LEC Spring 2024 Week 3 Preview - Day 1 Betting Picks
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LEC Spring 2024 Week 3 Preview – Day 1 Betting Picks

The final week of the League of Legends EMEA Championship (LEC) 2024 Spring kicks off on Friday, March 22, with five LEC 2024 Spring Week 3 series. After two weeks of play, we already have two squads who are guaranteed to enter the second stage of the split, but outside of that, the field is very open.

Now, let’s check some esports betting opportunities in LEC 2024 Spring Week 3.

GIANTX vs Rogue Betting Pick

When: Friday, March 22, 17:00 CET

GIANTX are 1-5 ahead of their clash with Team BDS, who’ve had their fair share of struggles early into the split. Like GIANTX, Rogue has managed just one win this split against Karmine Corp at the start of LEC 2024 Spring Week 2.

Neither team has looked particularly good this split and while Rogue had shown more relatively solid games, it’s hard to argue that there’s a huge quality gap between the two sides. Esports bookmakers have Rogue priced as favourites at 1.72 (bet365) and GIANTX as 2.00 underdogs, which sounds about fair.

I don’t like either side of this contest, but knowing that both teams are fairly low-scoring, under total kills might interest some.

  • Prediction: None

Team BDS vs Fnatic Betting Pick

When: Friday, March 22, 17:45 CET

There are arguments to be made that Fnatic are the current best team in the LEC, but their price for this match is a bit too heavy. Team BDS have shown some improvement lately, but they’ve also only beaten Rogue, GIANTX, and SK Gaming, which hardly suggests that they’ll do a good job against one of Europe’s elite teams.

Fnatic are 5-1 and already guaranteed a spot in the playoffs, so this match doesn’t necessarily mean much for them. Winning a regular season title is definitely not nothing, but we can expect Fnatic to experiment a bit in the final three games of the split, which makes backing them at the offered price a far less appealing option.

  • Prediction: None

G2 Esports vs SK Gaming Betting Pick

When: Friday, March 22, 18:30 CET

G2 Esports are, besides Fnatic, an elite team, so naturally, they’ll be priced as favourites against any other squad in the LEC. That’s fine, but at 1.20, we’re really pushing it.

Admittedly, G2 Esports are in good form, and they’ve rarely looked like they are capable of losing against any team that sits below them in the standings. However, while SK Gaming are objectively weaker, this is a competitive team and probably shouldn’t be priced above 4.00.

SK Gaming, despite what their record might suggest, are playing solid League. They’re very effective in the early game and actually hold the league’s second-highest gold difference at 15 and 20 minutes. G2 Esports are ranked fourth and third, with a significantly smaller gold difference.

Strong early game usually isn’t enough to overpower G2 Esports and their strong macro, but it’ll definitely make it tougher for G2 Esports to play their game and make the prospect of SK Gaming causing an upset more likely. I’ll take a swing with SK Gaming.

  • Prediction: SK Gaming to win – 4.33 at bet365, 0.5 units
  • Prediction: SK Gaming +9.5 kills – 1.83 at bet365/Unibet, 1 unit

MAD Lions vs Team Heretics Betting Pick

When: Friday, March 22, 19:15 CET

MAD Lions are favoured to defeat Team Heretics, which doesn’t sound right. This is still a match between two mid-table teams, but it’s hard to justify saying that the MAD Lions are much better than the Heretics.

Over the first two weeks of LEC 2024 Spring, Team Heretics have proven to be a very competitive side whereas MAD Lions seem like a shadow of their former selves from last split. This team is still capable of great things, but their recent performances have left much to be desired.

The problem with the idea of backing Team Heretics here is their iffy early game, which will likely prevent them from beating MAD Lions. On the other side, MAD Lions’ early game hasn’t been particularly good either.

This looks closer to a coin-flip than what the odds suggest. I wouldn’t blame anyone who has more trust in MAD Lions than me, but so far, the teams have not given me enough reasons to favour one over the other.

  • Prediction: Team Heretics to win – 2.10 at bet365, 1 unit

Team Vitality vs Karmine Corp Betting Pick

When: Friday, March 22, 20:00 CET

Karmine Corp have shown some improvement this split, but they’re not quite there yet. As a unit, KC do a good job, especially with their objective control, but they also have some iffy individual moments, which ultimately led to too many losses.

Team Vitality are in a good spot. They’re playing better than last split, granted there’s still an element of volatility with this team which makes it tough to trust them as favourites.

Karmine Corp have improved overall but still has a long way to go, whereas Team Vitality seem to be less volatile but is still the same, unpredictable team we know from LEC 2024 Winter. Quality-wise, Vitality are better, but I can’t make myself trust them as 1.61 favourtes.

  • Prediction: Karmine Corp to win – 2.24 at Pinnacle, 1 unit
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