LoL World Championship 2024: Betting Picks, Data & Statistics, Recommended Services
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LoL World Championship 2024: Betting Picks, Data & Statistics, Recommended Services

League of Legends World Championship is the final tournament of the LoL esports season and one of the biggest esports events of the year.

Welcoming the world’s top LoL esports teams vying for the right to hoist the Summoner’s Cup, LoL Worlds 2024 is a tournament no esports fan should miss and an esports event that regularly offers plenty of excellent betting opportunities.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to bet on the LoL World Championship 2024, where to find the best betting tools and statistical resources, value bets, and which betting sites to use to maximise your chances of making a profit.

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League of Legends World Championship 2024 Format

League of Legends World Championship 2024 is the 14th iteration of LoL’s season-culminating event and the biggest and most prestigious esports tournament of 2024.

While we know that the LoL Worlds 2024 will take place at The O2 in the United Kingdom in November, Riot Games has yet to reveal the exact format. It is, however, said that there will be some changes to the format used at the LoL Worlds 2023.

Play-In Stage

  • TBA

Swiss Stage

  • TBA

Knockout Stage

  • TBA

LoL Worlds 2024 Statistics & Data

To bet on the LoL World Championship 2024, we first have to have access to websites or services that can offer reliable, accurate, and useful information, stats, and data. Compared to some other esports, League of Legends is in a fine spot in regards to data accessibility, and there are several websites where esports bettors can access basic stats on LoL matches.

Game of Legends

One of the most notable LoL statistics tools is Game of Legends, which provides easily accessible and accurate statistics and data on all major and minor League of Legends leagues, as well as replays.

Used by LoL casters and analysts, GOL is the go-to website for anyone who wants easy access to valuable information on teams and players.

GOL is a free service; however, it comes with premium options (through Patreon), which expand the available data to include more detailed stats of the current meta, champion synergy, and more. Although valuable, the free version is often enough for the majority of bettors.

Oracle Elixir

For free raw LoL data, Oracle Elixir is the go-to option.

Faker Stats at Oracle Exilir
Faker Stats on Oracle Exilir

Run by LoL analyst Tim Sevenhuysen, Oracle Elixir is a solid option for those looking for raw LoL statistics for players, teams, and regions.

LoL Fandom & Liquipedia

Fandom and Liquipedia are esports wikis, and the best source of any information related to players, teams, contracts, tournament results, game information and more. Neither has detailed performance stats of the teams or players, so for that, it’s wiser to use another website.

LoL Worlds 2024 Fandom
LoL World Championship 2024 page on Fandom

Nevertheless, anything besides the players’ performance stats is available, from their birthdays, current teams, contract length, past tournament results and past games, as well as direct links to players’ and teams’ social media accounts.

Fandom and Liquipedia will primarily be useful to keep track of results across any League of Legends tournaments, including the LoL World Championship, but they offer way more than that.

Between the two, there is no clear better choice. Both Fandom and Liquipedia do the same thing. The only major difference is the look of the websites – so pick whichever you find more aesthetically pleasing.

EventVODs & Lolesports

EventVODs offers direct links to all VODs of League of Legends games (and other esports games) across all major regions, divided into Pick & Ban stage, Game Start, and Highlights.

It’s a solid website which helps esports bettors quickly find VODs of the games they wish to review, saving plenty of time that would otherwise be spent searching for VODs on YouTube.


Lolesports is the official website for League of Legends esports, where you can find the latest news from the esports world, standings across all LoL leagues and regions, schedules, and VODs.


Unlike EventVODs, lolesports does not offer links to separate stages of the game and highlights; however, lolesports offers links to official VODS of nearly all leagues – all Major regions and a handful of lesser competitions.

EventVODs is more convenient for looking through VODs of major leagues/regions, but it’s not necessarily much better than lolesports. Take your pick.


TrackingThePros is a website that, as the name suggests, helps you “track the pros” with live streams of solo queue games which involve professional LoL players.

The website is particularly popular ahead of major LoL international events, such as the LoL World Championship and Mid-Season Invitational, since it allows you to watch how certain players are performing during boot camps.

