MAD Lions vs T1 - MSI 2023
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MAD Lions vs T1 – MSI 2023 Bracket Stage Betting Preview

G2 Esports proved no match for Gen.G in the opening round of the Mid-Season Invitational 2023 and lost 1-3, suggesting that the Korean teams might be better than LEC representatives. But MAD Lions will have a chance to disprove that claim on Wednesday when they take on the most successful team in LoL history.

It won’t be an easy task, and according to the latest esports betting odds, MAD Lion’s chances to upset T1 are slim to none. The LoL Champions Korea (LCK) runners-up are priced as low as 1.015 to win the best-of-five (Bo5) series, while MAD Lions are priced as high as 12.00 to cause an upset.

While an unlikely outcome, we’ve seen crazier things at the MSI, and we’ve definitely seen MAD Lions defy all the odds before.

MAD Lions vs T1

When: Wednesday, May 10, at 13:00 BST

MAD Lions definitely can’t be happy with how the MSI 2023 Draw ended up, as they’ve been seeded together with one of the two leading favourites to win the event. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean that MAD Lions are completely doomed, but the latest LoL esports betting odds paint a clear picture of what is supposed to happen.

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MAD Lions are the reigning LEC 2023 Spring champions, which counts for something, but as I’ve mentioned before, they’re not the best team hailing from Europe. G2 Esports were much better across the Winter and Spring Split but choked the playoffs and let MAD Lions get away with it (again). On a more positive note, this is still a solid team, but comparing them to T1 just isn’t fair.

Across all positions, T1 are objectively much stronger than MAD Lions and the more I try to find a solid win condition for the LEC representatives, the fewer reasons I have to believe they can win. That said, the offered LoL betting odds are just absurd.

T1 are stronger than MAD Lions, but giving them a 98.5% chance of winning the series is way too high. In other words, the betting odds suggest that if MAD and T1 played 100 series, T1 would lose just one and a half.

Are The Offered Betting Odds Really That Absurd?

Looking at this matchup, the question is not whether T1 is better than MAD Lions or vice versa but more about the match’s price.

This is still a game between two elite teams, so having one priced at 12.00 and the other at 1.015 leads me to conclude that this match is one of the “hold your nose and bet on the underdogs” or pass.

I can’t advocate for MAD Lions as the better team, but there’s no denying that T1 can lose. During the regular season, they’ve lost against squads I would consider just as good as the MAD Lions on a good day, so there is hope the LEC champions will offer some resistance.

If we see the “good” version of MAD Lion and if T1 underperform on Wednesday, we can start talking about a close series or potentially an upset victory, but those are two big “What IFs”. Still, it’s not too crazy to believe that MAD Lions might win a map.

I’m leaning toward MAD Lions with a 2.5 map handicap (2.37 at bet365), but I’ll pass. MAD Lions know how to play good League, but I still consider them a bit overrated.

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We return with our MSI 2023 betting coverage on Thursday, when we take a look at the match between Bilibili Gaming and Cloud9. Until then, you can check our esports betting guides, recommended bookmakers, and the best betting tools and services that’ll help you in your betting endeavour.

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