LoL Worlds 2023 Play-In Qualification Matches Betting Preview and Predictions
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LoL Worlds 2023 Play-In Qualification Matches Betting Preview and Predictions

LoL Worlds 2023 Play-In enters the final stage on Sunday, October 15, with Team Whales taking on GAM Esports and PSG Talon clashing with Team BDS in the LoL Worlds 2023 Play-In Qualification Matches.

The four teams will clash in a best-of-five (Bo5) series to determine which two squads will proceed to the LoL World Championship 2023 group stage and join 14 of the world’s best teams in the race for the Summoner’s Cup.

Team Whales vs GAM Esports

When: Sunday, October 15, 5:00 CEST (12:00 KST)

GAM Esports defeated LOUD in LoL Worlds 2023 Play-In Group A decider to secure a spot in the qualification matches, where they’ll clash with a known opponent, Team Whales. Out of all the combination of teams we could’ve gotten in the qualification matches, we’re treated to a rematch of the VCS 2023 Summer Playoffs grand final, where GAM Esports smoked Team Whales (3-1) to win the domestic title.

According to the offered esports betting odds, GAM Esports are expected to win again, and that’s more than fair. Team Whales produced incredible results in LoL Worlds 2023 Play-In Group B, where they defeated Team BDS (2-1) and CTBC Flying Oyster (2-1), but as mentioned before, those wins don’t mean much.

Team Whales didn’t win those series as much as Team BDS and CTBC Flying Oyster lost them. This is not an attempt to undermine Team Whales’ accomplishments, but it’s more than fair to say that CTBC Flying Oyster and Team BDS both gave Team Whales a free pass.

I still firmly believe that Team Whales are the weakest team to enter the LoL Worlds 2023 Play-In, and I would’ve considered betting against them regardless of who they would meet in the qualification match. They did get the easiest opponent of the three options, but even GAM Esports should be able to take care of business.

GAM Esports aren’t very strong, and they have shown a high degree of inconsistency over the LoL Worlds 2023 Play-In. However, they’re still better than Whales, and they already proved that in September when they beat Team Whales 3-1 in the VCS 2023 Summer Playoffs.

  • Prediction: GAM Esports -1.5 Maps – 2.02 at Smarkets
  • Prediction: GAM Esports -2.5 Maps – 4.00 at bet365 (0.5 units)

PSG Talon vs Team BDS

When: Sunday, October 15, 10:00 CEST (17:00 KST)

Team BDS got back on their feet after the crushing loss against Team Whales in the first round of LoL Worlds Play-In with two commanding victories against DetonatioN FocusMe and CTBC Flying Oyster. Perhaps saying that BDS looked good isn’t entirely fair.

Against DFM, BDS looked incredible – granted, it’s easy to look good against a weak opponent – and while they didn’t struggle to defeat CTBC Flying Oyster, Team BDS had a few close calls. That was again due to Team BDS playing with their food, as they did against Team Whales. Only this time, they didn’t get punished for it.

PSG Talon looked very shaky in their opening match of LoL Worlds 2023 Play-In Group A, where they struggled a bit too much against Movistar R7, but still won 2-0. To that, PSG Talon added a convincing 2-0 sweep of LOUD, and proved that their round-one performance might’ve only been stage nerves.

Comparing the two teams, I like PSG Talon a lot more. Unlike Team BDS; they aren’t as inconsistent and don’t make silly mistakes – even though we’re looking at a very small sample size of games. But it’s not only Team BDS’ tendency to shoot themselves in the foot (or come close to it); it’s also more than fair to say that PSG Talon have enough talent to take on Europe’s no.4 seed.

In terms of the region’s strength, the PCS is between the LEC and LCS, but closer to LEC and since we have a match between PCS’s no.1 and LEC’s no.4 seed, the two teams are about equal talent-wise.
At the offered esports betting odds, I like PSG Talon.

  • Prediction: PSG Talon to win – 2.02 at Smarkets
  • Prediction: PSG Talon -1.5 Maps – 3.25 at bet365

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