MSI 2023 Betting Picks - Saturday, May 13
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MSI 2023 Betting Picks – Saturday, May 13

Mid-Season Invitational 2023 continues with a pair of games on Saturday, May 13, when we’ll see the G2 Esports and MAD Lions clash in the first round of the Losers’ Bracket and T1 cross swords with Gen.G in the second round of the upper bracket.

Unfortunately, due to how the MSI 2023 is set up, Saturday will feature two games between teams from the same region, which is somewhat underwhelming for an international event. But regardless, this doesn’t take away from the excitement and the betting opportunity presented.

T1 vs Gen.G

When: Saturday, May 13, at 12:00 BST

T1 and Gen.G last met in the LoL Champions Korea (LCK) 2023 Spring finals, when Gen.G won 3-1 and defended their LCK crown. Interestingly, the two Korea LoL teams have met in the LCK finals three splits in a row, but the last two ended in Gen.G’s favour (3-0, 3-1).

Does that suggest that Gen.G are stronger than T1? Perhaps. Or it may have to do with the fact that T1, for whatever reason, always find a way to lose the finals.

Since T1 on the LCK 2022 Spring Playoffs, they’ve lost the MSI 2022 finals against Royal Never Give Up (2-3), LCK 2023 Spring finals against Gen.G (0-3), LoL World Championship finals against DRX (2-3), and most recently, the LCK 2023 Spring finals (1-3). There’s no explanation for why T1 keep losing the big games, but they rarely lose games on their way to the big stage.

They won the LCK 2023 Spring with a 17-1 record, were unstoppable at LoL Worlds 2022 until the finals, and looked incredible in the LCK 2023 Spring playoffs until their meeting with Gen.G. Even in their first match at MSI 2023, T1 showed a lot of good qualities, and I was particularly impressed with their ability to adapt, which helped them humiliate MAD Lions on the second and third map.

Gen.G didn’t disappoint either, but they haven’t shown as much against G2 Esports. They still secured in a commanding victory, yet Gen.G haven’t shown as much as T1 – granted, that might have to do with the fact that G2 Esports are stronger than MAD.

The last time Gen.G and T1 met, Gen.G won, but we can’t put too much weight on that result since we’re now playing on a different patch. I can see this game ending both ways, and it wouldn’t be too shocking to see it extend to five maps. That could be an interesting play at 2.62, but I don’t like the offered odds, so I’m skipping this affair.

  • No Bet

G2 Esports vs MAD Lions

When: Saturday, May 13, at 17:00 BST

G2 Esports and MAD Lions last met in the LoL EMEA Championship (LEC) 2023 Spring Playoffs on April 21, when MAD Lions won 3-2. However, despite that, bookmakers have G2 Esports priced as 1.47 (Pinnacle) favourites to defeat the reigning LEC champions (2.72).

That’s hardly surprising since G2 Esports are – despite what their last meeting would suggest – a much stronger team than MAD Lions. I must’ve mentioned that several times, and now we’ll finally get to see whether that is the case, granted the offered LoL betting odds paint a clear picture of how this Bo5 series should go.

G2 Esports and MAD Lions lost their MSI 2023 openers against Gen.G (1-3) and T1 (0-3), respectively. G2 Esports had a realistic opportunity to win at least two maps but blundered their chances and ended up short. Likewise, MAD could’ve won Map 1, although they got completely outclassed on Maps 2 and 3.

Based on the team’s showings in the tournament’s first round, there isn’t much to set them apart, but if we zoom out and compare G2 Esports and MAD Lions and what they’ve shown this season, G2 Esports are a vastly superior team, boasting much better performance metrics from the regular season. On the other side, it’s fair to feel a bit concerned about whether G2 will manage to show their full potential.

Mid laner Rasmus “Caps” Borregaard Winther looked terrible against Gen.G, whereas jungler Martin “Yike” Sundelin was simply phenomenal. As long as Caps can improve and Yike can keep playing at the same level, G2 Esports should be in a good spot to defeat MAD Lions and potentially even reach the third round of the lower bracket.

That’s not to say that MAD Lions lack the talent to win, but their ceiling is much lower than it has been throughout the entire season. Not to sound biased, but MAD Lions’ success this season came mostly at the expense of their opponents not playing well.

I really like G2 Esports at the offered betting odds.

  • Prediction: G2 Esports to win – 1.47 at Pinnacle
  • Prediction: G2 Esports -1.5 maps – 1.99 Pinnacle

We return tomorrow with more League of Legends betting coverage for MSI 2023. If you want to learn more about esports betting, check out our hub, where you can find guides, recommended bookmakers, and the best esports betting tools every punter should have in his arsenal.

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