PogChamps 5 – Everything You Need To Know
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PogChamps 5 – Everything You Need To Know

One of Chess.com’s most popular amateur chess championships is back for the first time since 2021. As announced on Thursday, July 20, the fifth installment of PogChamps is set to happen at the end of the month.

Chess.com Announces PogChamps 5!

The tournament will welcome some of the world’s biggest Twitch streamers and content creators, who’ll gather to entertain the fans and compete for the title of PogChamps chess champion and the lion’s share of the $100,000 prize pool! PogChamps 5 will also be the first tournament of its kind to host a live grand final.

When Is PogChamps 5?

The heavily-requested amateur chess tournament is confirmed to begin at the end of July, but the tournament organisers have yet to reveal the exact start date. However, we know that the group stage and play-offs will run until August 5, leading into the grand finals, which will take place on August 18.

Where Are Pogchamps 5 Finals

PogChamps 5 will mark the first PogChamps tournament to host a live finals event, slated for August 18, 2023, in Los Angeles, California.

Where Can I Watch PogChamps 5?

PogChamps 5 will be live-streamed on Chess.com, and the official Twitch and YouTube channels. The tournament will also be streamed by content creators, including Ludwig, who will host a live watch party on his YouTube channel until the grand finals, when he’ll join the commentary team in Los Angeles.

How Many Players Will Compete in PogChamps 5?

PogChamps 5 will welcome 16 content creators, YouTubers, and Twitch streamers. The list includes QTCinderella, CDawgVA, and two popular YouTubers, I did a thing and Daily Dose of Internet.

PogChamps 5 Format Overview

The tournament will feature a group stage, followed by Championship and Consolation brackets. The finals will take place in mid-August, live, in Los Angeles.

Group Stage

  • Players get divided into four groups of four
  • Each group will play a single round robin, with each participant playing two games against every other player in the group
  • Players receive three points for a win, two for winning the game in a tiebreaker, one point for losing the game in a tiebreaker, and no points for a defeat.
  • If a game ends in a tie, the players contest a 3+5 game
  • The top two players from each group advance to the Championship bracket
  • The third and fourth-placed players advance to the Consolation bracket

Championship & Consolation Brackets

  • Championship and Consolation brackets will feature eight players each
  • Single-elimination format
  • Matches consist of two games
  • Tiebreakers follow the same rules as in the group stage

What Is PogChamps 5 Prize Pool?

The event will have a $100,000 prize pool, divided among the players based on their performance. The players can also win an additional portion of the prize money per win ($400), and $100 per loss.

PlaceChampions BracketConsolation Bracket
3rd (x2)$7,000$3,000
5th (x4)$4,000$2,000

Previous PogChamps Winners

  • PogChamps 1 – VoyBoy
  • PogChamps 1 (consolation) – moistcr1tikal
  • PogChamps 2 – itsHafu
  • PogChamps 2 (consolation) – easywithaces
  • PogChamps 3 – Sardoche
  • PogChamps 3 (consolation) – Neeko
  • PogChamps 4 – Fundy
  • PogChamps 4 (consolation) – MrBeast


When is PogChamps 5?

PogChamps 5 is set to start in late July and conclude on August 15, with the grand final in Los Angeles, California.

How much will the champion of PogChamps 5 win?

The champions of PogChamps 5 will take home $20,000 in tournament winnings, whereas the consolation bracket winner will grab $7,000.

Who won the last PogChamps?

Previous champions of PogChamps include VoyBoy, itsHafu, Sardoche, and Fundy, who won PogChamps 4 in 2021. The same year, MrBeast won the consolation bracket.

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