PremiumTradings Review

By Tit Krajnik | December 28, 2023

PremiumTradings Review

PremiumTradings is a licenced betting brokerage established by pioneers of the online sports betting industry in 2011 to offer punters high-limit accounts and the best odds on the market.

Owned by Sprint Technologies N.V., PremiumTradings works with all of the top Asian bookies and betting companies to provide a service where anyone can place high-stakes bets without any added hassle.

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PremiumTradings is a licenced betting brokerage established by pioneers of the online sports betting industry in 2011 to offer punters high-limit accounts and the best odds on the market.

Owned by Sprint Technologies N.V., PremiumTradings works with all of the top Asian bookies and betting companies to provide a service where anyone can place high-stakes bets without any added hassle.

Get an Exclusive 0.10% Cashback when you sign up using our link!

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PremiumTradings Review

PremiumTradings is a licenced premium bet broker that strives to deliver a pleasant and smooth online betting experience through some of the best bookmakers and exchanges. Like any other brokerage, PremiumTradings is a perfect choice for bettors who want to bet with higher limits through sportsbooks which are otherwise non-accessible due to various restrictions.

Through PremimTradings, anyone can access some of the most popular bookmakers, such as Maxbet, Pinnacle (PS3838), 1Bet, Singbet, Babibet, and 18betasia, as well as exchanges such as Fairbet, Citibet, and Orbit.

The betting brokerage also offers betting services such as the Premium Bet Broker tool, Premium Goal tool, Skype betting for high-volume players, and Premium Pool for those who want to share their betting account.

With a huge variety of bookmakers, the best odds, the highest betting limits available, and several tools, PremiumTradings delivers as one of the world’s best betting brokers.

  • Big range of bookmakers and exchanges
  • Skype betting
  • Goal Tool
  • Good selection of payment methods
  • Free withdrawals per calendric month
  • Free deposit and cashback bonus for new customers
  • €500 minimum withdrawal amount ( via Bank Wire)
  • 3% fee for all deposits

PremiumTradings Betting Tools

PremiumTradings offers two betting tools, Premium Goal and Premium Bet Broker, which become accessible to all accounts with the platform.

Premium Goal Tool

Premium Goal is a tool used to compare all available odds on any match and live games across dozens of sportsbooks. It solves the problem of having to log into multiple accounts to compare odds and place bets by offering access to all available markets with a single account.

No matter whether you are after pre match and live games odds or any of the available markets, the Goal Tool neatly displays everything we need to know in one place.

Premium Goal

During our review of PremiumTradings Premium Goal Tool, we found that it offered betting markets for 12 sports, including football, basketball, ice hockey, tennis, American football, baseball, MMA, cricket, rugby union, rugby league, boxing, and esports.

PremiumTradings Bet Broker

PremiumTradings Bet Broker is an automated betting brokerage offering a bet-by-request option. With it, punters can place high-stakes bets while taking advantage of the best available betting odds on the market.

PremiumTradings Bet Broker
PremiumTradings Bet Broker

With the Bet Broker, PremiumTradings customers can log in and place bets quickly and efficiently. Simply input the desired stake in the field and provide minimum odds you’d be willing to accept.

The message then gets sent to a real trader, who will start working on your bet immediately, making bet broker betting as straightforward as possible.

Supported Bookmakers & Betting Exchanges

PremiumTradings supports and provides betting accounts for all of the major sportsbooks, including Maxbet, Pinnacle (PS3838), 1Bet, Singbet, Babibet, and 18betasia.

Besides providing accounts for multiple bookmakers, PremiumTradings also provides accounts for betting exchange sites such as Orbit and Fairbet, and Citibet.

Premium Goal Tool displays the odds of all major bookmakers, including Maxbet, ISN, Pinnacle (PS383), 3et, SBO, Sharpbet, Singbet, 18betasia, Corso, VX, and Molly Exchange.

Supported Sportsbooks:

  • Maxbet
  • Pinnacle (PS3838)
  • 3et
  • Singbet*
  • Babibet
  • 18betasia
  • ISN
  • SBO
  • Corso
  • VX
  • Molly Exchange

*We recommend disabling/avoiding this bookmaker due to its reputation for voiding bets. Although not frequently, Singbet will void bets if they decide so, which can be frustrating.

Supported Exchange Sites:

  • Orbit (Betfair clone)
  • Fairbet (Betfair clone)
  • Citibet

PremiumTradings Skype Betting

The classic Skype betting option is also available on PremiumTradings, which is perfect for high-volume bettors who want to place bets on football, tennis, and basketball above the market limit without settling for lower odds. Due to its convenience, it’s especially useful for those who are always on the move and don’t want to go through the struggle of logging into a betting account to place a bet while on the move.

PremiumTradings doesn’t say no to bets and have developed a superb service intended to help punters place their bets efficiently and quickly.

Users can access PremiumTradings Skype betting service 24/7 and place bets at amounts x10 or x20 above the market limit with minimal or no effect on the odds. If your desired amount can’t be placed at once, the traders update the user as to the amount that was successfully placed until the full stake is locked in.

