LCS Spring 2024 Week 2 Preview - Day 1 Betting Picks
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LCS Spring 2024 Week 2 Preview – Day 1 Betting Picks

The second week of League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) 2024 Spring kicks off on Saturday, January 27. Last week, there weren’t many surprises, and the middle of the table seemed quite packed. However, even though some teams performed significantly better in LCS 2024 Spring Week 1, the season is far from over.

Dignitas vs Cloud9 Betting Pick

When: Saturday, January 27, 12:00 PST

There’s not much to analyse here. Dignitas did well in LCS 2024 Spring Week 1 when they took down Immortals and lost to NRG. Not the best results, but they haven’t looked bad either.

Still, that doesn’t prove that Dingintas can defeat Cloud9. As noted before, Cloud9 are the best team in the league – and it’s not even close. They crushed NRG and 100 Thieves, and there’s little to suggest they can’t do it again.

The kill handicap line for this match is set at 9.5. While it’s entirely possible that Cloud9 managed to do it, the number is a bit too big for my liking. Unibet has the best offer on the kill handicap at 1.86 on Cloud9 -9.5. Pinnacle offers 1.806.

  • Prediction: None

NRG vs 100 Thieves Betting Pick

When: Saturday, January 27, 13:00 PST

100 Thieves won against Team Liquid and lost against Cloud9 in Week 1 of LCS 2024 Spring. It’s not a terrible record considering they had to face Cloud9, but most importantly, they’ve shown good performances.

100 Thieves still have a lot to prove, but this team has potential, and I’ll be sure to follow them closely.

NRG Esports suffered a similar fate, losing to Cloud9 and beating Dignitas in the first week of the LCS 2024 Spring. Like 100 Thieves, NRG showed enough, but I’m still under the impression that NRG are a bit overrated.

Realistically, NRG should be favoured as they have continuity from last split and are fairly solid. But having them priced at 1.40 to defeat 100 Thieves is a bit much.

  • Prediction: 100 Thieves to win -2.98 at Pinnacle, 1 unit
  • Prediction: 100 Thieves +6.5 kills -1.92 at Unibet, 1.909 at Pinnacle, 1 unit
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Team Liquid vs FlyQuest Betting Pick

When: Saturday, January 27, 14:00 PST

Team Liquid changed many pieces of their LCS roster for the 2024 season, but after watching them play, they haven’t changed much. Like last season, Team Liquid performed well and could get ahead but then ran around, not knowing how to close out games.

This is a bit odd, considering TL changed the coaching staff, and maybe it’s a complete coincidence.

FlyQuest are the complete opposite, with solid decision-making and good movement in the late game. They also field enough individual talent to compete with any team, but I wouldn’t make any conclusions based on a pair of games.

If you believe that Team Liquid had an off week and will improve, the esports betting odds look fair. But I would prefer to be on the side of FlyQuest.

  • Prediction: FlyQuest to win – 1.90 at bet365, 1 unit

Immortals vs Shopify Rebellion Betting Pick

When: Saturday, January 27, 15:00 PST

Shopify Rebellion haven’t had a good start to the season. They lost against FlyQuest and Team Liquid, which isn’t a good look. In their defence, Shopify Rebellion had to play two tough opponents, so things are likely going to look better on Saturday.

Immortals haven’t shown much. They got crushed by both Dignitas and FlyQuest and didn’t produce anything that would inspire confidence. Even though both teams are 0-2, Shopify Rebellion played a cleaner League last week and should probably be favoured a bit more for the LCS 2024 Spring Week 2 opener.

  • Prediction: Shopify Rebellion – 1.892 at Pinnacle, 1 unit

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