MSI 2023 Betting Picks - Sunday, May 14
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MSI 2023 Betting Picks – Sunday, May 14

Mid-Season Invitational 2023 continues on Sunday, May 14, with a lower bracket match between Golden Guardians and Cloud9 and the second Upper Bracket Round 2 clash featuring Bilibili Gaming and JD Gaming.

The two series will essentially be the rematches of the LoL Pro League (LPL) 2023 Spring, and LoL Championship Series (LCS) 2023 Spring finals, and unsurprisingly, the two teams that won the respective regional finals are expected to do well on Sunday as well. But has anything changed, and is there a chance for any of the underdogs to upset?

JD Gaming vs Bilibili Gaming

When: Sunday, May 14, at 12:00 BST

JD Gaming and Bilibili Gaming last met on April 15, in the finals of the LPL 2023 Spring Playoffs, when JD Gaming took care of business in four maps (3-1) and won the LPL crown. According to the latest LoL betting odds, JD Gaming are in an excellent spot to emulate that success, and based on what we’ve seen from the two teams at MSI 2023, that’s a fair assessment.

As noted in previous MSI 2023 betting previews, Bilibili Gaming are very sloppy and easily beatable. I did make that case ahead of BLG’s match against Cloud9, which C9 could’ve won, but they just couldn’t make anything stick and ended up losing 0-3.

I don’t see that result as an achievement for BLG as much as a disappointment for Cloud9, so even though BLG have not lost a game at MSI 2023, I still don’t have much faith in them. And my doubts about BLG’s chances to win are exponentially bigger for this match, where they’ll play a team that has not only beaten them twice last month but also a squad that knows their weaknesses well.

JD Gaming crushed Golden Guardians on Friday (3-0), and while we saw GG show impressive resistance, JD Gaming simply proved too much to handle. They had a few shaky moments, but so has every other team at MSI – especially Bilibili Gaming.

Bilibili Gaming and JD Gaming are essentially the same team playstyle-wise; the only exception is that JD Gaming field better players. Barring any surprises, JD Gaming should win, but I’ll give Bilibili Gaming the benefit of the doubt and say that they can sneak in one map.

  • Prediction: JD Gaming -1.5 maps – 1.84 at Pinnacle

Golden Guardians vs Cloud9

When: Sunday, May 14, at 17:00 BST

Cloud9 were objectively the best team in the LCS during the Spring Split, and they proved that they’re much better than Golden Guardians, who C9 defeated (3-1) in LCS 2023 Spring Split finals. Based on that result, it’s fair to expect Cloud9 to win again, right? Perhaps, but it’s tough to ignore how good Golden Guardians have been this tournament.

Golden Guardians had a phenomenal run through the Play-In stage, where they nearly defeated Bilibili Gaming. And even though they ended up losing their MSI 2023 Round 1 match against JD Gaming, GG held on well.

Cloud9’s only game of the tournament ended in a 0-3 loss against Bilibili Gaming, which was highly disappointing. BLG are not nearly as strong as they’re portrayed, and had Cloud9 played better; they could’ve easily won the series. But you can’t expect a team like Cloud9 to win if they make elementary mistakes and questionable plays.

According to the latest LoL betitng odds, Cloud9 are expected to defeat Golden Guardians, which according to how this match played out during the LCS season, is a fair assessment. But the eye test would prove that GG are playing better LoL than Cloud9 and shouldn’t be priced as 2.91 underdogs for this series.

I like Golden Guardians better and am happy to take their side at the offered betting odds.

  • Prediction: Golden Guardians +1.5 maps – 1.925 at Pinnacle
  • Prediction: Golden Guardians to win – 2.91 at Pinnacle

That ends our short MSI 2023 betting coverage for the second round of the Bracket Stage. Learn more about esports betting and become a better punter by checking out our esports betitng guides, recommended bookmakers, and the best betting tools and services which will help you elevate your betting game.

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