MSI 2023 Last Chance Qualifier Betting Picks
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PSG Talon vs Golden Guardians – MSI 2023 Last Chance Qualifier Betting Picks

The Mid-Season Invitational 2023 Play-In stage comes to a close on Sunday, May 6, with the Last Chance Qualifier bout between Golden Guardians and PSG Talon. The two LoL squads will clash for the right to join Bilibili Gaming and G2 Esports in the Bracket Stage in the final do-or-die best-of-five (Bo5) series.

Esports betting sites have Golden Guardians priced as 1.40 favourites for this affair, which makes sense, considering how much better the LCS representatives have been throughout the Play-In stage. But can we completely count out PSG Talon?

PSG Talon vs Golden Guardians

When: Sunday, May 7, at 12:00 BST

PSG Talon enter MSI 2023 Last Chance Qualifier after taking care of business on Saturday when they swept LOUD (2-0), which marked their second cleans weep of the Play-In Stage. They previously crushed DetonatioN FocusMe (2-0) but were no match for G2 Esports (0-2), who defeated the PCS champions in the final match of Group B.

Golden Guardians had a very similar road to the LCQ. They crushed GAM Esports (2-0) in MSI 2023 Play-In Group A, then lost against Bilibili Gaming (1-2) in the qualification match, and obliterated Movistar R7 (2-0) in the decider match.

Both teams have played three games apiece so far, but while we can take some from their showings, we run into a familiar issue – how do you rank a team’s performance when faced with a significantly stronger opponent or a much weaker squad? Golden Guardians stomped Movistar R7, but how much does that mean, and conversely, how much weight can we put on PSG Talon’s crushing loss against G2 Esports?

What’s Going To Happen?

So the best way should be to look at what the teams have produced during their regular seasons. But we’re two patches removed from how it was at the end of Spring Splits, and moreover, how much more is PSG Talon’s run to the VCS title worth compared to Golden Guardians’ runner-up finish in the LCS?

At least we can say one thing for certain – lesser-region teams are much weaker and have worse overall quality than teams hailing from major regions. And as much as we can laugh at LCS and their lack of notable achievements in international tournaments, the LCS is still much stronger than most lesser regions.

That’s hardly a secret, granted it doesn’t help us figure out how these teams measure up outside of comparing their implied regional strength.

Nevertheless, based on what we’ve seen from the teams so far, this should be a very exciting series, and I wouldn’t be totally shocked to see PSG Talon come out ahead. However, I must admit that Golden Guardians are playing very good League and continue to show improvement from what we saw from them in the LCS.

As noted before, GG are also very versatile and can play many compositions with plenty of win conditions, which will play a big role in a best-of-five series. We already saw what Golden Guardians are capable of against Bilibili Gaming. Even though there’s a world where GG chokes, there are plenty of reasons to like the LCS representatives here.

  • Prediction: Golden Guardians -1.5 maps – 2.01 at Pinnacle

With that, we end our Mid-Season Invitational 2023 Play-In stage coverage – but we’re far from done. Following Sunday’s series, there will be a one-day break before the first round of the Bracket Stage begins, when we return with our LoL betting previews and recommendations.

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