9.5 kills – 1.990 at Pinnacle

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