It’s important to note that TrackingThePros does not stream scrims since those are private. However, having some insight into which champions pro players are practising ahead of the tournament can be valuable for esports bettors.

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LoL Worlds 2024 Betting Odds Comparison

Having access to data and LoL betting stats is a must for approaching betting on LoL; however, data and stats don’t necessarily mean much if we don’t consider the betting odds and place LoL bets with the best available prices.

This can be done manually, but there are simpler ways to find the best odds on the LoL betting lines we want to bet. With the help of odds comparison websites.


Oddsportal is an excellent odds comparison website, which can be used for way more than just betting on LoL. It includes odds of most of the major sportsbooks, some sharps, and also Betfair, helping you find the best odds on any LoL match quickly and efficiently.


However, it is extremely limited as it only supports the moneyline market. It also has odds alerts, but their odds update slowly, so they are almost useless. If you need something faster, check out BetBurger.


Oddspedia has more options than Oddsportal (maps, handicaps), and it also features graphs with odds movement, which is an upgrade compared to Oddsportal, which only has timestamps.


The odds movement graphs are a solid addition that makes tracking the odds a bit simpler and more efficient.

Oddspedia Odds Movement
Oddspedia Odds Movement

Oddspedia is a solid alternative for Oddsportal; however, it doesn’t include as many bookmakers, so if you don’t want to spend money on a more professional alternative, they’re best used together for a more complete esports betting odds comparison


BetBurger is another odds comparison option LoL bettors can use, and it’s the best choice. Compared to other tools, it’s a bit simpler in design, but it does a good job displaying betting odds on LoL and other esports (and sports) across dozens of betting sites.

BetBurger Odds Comparison
BetBurger Odds Comparison

All in all, this is the best odds comparison service on this list of betting tools. It covers all available betting markets, from moneyline to first dragon, map betting and anything in between.

A big advantage to using BetBurger as an odds comparison tool is that it also offers other services, including value betting and surebetting which come included in the price.

  • Compared to other value betting services, BetBurger also has an API!


OddsJam is not primarily an odds comparison tool for esports, which explains why it’s a bit lacking in this department.

So far, there are only odds from Unibet, which makes it completely inefficient to use it for LoL World Championship odds comparison, but maybe, they will add support for more bookmakers come tournament time.

OddsJam Odds Comparison
OddsJam Odds Comparison

OddsJam can be used for odds comparison (especially if you are from the USA and want to compare odds in big betting markets like NFL or NBA), but we would instead recommend its other betting tools, such as arbitrage betting tools, middles, and value betting, among other things OddsJam offers.

What is the best Odds Comparison Site for League of Legends?

The combination of Oddsportal and Oddspedia is a solid choice for anyone looking for a very basic odds comparison, whereas more advanced users might want to check BetBurger.

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BetBurger also comes with other betting services, including arbitrage and value betting services.

LoL Worlds 2024 Value Betting Picks & Tipsters

Finding solid League of Legends betting opportunities isn’t as complex as it may seem, and anyone can do it, even those who have no game knowledge about the game. However, it entirely depends on which approach you take.

Those who are very knowledgeable about LoL can build their own League of Legends betting model (either check out the data sources mentioned in this articles or sign up for an API) and profit from betting on LoL, but that takes time, and it doesn’t guarantee success. Yet even a complete beginner who has no idea about what LoL is can be just as successful in finding value LoL Worlds betting picks. As long as he has access to the right betting tools.

Two of the best options for value betting on the League of Legends World Championship are RebelBetting and BetBurger, as two excellent value betting services that can be used for far more than just betting on esports.


RebelBetting is the gold standard for value betting with a proven track record, profit guarantee offer and an additional Sure Betting service for those after more ways to profit from betting.

RebelBetting Value Betting Feed
RebelBetting Value Betting Feed


BetBurger is a solid choice for LoL bettors, as it also offers odds comparison service; however, that doesn’t make RebelBetting any less of a great choice.