The Skype betting service also keeps track of all details, offering daily reports about the entire betting activity.

Mobile App

PremiumTradings comes with a dedicated mobile app available for iOS devices. The mobile app is available for all registered players.

Customer Support

PremimTradings is aware that the key to any successful business is to have a good relationship with its customers. And beyond offering a great selection of multiple betting platforms, a wide range of betting markets, and excellent tools with multiple betting opportunities, it also does a fine job with its customer support department.

PremiumTradings has two ways to get in touch with customer support agents via live chat and form. And the site deserves high ratings for both.

The form support is available straight from the website, where users and potential customers can leave their questions regarding any topic related to the platform and expect an answer in 24 hours; however, the responses usually come much quicker.

Speed is a strong suit of PremiumTradings’ customer support, which is very noticeable when using its live support feature. Whether you have a question in the morning, in the middle of the day, or late at night, there is a support agent waiting to assist you.

During our testing of the live chat function, we got in touch with the customer support agent within a few seconds and didn’t have to wait long to receive our answer. The whole experience felt professional and fast, which we can appreciate.

Live chat support on PremiumTradings is available from 8:00 GMT+1 till 21:00 GMT+1.

PremiumTradings Deposits and Withdrawals

PremiumTradings does a fine job with its banking department, offering enough payment and deposit options, high enough limits, and relatively low fees. However, there are a few specific rules that apply to all bettors.

  • PremiumTradings allows for one free monthly withdrawal – all subsequent withdrawals come with a 1% fee – if the TO requirement is met.
  • The minimum withdrawal for a bank transfer is €500
  • Deposits larger than €25,000 that are not made using a bank wire come with a 3% charge
  • Withdrawal requests are processed and fulfilled no sooner than 72h succeeding a deposit in the customer’s account.

The payment methods on PremiumTradings include seven different options, including:

  • Skrill
  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Tether (USDT)
  • Sofort Banking
  • Bank wire
  • Jeton

Skrill, NETELLER, Sofort, and Jeton transactions are all processed instantly, while the transaction fees will vary depending on the amount and the administrative costs. All four payment options support Euro payments, with Skrill and NETELLER also including GPB and USD.

For using a bank wire transfer, customers should contact the PremiumTradings payment department for detailed instructions on setting up the payment method. Unlike the other payment options, bank transfers are processed in 1-4 business days but come with no additional fees.

For withdrawals, customers must contact PremiumTradings’s agents via email or Skype and let them know where they want to withdraw their money. Every customer gets on free withdrawals a month, with all subsequent withdrawals including a 1% fee.

Internal Transfers

PremiumTradings comes with an additional internal transfer feature, which allows the execution of transfers between sportsbook accounts without any limitations for free.

Betting Broker Promotions and Bonuses

New customers of PremiumTradings get an exclusive welcome bonus, which includes a free deposit at no additional charge and a 10% cash back on the deposited amount up to 500€ for all sportsbooks and an additional 0.1% lifetime cash back bonus on turnover by using our invite link or mentioning when sending a registration request.

PremiumTrading users can also take advantage of the Refer a Friend program and get awarded 1% cashback on their deposited amount. The RAF program has no limit to how many friends you can invite but is only available for accounts that are at least three months old and have a turnover of at least €1000 monthly.

By using our exclusive invite link, bettors can get an additional 0.1% cashback on top of the available welcome bonus. The offer is exclusive to readers and is only available for new customers of PremiumTradings, who use our invite link or mention when opening a registration request.

The cashback offer doesn’t apply to Goal Tool and betting exchanges.

Summary PremiumTradings Betting Broker

PremiumTradings is a licensed betting brokerage that does a lot of things right. It offers accounts on some of the best bookmakers and betting exchanges, has a well-designed mobile app, and various other tools and services, such as Skype betting, to cater to any bettor’s needs.

Whether you’re a high roller who wants to bet above market limit without sacrificing the odds or someone who is constantly on the move and doesn’t want to miss out on the betting opportunities, PremiumTradings has the tools and know-how to help you.

This concludes our PremiumTradings review! Check out PremiumTradings today and grab the extra 0.1% cashback bonus!


What is the minimum deposit on PremiumTradings?

The minimum deposit on PremiumTradings for the Goal Tool is €100 (or other currency equivalent), whereas the Skype betting service has a minimum deposit of €1000/$/£. Minimum deposits for Singbet and Citibet are €500.

Is PremiumTradings licensed?

Yes, PremiumTradings is licenced and regulated under license no. 8048/JAZ2015-033, issued by the gaming commission of the Central Government of the Netherlands Antilles. The licence is held by a company called Sprint Technologies N.V.

Which bookmakers and exchanges does PremiumTradings support?

PremiumTradings offers accounts on Maxbet, Pinnacle (PS3838), 1Bet, Singbet, Babibet, 18betasia, Orbit (Betfair clone), Fair Exchange (Betfair clone), and Citibet.

Do I need to complete KYC to use PremiumTradings?

Yes, PremiumTradings has the right to request needed documents to verify your identity. Failure to provide accurate information will lead to account suspension. Otherwise, the KYC process is quick and flexible!

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