LoL Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Round 3 High Matches
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LoL Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Round 3 High Matches Betting Preview and Predictions

The first two rounds of LoL Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage are behind us, and we have the first four teams that are just one victory away from locking in a spot in the knockouts. On the other side, we have four teams that are just one loss away from elimination.

LoL Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Round 3 will take place over three days, starting with the first two games on Saturday, October 21, and culminating with the final two on Monday, October 23, giving some teams a bit more time to get ready for their next challenge.

JD Gaming vs LNG Esports

When: Saturday, October 21, 9:00 CEST (16:00 KST)

JD Gaming lived up to the expectations and won their first two series of LoL Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage, which included a complete stomp of their regional rivals, BIlibili Gaming on Friday. Now they’re set to face another Chinese team, LNG Esports, who JDG last met in the LPL 2023 Summer Playoff finals and won 3-2.

The two squads also met in the LPL 2023 Summer Playoff Round 4, when JDG produced the same (3-2) result. So even though JDG did win their last two best-of series against LNG Esports, both games were incredibly close – and not only result-wise.

In the first LPL 2023 Summer Playoff meeting between the two Chinese juggernauts, JD Gaming were 1.26 favourites, and LNG Esports was 3.94 underdogs. In the LPL 2023 Summer Playoff finals, JD Gaming were 1.37 favourites and LNG Esports 3.16 underdogs.

The price between the two games has dropped on LNG Esports due to their strong showing in the first meeting with JDG. And for Saturday’s match, JDG are 1.36 favourites and LNG Esports 3.00 underdogs on bet365 and 1.349 – 3.25 on Pinnacle.

Since the first best-of-meeting between JDG and LNG Esports, the odds on LNG have dropped by a whole point, and that makes sense, especially knowing that LNG had their chances to defeat JDG during the regular season. And now, two rounds into LoL Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage, we can agree that LNG Esports are looking sharp.

Even though I was highly sceptical about LNG Esports ahead of LoL Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage, they’re playing very cleanly and legitimately look like a threat to JD Gaming.

JD Gaming are still the better team, but I’m playing the price here. I like LNG Esports at 3.20.

  • Prediction: LNG Esports to win – 3.20 at Pinnacle (Can’t access Pinnacle? Get ps3838 account)
  • Prediction: Over 2.5 Maps – 2.17 at Pinnacle

G2 Esports vs Gen.G

When: Saturday, October 21, 12:00 CEST (19:00 KST)

G2 Esports and Gen.G, two rival teams that have met at the LoL Worlds stage numerous times before and across all those meetings, one thing was clear. G2 Esports know how to deal with Gen.G.

It’s no secret that European teams are tough to deal with for most Korean sides, mainly due to how the two regions like to play. While Korean squads are more composed and “play by the rules”, European teams tend to approach games from unusual angles, with unorthodox picks and strategies, which often throws Korean squads off guard.

This was also the main reason why Fnatic and G2 Esports have been so (relatively) successful at the LoL World Championships over the years. But this it sometimes doesn’t work, especially when a European squad faces a superior opponent.

LoL Mme

But this version of G2 Esports is different than the roster which made the final in 2019. That might be true, but looking at the 2023 G2 Esports roster, they bear many similarities.

Rasmus “Caps” Borregaard Winther and Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle are playing insanely well, and all G2 members have shown incredible individual levels. While saying that G2 Esports’ players are better than Gen.G is way too optimistic, G2 Esports have a chance to cook something up.

Gen.G fields an insane roster, and they’ve looked great so far at the LoL Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage, especially in their win against T1 on Friday. But we must also consider that Gen.G have only beaten GAM Esports and T1 – in other words, a very weak team and a team Gen.G have already beaten numerous times this season.

G2 Esports enter this match fresh off a scary game against Weibo Gaming, where they produced an incredible comeback in what was one of the most exciting games of LoL Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage. I can’t defend G2 Esports for falling behind against WBG, but we must acknowledge that they managed to fight back – and not so much because WBG made mistakes. G2 Esports actually looked great.

G2 Esports vs Gen.G Value Bets
G2 Esports vs Gen.G Value Bets

Are G2 Esports better than Gen.G? Probably not, but I am counting on G2 Esports’ flexibility and ability to cook up something. This is also the main reason why I remained bullish on G2 regardless of who they face since you know well that they’ve been working on something, and this is the time to show it.

  • Prediction: G2 Esports +1.5 Maps – 2.23 at Pinnacle (get ps3838 account)
  • Prediction: G2 Esports to win – 5.33 at Pinnacle (0.5 unit)

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