BetBurger League of Legends Value Bet
BetBurger League of Legends Value Bet

Smart Betting Club

With access to the right betting tools, you don’t necessarily need to find a League of Legends betting tipster to bet on LoL Worlds. Not to mention that genuine LoL tipsters are very scarce.

Smart Betting Club
Smart Betting Club

Those who prefer to have some human input in betting picks should check out SBC, which is an excellent source of verified betting tipsters – however, it doesn’t have any LoL betting tipsters currently.

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LoL Worlds 2024 Betting Sites & Brokers

Picking the LoL betting website plays a big role in how successful a bettor can be when betting on League of Legends.

Obviously, we want to use a bookmaker with good market coverage, but that is rarely something a LoL bettor should focus on, mainly because League of Legends – particularly LoL Worlds – is extremely well covered by all betting sites, including traditional sportsbooks and esports betting sites.


Bet365 is one of the most obvious choices. It covers LoL extensively, puts up the markets fairly quickly and has somewhat decent LoL betting odds. The latter statement should be taken with a grain of salt, as you should always compare the LoL betting lines across several sportsbooks to find the best offer.

LoL Betting Markets on Bet365
LoL Betting Markets on Bet365

Bet365 is a safe and reliable choice for betting on esports or sports, and there’s a reason why it’s one of the most popular sportsbooks in the world. For some bet365 might not be accessible due to the ISP block, but we have a guide on how you can unblock bet365 quickly and legally.


Instead of soft, bettors might want to consider sharp bookmakers like Pinnacle when deciding which betting sites to use to bet on League of Legends.

LoL Betting Markets on Ps3838 (Pinnacle clone)
LoL Betting Markets on Ps3838 (Pinnacle clone) – Accessible via a betting brokerage!

The only downside to Pinnacle is that it’s not as accessible as soft bookmakers; however, LoL bettors can still use Pinnacle through brokers, so there’s a solution to that.

Best Betting Brokers

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Worth Mentioning: Pinnacle Odds Dropper

It is a fantastic tool to help you profit from exploiting stale odds. Sadly, they don’t support esports yet, so we can’t recommend them as a LoL betting tool, but the service is impressive and worth mentioning.

Pinnacle Odds Dropper
Pinnacle Odds Dropper

Betting Exchanges

The two betting exchanges that come to mind when thinking about betting on League of Legends are Betfair and Smarkets. Liquidity is not ideal, but you can get better odds than on Pinnacle at times.

As of right now, sadly, Matchbook does not offer esports markets.

If you can’t access Betfair in your country, make sure to check out the table above to get access to a Betfair clone like Orbit Exchange or FairBet.

Use As Many As Possible

Due to how popular League of Legends is, it is possible to use any sportsbook to bet on League of Legends since most betting sites, even traditional bookmakers, will cover LoL Worlds. There is no right answer to which one bookmaker is the best, which is why it’s always important to use odds comparison tools and websites to find the best odds for your Worlds betting picks.

If you are serious about making money, having access to a betting brokerage is a must. A combination of soft bookmakers (bet365, Unibet, Coral, Marathonbet), sharps (Pinnacle, SBOBET, ISN) and betting exchanges (Smarkets, Betfair) is the best way to go about betting on LoL.


This rounds up our list of the essential betting tools, services, and websites League of Legends bettors should have in their arsenal for betting on LoL Worlds and regular-season matches. And while all listed sites are a solid choice, we would prioritise the following;

Also, make sure to check out our other useful guides for betting!

Other Useful Betting Tutorials


Where is Worlds 2024?

The League of Legends World Championship 2024 final is confirmed to take place at The O2 in London, United Kingdom, in November 2024.

Which teams are going to Worlds 2024?

LoL World Championship 2024 will welcome League of Legends esports teams from eight regions, including Korea, China, Europe, North America, the Pacific (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Southeast Asia, and Oceania), Vietnam, Brazil, and Latin America. For the 2024 season, the Japanese League (LJL) merged with PCS.

Has Europe ever won the LoL World Championship?

Europe has won one LoL World Championship title in the inaugural season in 2011, when Fnatic became the first and since the last European team to hoist the Summoner’s Cup.

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