LCS 2023 Summer Week 5 Betting Picks - Wednesday, July 12
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LCS 2023 Summer Week 5 Betting Picks – Wednesday, July 12

League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) 2023 Summer enters Week 5 of the regular season on Wednesday, July 12, which could be the week to decide which teams will proceed into the playoffs and which will have to try again next season.

Although the battle for a top-eight finish is still fairly close, Immortals and FlyQuest enter Week 5 of LCS 2023 Summer with their backs against the wall and in desperate need of finishing the week with a positive record.

FlyQuest vs NRG Esports Betting Preview

When: Wednesday, July 12, 16:00 PDT

FlyQuest enter LCS 2023 Summer Week 5 with a 3-9 record, which is good for ninth place on the league’s standings, two wins behind NRG Esports and 100 Thieves, who sit just above the LCS 2023 Summer Playoffs cutoff line. With just three wins to their name, FlyQuest need a perfect week here, but based on their recent showings, it’s tough to believe they’ll manage to do it, and it doesn’t help that FlyQuest have a rough schedule ahead.

Their match against NRG Esports is FlyQuest’s best chance to secure a win since they then need to play Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid, so if they can’t do it on Wednesday, FlyQuest are more or less finished with this season.

NRG Esports are an interesting team and a perfect example of LCS 2023 Summer gatekeepers but for all the wrong reasons. NRG Esports are 5-7, which isn’t an outstanding record to hold, but most of their wins came against the top teams. Four of those victories came against Cloud9, Golden Guardians, Team Liquid, and Evil Geniuses.

For whatever reason, NRG Esports seem to do well against stronger opponents but completely fall apart against weaker squads. There’s no explanation for that, but NRG Esports are very effective in punishing mistakes, which could be the difference maker in this match.

FlyQuest have the potential to be great, but they’re way too sloppy, which could be a problem against NRG Esports. Moreover, the morale in FlyQuest’s camp is at an all-time low which can’t help their cause here.

It wouldn’t be the biggest shock to see FlyQuest win, but NRG Esports have looked better and stylistically, they match up well against the struggling Titans.

  • Prediction: NRG Esports to win – 1.90 at bet365

Cloud9 vs Team Liquid Betting Preview

When: Wednesday, July 12, 17:00 PDT

Cloud9 are arguably the best team in the league, but even they have shown some cracks lately. Last week, Cloud9 lost against Golden Guardians but then bounced back with wins against Dignitas and Immortals, but that’s hardly something to write home about, knowing that Immortals and Dignitas are probably two of the weakest teams in the league.

Team Liquid ender Week 5 of LCS 2023 Summer with a 7-5 record, which keeps them in a race for a top-two finish, but for Liquid to accomplish that feat, two things must happen – they must defeat Cloud9 and Evil Geniuses and hope that the two current league leaders slip at least once more over the next six rounds. Both are likely scenarios.

Team Liquid have looked good over the last two weeks, but they’ve also lost against FlyQuest, Golden Guardians, and NRG Esports. In their defence, FlyQuest had the comeback week when they beat Team Liquid, Golden Guardians are on the come up, and NRG Esports are the LCS 2023 Summer giant slayers.

Across most important LCS 2023 Summer stats, Team Liquid rank as the third-best team, which includes gold-related performance metrics. They’re also the best team in the league in accumulating gold leads by the 20-minute mark and the second-highest-rated team in Gold Difference Per Minute (+240), slightly below Cloud9 (249).

Cloud9 are probably the best team in the league and the leading candidate to win the LCS 2023 Summer title; however, they shouldn’t be priced as 1.45 favourites against Team Liquid. This match is much closer than the esports betting odds suggest, so we have to take a shot with Team Liquid at 2.78.

  • Prediction: Team Liquid to win – 2.78 at Pinnacle

100 Thieves vs Immortals Betting Preview

When: Wednesday, July 12, 18:00 PDT

100 Thieves and Immortals are very frustrating teams – 100 Thieves because they’re playing much worse than their record suggests and Immortals because they’re completely toothless and objectively the worst-performing team in the league.

Immortals enter LCS 2023 Summer Week 5 on a 10-game losing streak which also includes a defeat against 100 Thieves from the second week of action. And even though two weeks have passed since, 100 Thieves are expected to defeat Immortals again.

The biggest issue with Immortals is their abysmal early game (-2760 Gold Difference at 15 minutes), but it’s not like they look any better across other performance metrics. However, 100 Thieves don’t rank very high with their early game either (-1356 GD@15). So is this an angle Immortals can approach to cause some damage?

As bad as Immortals have looked this season, backing Immortals to cause an upset isn’t as terrible of a choice as it may seem. 100 Thieves are equally as terrible in the early game, and they’re very one-dimensional, so if Immortals took some time to prepare for this match, they should do relatively well.

Talent-wise, 100 Thieves have a slight edge over Immortals, but the difference isn’t as massive as the offered LoL esports betting odds suggest.

  • Prediction: Immortals to win – 2.81 at Pinnacle

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