LCS Spring 2024 Week 1 Preview – Day 2 Betting Picks
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LCS Spring 2024 Week 1 Preview – Day 2 Betting Picks

The second round of League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) 2024 Spring kicks off on Sunday, January 21, again presenting us with four pairs of games and a couple of exciting clashes between teams that still have a lot to prove.

Although the opening day of LCS 2024 Spring hasn’t given us any concrete answers to who belongs where, there are a couple of betting opportunities worth checking out.

Team Liquid vs Shopify Rebellion Betting Pick

When: Sunday, January 21, 12:00 PST

Shopify Rebellion lost their opening match of LCS 2024 Spring against FlyQuest, but it wasn’t a bad loss. It was a very winnable game for the league’s newcomers, who lost due to the scaling difference, which allowed FlyQuest to come out ahead in the late game.

Team Liquid lost their opening match of the season against 100T, which isn’t too surprising. This was a very good team last season, yet they couldn’t make it work on the Summoner’s Rift due to weird decision-making and drafts. While Liquid changed up their roster, keeping the same coaching staff led to the same issues.

Team Liquid has a lot of time to improve and work on their problems, and day 1 results shouldn’t be indicative of how high the teams can fly. But until I see some improvement from TL, I won’t take their side as 1.425 favourites.

  • Prediction: Shopify Rebellion to win – 2.88 at Pinnacle, 2.75 at bet365, 1 unit
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Cloud9 vs 100 Thieves Betting Pick

When: Sunday, January 21, 13:00 PST

Cloud9 got off to a strong start to the new season. They smashed NRG with ease and solidified their status as the best team in the LCS. 100 Thieves, like Cloud9, kicked off the LCS 2024 season with a win, beating Team Liquid with an interesting composition, running double support in the bottom lane.

I can see 100 Thieves go a long way this season if the players manage to develop quickly, but I wouldn’t count on them beating Cloud9 just yet. C9 have the continuity and arguably some of the best players in each respective role.

Cloud9 look like they’re a class above everyone else and look like they’ve not missed a beat. Especially early, Cloud9 should steamroll teams who have no pre-established synergy and completely new teams such as 100 Thieves.

  • Prediction: Cloud9 -6.5 kills – 1.83 at bet365, 1 unit

Immortals vs FlyQuest Betting Pick

When: Sunday, January 21, 14:00 PST

Immortals lost against Dignitas on day one of LCS 2024 Spring, and it was quite a bad loss. Obviously overreaction to day one results doesn’t help.

FlyQuest defeated Shopify Rebellion on Saturday, in what was a very close game which should have ended the other way around. FlyQuest came out on top through a scaling composition, which seems to be the preferred way to play nowadays, but individually, they’ve not shown that much.

Pinnacle has FlyQuest priced as 1.378 favourites, which is quite a big number so early into the season, making Immortals with a kill handicap (+7.5 kills, 1.840 at Pinnacle) an interesting option. But I don’t have a good enough read on the teams to pull the trigger.

  • Prediction: None

NRG vs Dignitas Betting Pick

When: Sunday, January 21, 15:00 PST

NRG got smashed by Cloud9 on day one of LCS 2024 Spring, and yet they’re priced as 1.284 favourites to defeat Dignitas. This isn’t too shocking, knowing how bullish the community is on NRG following their success in 2023.

I’m not entirely sold on NRG. Even though we should take their loss against Cloud9 (the best team in the LCS) with a grain of salt, it’s also hard to explain why NRG are priced as such massive favourites against Dignitas, who have solid solo laners and huge potential.

NRG are still better than what their loss against Cloud9 might suggest, but considering the current state of the meta, I prefer Dignitas with a kill handicap.

  • Prediction: Dignitas +7.5 kills – 2.13 at Unibet, 1 unit

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