LPL 2023 Summer Week 6 Betting Picks - Wednesday, July 5
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LPL 2023 Summer Week 6 Betting Picks – Wednesday, July 5

League of Legends Pro League (LPL) 2023 Summer enters the third round of Week 6 on Wednesday, July 5, with three matches, including a very lopsided clash between FunPlus Phoenix and JD Gaming.

Today, we take a closer look at the remaining two LPL 2023 Summer games, including Ultra Prime vs Oh My God and Bilibili Gaming vs Top Esports, where the winner isn’t as clear as in the first match of the day.

Ultra Prime vs Oh My God Betting Preview

When: Wednesday, July 5, 17:00 CST

Ultra Prime are 4-7 after five weeks of LPL 2023 Summer regular season and enter this match on a four-game losing streak. Over that stretch, Ultra Prime have lost against LNG Esports (0-2), Royal Never Give Up (2-0), EDward Gaming (1-2), and JD Gaming (0-2).

Going 0-4 certainly doesn’t look good, but Ultra Prime had a very rough schedule and have faced some of the best teams in the LPL. EDG were the only non-elite team Ultra Prime have had to play, and they won a map, but that tells more about EDward Gaming than it does about Ultra Prime. But what can we do with that information?

Ultra Prime are a weird team since some of their performance stats suggest that they’re decent; others suggest that Ultra Prime are abysmal. But there’s more to consider than just that. Ultra Prime are efficient in doing something with gold lead, and they have looked good when they get ahead. However, then there are other times when Ultra Prime collapse and get blown out.

So it really comes down to which version of Ultra Prime we are getting on Wednesday.

Oh My God are 7-3 and in a very good spot. They’ve earned to sit so high up the ladder and have shown good performances throughout LPL 2023 Summer. It’s especially impressive how OMG have managed to survive the current meta, which works against how they like to play (though top lane), and they’ve looked competitive even against good teams.

But OMG are similar to Ultra Prime, where they either roll over their opponents or get absolutely smoked, and there’s no middle ground. That also proves one important thing – Oh My God are not afraid to take a risk, which makes them a great underdog, but a not-so-exciting team to bet on when they’re heavily favoured.

Oh My God have looked much better in LPL 2023 Summer than Ultra Prime, but considering the stylistic matchup, the offered esports betting odds just don’t add up. At 6.50 to win and 2.50 to secure at least one map, you have to hold your nose and take Ultra Prime.

  • Prediction: Ultra Prime to win – 6.50 at bet365 (0.5 units)
  • Prediction: Ultra Prime +1.5 Maps – 2.50 at bet365

Bilibili Gaming vs Top Esports Betting Preview

When: Wednesday, July 5, 19:00 CST

It’s official, Bilibili Gaming are a good team. Perhaps that wasn’t too shocking to some, but Bilibili Gaming definitely overperformed in LPL 2023 Spring. On a more positive note, they’ve looked very good in LPL 2023 Summer.

BLG are 11-1 with a 92% map win rate and have lost just one game against JD Gaming (arguably the current best LoL team in the world), and even that isn’t too concerning since JDG have proven to be BLG’s kryptonite. Against any other team, Bilibili Gaming looked unstoppable, and that includes games against other top-tier LPL squads.

So how will Bilibili Gaming do against Top Esports?

It’s not so much a question of how Bilibili Gaming will perform, but rather will we see the “good” version of Top Esports on Wednesday? With Yu “JackeyLove” Wen-Bo on the roster, you just can’t expect any team to be consistent, and TES definitely aren’t.

Despite holding onto a 9-3 record, Top Esports have had a few stinkers throughout LPL 2023 Summer, but they’ve also produced a handful of very good games. There seems to be a trend with this team – Top Esports tend to perform better when faced with better teams and are prone to making mistakes against weaker opposition.

But as much as I can try to defend Top Esports and try to establish that they’re a dangerous team, it will take a huge blunder from Bilibili Gaming to lose this game. And there’s already a 50/50 chance that JackeyLove has one of his games where the turns into a pumpkin, as he has many times throughout the LPL 2023 Summer.

Betting on clean sweeps in games between two good teams is a bold move, but Bilibili Gaming are a class above everyone else in the league but JD Gaming, who sit firmly atop the food chain.

  • Prediction: Bilibili Gaming -1.5 Maps – 2.37 at bet365

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