LPL 2023 Summer Week 7 Betting Picks - Monday, July 10
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LPL 2023 Summer Week 7 Betting Picks – Monday, July 10

League of Legends Pro League (LPL) 2023 Summer enters the final week of the regular season with just three more tickets for the playoffs on the table, and by the time the week starts, a couple more teams will likely already be eliminated from the playoff race.

Today, we take a look at a match which won’t matter too much in LNG Esports vs LGD Gaming and a far more exciting clash between Ninjas in Pyjamas and Rare Atom.

LNG Esports vs LGD Gaming Betting Preview

When: Monday, July 10, 17:00 CST

LNG Esports are 9-4, which guarantees they’ll finish LPL 2023 Summer regular season inside the top 10, but they still have a chance to lock in a top-four finish and a favourable seeding for the playoffs. So unlike LGD Gaming, LNG have a lot to fight for and can’t afford to lose any games.

Despite their strong record, LNG Esports play like an average team, and even their performance metrics would confirm that. And yet they’re ranked no.4 in the LPL 2023 Summer, proving that LNG have overperformed a bit.

Still, with the names on this roster, we could also say that LNG Esports are underperforming compared to the expectations. That’s not to say that LNG are bad or weak, but they’re not as strong as it may seem and much weaker than top teams of the LPL 2023 Summer.

LGD Gaming are the complete opposite. They are playing solid League, have decent stats for their standards, and yet LGD Esports haven’t accomplished much in the LPL 2023 Summer regular season. They’re the first team to be eliminated from the playoff race, and that’s quite unfortunate, considering what this team could’ve accomplished.

The offered esports betting odds show LGD Esports as 10.00 underdogs and LNG Esports as 1.03 favourites. That’s quite a big price, and under normal circumstances, LGD Gaming would be a no-brainer pick. But we have to take into account that LGD have nothing left to fight for, so there’s a good chance they’ll swap out their players and just run out the season without showing too much resistance.

  • No Prediction

Ninjas in Pyjamas vs Rare Atom Betting Preview

When: Monday, July 10, 19:00 CST

Ninjas in Pyjamas are 6-7 while Rare Atom are 4-9, meaning neither team is locked in for the LPL 2023 Summer playoffs yet. And while Ninjas in Pyjamas are in a much better spot, Rare Atom need this win just as badly.

Rare Atom didn’t find much success earlier into the LPL 2023 Summer regular season, and they haven’t accomplished much across their last three games either – with defeats against Anyone’s Legend (0-2), Top Esports (0-2), and Team WE (0-2). Still, they’ve looked relatively good in their games and as much as going 0-3 isn’t a good look, we can forgive RA for not being able to overcome Top Esports and Team WE.

Before the dry streak, Rare Atom played a competitive game against EDward Gaming (1-2) and defeated ThunderTalk Gaming (2-0) and Invictus Gaming (2-0), which gives me some hope that they’re not as bad as it may seem.

Ninjas in Pyjamas are fresh off a 0-2 loss against Bilibili Gaming, which marked their final match of a rough schedule, during which they had to play Royal Never Give Up (1-2), Weibo Gaming (0-2), JD Gaming (0-2), and Team WE (0-2).

Winning against RNG is seriously impressive, and it proves what NiP have already shown – this is a solid team, which might struggle against the elite few, but they can hold their own against other strong teams. But more importantly, Ninjas in Pyjamas are effective in beating bottom feeders.

Rare Atom and Ninjas in Pyjamas are probably a bit better than people seem to be giving credit for, but it makes sense for NiP to be priced as the favourites here. RA can have their good days, but it’s tough to say how good they actually are as they haven’t really had a chance to prove much in their recent outings.

If Ninjas in Pyjamas get side choice, they’re a solid bet to sweep Rare Atom.

  • Prediction: Ninjas in Pyjamas -1.5 maps – 2.50 at bet365

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