LCS Spring 2024 Week 5 Preview - Day 1 Betting Picks
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LCS Spring 2024 Week 5 Preview – Day 1 Betting Picks

After a two-week break, the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) 2024 Spring returns to action this Saturday, March 2, with the opening round of LCS 2024 Spring Week 5.

With only two rounds left before we enter the second stage of the split, this week could end with a couple of teams either securing a spot in the playoffs or getting eliminated from advancing. But before we get too ahead of ourselves, let’s check out the betting opportunities that present themselves this weekend.

FlyQuest vs Cloud9 Betting Pick

When: Saturday, March 2, 13:00 PST

Cloud9 struggled before the break and managed just one win over a five-game stretch. They lost against Immortals, FlyQuest, Team Liquid, and 100 Thieves, although they did manage to take down NRG. It’s not the end of the world, but Cloud9 definitely showed some cracks, so we’ll see how they do now that they had more than enough time to fix their issues.

The reality of the situation is that Cloud9 looked “off” and this usually doesn’t prove much – at least it’s not enough to say that C9 are now a bad team. They were running over any team they faced before the dry streak, and that’s a Cloud9 we can expect to see.

Backing favourites after a long break usually isn’t the best idea, knowing that the weaker teams have more than enough time to cook up something. However, if we ignore C9’s shaky run before the break, it’s more than fair to say that they’re a substantially better team than FlyQuest, and they (also) had time to figure things out over the last two weeks.

  • Prediction: Cloud9 to win – 1.862 at Pinnacle, 1 unit

Dignitas vs 100 Thieves Betting Pick

When: Saturday, March 2, 14:00 PST

Dignitas are priced as 2.20 (bet365) underdogs against 100 Thieves, who enter the match as 1.61 favourites, and that sounds about right. You could argue that Dignitas should be priced closer to even money, and I wouldn’t argue with those who consider Dignitas a better team.

This mainly has to do with 100 Thieves’ poor early game and Dingitas’ ability to gain advantages pre-20 minutes. However, even though Dignitas usually do well early, their mid-late game is very shaky, so any lead they might end up with quickly gets nullified.

But the main reason I don’t like any bet here is that I don’t have a very good idea of where the teams stand and I’m not a big fan of their up-and-down showings before the break.

  • Prediction: None

Team Liquid vs NRG Betting Pick

When: Saturday, March 2, 15:00 PST

I’m not a big fan of either of the two LCS teams – NRG have been consistently overrated and Team Liquid haven’t looked nearly as good on the Rift as they should’ve. By the numbers, Team Liquid are much better than NRG, but they have found a way to produce good metrics without actually playing well. A weird spot to be in.

Eain “APA” Stearns has been a huge liability for this team and on more occasions than not the main reason why Team Liquid lost winnable games. I don’t know whether the two-week break helped APA find more stability or not, but when you bet on Liquid, you have to keep him in mind.

However, as much as I would argue that Liquid can lose any game, they shouldn’t be priced at 2.00 against NRG. The latter are severely overrated (mainly due to their success in 2023), so this is not as much of a bet on Liquid as it is against NRG.

  • Prediction: Team Liquid to win – 2.00 at bet365, 1 unit
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Immortals vs Shopify Rebellion Betting Pick

When: Saturday, March 2, 16:00 PST

Shopify Rebellion have looked very up-and-down in the first half of the LCS 2024 Spring Split. They won against NRG and FlyQuest but then lost against Dignitas and 100 Thieves. before that they beat Cloud9, when C9 were in good form, but lost against Immortals a day prior.

There is just no telling how this team will do. But as I’ve noted before, Shopify Rebellion have the talent to do well and this roster has looked great in 2023 – despite not actually accomplishing much. But even though I have faith in Shopify Rebellion, they’re unpredictable, and it doesn’t help that we’re fresh off a two-week break.

Immortals are equally as unpredictable, having produced similar results to Shopify Rebellion so far in this LCS split. The LoL esports betting odds on this match don’t entice me to take any side.

  • Prediction: None

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