MSI 2023 Play-In Stage Day 3 Betting Picks
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MSI 2023 Play-In Stage Day 3 Betting Picks

The League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational 2023 enters the third day of action on Thursday, March 5, with another pair of Play-In matches. Round 3 starts with an interesting clash between Bilibili Gaming and Golden Guardians, followed by a clash between PSG Talon and G2 Esports.

Day two of MSI 2023 Play-Ins played out mostly as expected, with BLG taking care of Movistar R7 and Golden Guardians crushing GAM Esports. We got to see some exciting and interesting moments, but nothing worth talking about. So what’s going to happen on Day 3?

Bilibili Gaming vs Golden Guardians

When: Thursday, May 4, at 13:00 BST

Bilibili Gaming obliterated Movistar R7 on Wednesday in a truly dominant fashion. As expected, Movistar R7 were completely toothless in the series and not once did it seem like they have a chance to cause an upset.

On Thursday, Bilibili Gaming will face a tougher challenge in Golden Guardians, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that BLG will have a harder time coming out ahead. This is still CHina’s second-strongest team that took down EDward Gaming, OMG, Weibo Gaming, and Royal Never Give Up – so evidently, they shouldn’t struggle against GG.

We didn’t get to see much from Bilibili Gaming on Wednesday simply because Movistar R7 didn’t offer any resistance. And much of the same holds true for Golden Guardians, who crushed GAM Esports, who looked terrible, to say the least.

As we’re early into the tournament, there’s a very small sample size of games to analyse and find good reasons to back the underdogs. As the latest esports betting odds suggest, this is Bilibili Gaming’s game to lose, and I have a reason to doubt that.

We’re getting just 1.062 on Bilibili Gaming to win and 1.36 on the map handicap market. I don’t like any of the bets here.

  • No Bets

G2 Esports vs PSG Talon

When: Tuesday, May 4, at 16:00 BST

G2 Esports won their opening match of the tournament against LOUD, which was expected, but what many didn’t believe could happen was LOUD nearly winning a map. G2 Esports eventually clawed their way back into the match and came out ahead, but this incident brings up a very interesting thing.

Minor region teams will usually be very ineffective in closing out games which will happen both when faced with stronger teams and when playing other minor region squads. This thought doesn’t offer much value here, but it’s worth keeping in mind if you’re betting in-play. Back to the preview.

G2 Esports had their shaky moments against LOUD, but it didn’t make me lose faith in them and their ability to win games they are expected to. One of those games is just around the corner.

PSG Talon defeated DetonatioN FocusMe on Monday and looked good doing it. But the eye test would prove that it was more DFM playing poorly than PSG Talon playing well, so as much as it’s exciting to cheer on the underdogs and find reasons to back them, PSG Talon are just not as good as G2 Esports.

Unless G2 Esports clown around again, this shouldn’t be even remotely close. Trust the unofficial strongest European team to take care of business in two maps.

  • Prediction: G2 Esports -1.5 maps – 1.83 at bet365

That concludes our Mid Season Invitational 2023 Day 3 betting preview, offering our insights into the games and free betitng tips. To learn more about LoL betting, check out our betting hub, with the best esports bookmakers, guides, and betting tools.

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