LEC Spring 2024 Week 2 Preview - Day 2 Betting Picks
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LEC Spring 2024 Week 2 Preview – Day 2 Betting Picks

The second week of the League of Legends EMEA Championship (LEC) 2024 Spring continues on Sunday, March 17, 2024, with the penultimate set of series of the spring split. As we reach the halfway mark of the LEC 2024 Spring, there is still no clear answer to which teams will reach the playoffs. However, there’s a clear gap between the top squads and the rest.

Now let’s take a look at some esports betting opportunities the second round of LEC 2024 Spring Week 2 brings.

GIANTX vs Team BDS Betting Pick

When: Sunday, March 17, 17:00 CET

GIANTX suffered a bad loss against Fnatic on Saturday. It mainly had to do with Fnatic punishing GIANTX’s top side and getting ahead early in the bottom lane, granted Fnatic was a far better team on the day.

I still believe we haven’t seen the best of GIANTX, but there is also no clear answer to when they’ll find some traction. Still, it’s not too crazy to believe that this is a match where GIANTX have a realistic chance to win.

GIANTX have reached their lowest point, so things can only go up from here. They looked very competitive in the LEC 2024 Winter, so clearly, there’s enough talent on this roster to do well – even though they’ve so far been smashed in their losses. This also raises an important question of how this game will go.

There’s a world where GIANTX win, but if you believe they’ll lose, it’ll probably be another bad loss, so taking Team BDS to cover the kill handicap would be the better choice. I don’t have a favourite, nor will I take any side of this match.

  • Prediction: None

Rogue vs Team Vitality Betting Pick

When: Sunday, March 17, 17:45 CET

Rogue defeated Karmine Corp on Saturday and that’s hardly surprising. Admittedly, Karmine Corp have looked better so far, but Rogue were severely underrated at the offered esports betting odds. I can say the same here.

Outside of Fnatic and G2 Esports who are miles ahead of any other LEC team, there’s not much to separate the remaining squads. Some have looked better than others, but the difference in quality is marginal. In other words Team Vitality might be better, but they’re not that much better.

  • Prediction: Rogue to win – 2.75 at bet365, 1 unit

MAD Lions vs Karmine Corp Betting Pick

When: Sunday, March 17, 18:30 CET

MAD Lions are favoured to defeat Karmine Corp (1.61 at bet365), which sounds right. Karmine Corp have looked better this split, but I’m not sold on this team yet and their loss to Rogue only proves that KC are nowhere close to reaching the status of an elite team.

MAD Lions have their problems and are not a squad I expect to do as well this split as they did last split. Still, they’ve shown better performances than Karmine Corp and are rightly priced as the favourites. At these odds, I don’t like either side of the match, although some might be interested in the MAD Lions to cover the 3.5-kill handicap.

  • Prediction: None

Team Heretics vs SK Gaming Betting Pick

When: Sunday, March 17, 19:15 CET

SK Gaming suffered a bad loss to Team BDS on Saturday, and what made that loss even worse was the fact that SK Gaming threw away a +6000 gold lead. Backing a team that is capable of such a feat might sound crazy, but on the other side, SK Gaming also managed to get such a massive lead, which sounds like something.

Team Heretics had their moments in the LEC 2024 Spring, and they’ve not looked too bad in some of their games. But I wouldn’t consider them a great team.

As noted before, the quality difference between LEC teams (outside of the elite two) is marginal, but in this match, I would much rather be on the side of SK Gaming. They’ve looked better in their recent outings and should probably be priced as even bigger favourites.

  • Prediction: SK Gaming to win – 1.90 at Pinnacle, 1 unit
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Fnatic vs G2 Esports Betting Pick

When: Sunday, March 17, 20:00 CET

G2 Esports have won most of their recent meetings with Fnatic and are widely considered as the better of the two LEC titans. However, these derbies are often very close – and that was the case in G2’s four meetings with Fnatic this year.

These are two of the league’s top teams, both with incredible performance metrics. On that topic, Fnatic are the league’s best early game team (G2 rank 3rd), which gives them a clear win condition. Admittedly, G2 are very resilient even when they fall behind, but if Fnatic can get a lead early, they should be in a good spot to come away with a win.

I’m taking a smaller position on Fnatic to win and adding a kill handicap wager, as we’ve seen way too often how G2 Esports can fall behind early and cook up a comeback.

  • Prediction: Fnatic to win – 2.86 at Pinnacle, 0.5 units
  • Prediction: Fnatic +7.5 kills – 1.96 at Unibet, 1 unit

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