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By | Updated: March 31, 2024

Turn sports betting into investing

RebelBetting is one of the world’s leading and most trusted arbitrage and value betting services, offering efficient betting software created by a team of professional poker players and programmers in 2008.

With a long history and good reputation, RebelBetting is an excellent choice for those starting out with value and sure betting and experienced bettors who are after a professional betting tool.

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Speed & Interface


Supported Bookies


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Arbitrage and Value Betting in One Neat Package!

You can’t talk about a profitable sports betting tool and services for arbitrage and value betting without mentioning RebelBetting, which started as a crazy idea of creating a betting tool that can guarantee profits from sports betting into one of the best value betting and arbitrage betting tools in the world.

  • Support for 80+ Bookies
  • Bet Tracker Included
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Free Trial
  • Good Customer Support
  • Profit Guarantee (If you don’t make a betting profit in the first month, you get another month for free)
  • No In-play Betting (but should be coming soon)

RebelBetting Value Betting Review

No betting tool would be complete without offering value betting software, and the people behind RebelBetting seem to be well aware of it. Admittedly, there are other value betting services, but for now, let’s focus on how RebelBetting delivers its customers value bets and whether RebelBetting’s value betting software is any good compared to its competitors.

The Value Betting Tool

RebelBetting is a juggernaut in the arbitrage betting field, but it has also developed its value betting software, which can rival any other value betting tool on the market. But how does it work?

RebelBetting’s value betting software is no different from any other tool that can find value bet opportunities. It looks for overpriced odds to beat the bookmakers, and it’s very effective at it.

According to RebelBetting, its value bet finder has a proven yield of over 3%, and according to our testing and testimonials of RebelBetting users, that number isn’t too far from the truth. 

It might sound too good to be true, but RebelBetting stands behind its promises with a profit guarantee insurance. So not only can potential customers try out RebelBetting’s value betting software for free (14-day trial), but upon purchasing a subscription, you’re also guaranteed to make a profit – if not, you get another month for free, and again until you profit.

Profit Guarantee

There are no guarantees in sports betting, but RebelBetting makes an exception to that rule with its “Profit Guaranteed” promotion for its value betting service. And it works exactly how it sounds – either you make a profit with RebelBetting’s value betting software, or you get another month of subscription for free.

RebelBetting Profit Guarantee

But there are a few conditions you have to meet.

  • Place at least 500 bets from the value betting tool (to reduce variance)

  • Grade the bets with RebelBetting’s Bet Tracker 

  • Use the built-in stake sizing and max-bet strategy with Kelly <= 30% and max stake <= 1,5%

If you meet the criteria and end the month without a profit, RebelBetting will extend your subscription by another month and again until you end up in the green. Since there’s always some variance in sports betting, the profit guarantee is an excellent feature that will help those who get unlucky.

How Does RebelBetting Calculate Value?

How to find value bets consistently is one of the most well-guarded industry secrets, as no value betting provider will want to give away its approach. However, the team behind RebelBetting has shared some details about the value calculation methodology of its service to help up better understand how the tool works.

RebelBetting analyses a select few bookmakers, which consistently, over a large number of games, make accurate predictions i.e. sharp bookmakers. These sharp sportsbooks will automatically adjust their betting odds when experts place their bets until they get to a number that almost perfectly predicts the likelihood of an event happening.

Experienced bettors already know how that works, but what does that have to do with RebelBetting?

RebelBetting’s servers gather and analyse over one million odds every 60 seconds, comparing the odds on sharp and soft bookmakers. This way, the software figures out not only the true odds but also identifies when a soft bookmaker’s odds are off, which leads to +EV bets or, in other words, value bets.

The tool also considers the favourite-longshot bias, which is fully and properly taken into account for.

Is RebelBetting’s Value Betting Risk-Free?

No, even value betting is not risk-free. If you place a single +EV bet and look at each bet as a single bet, you will not win every wager. However, if you place hundreds or thousands of value bets, you will make money in the long run.

Recommended Settings & Filters

RebelBetting’s value betting tool comes with many settings and filters, allowing you to set up the tool the way you like it. But with so many choices, it can also be tricky to find the optimal settings. So, if you’re struggling with it, here are some of our recommended settings that are worth following.

It’s worth noting that the RebelBetting value bets tool comes with a very useful guide that will take you through all the functionality of the tool and help you set up the software. Still, some things might not be too clear, so let’s take a closer look at some of the functions and filters that should be looked at.

The Platform

Once you log into the RebelBetting value betting service, you’ll see bets displayed on the left-hand side, but these need some setting up. Even as a trial user, you’ll have access to a generous selection of value bets and know that these do regularly update.

Settings & Filters

Click on “Options” and a new page will open where you can change some of the settings, including your bankroll. However, this isn’t that important unless you’re running the Kelly Criterion system – which we wouldn’t recommend – but it’s typically better to stick with flat staking.

On this page, it’s recommended that you input the stake size (“max stake), put “bets to show” to 20, which is the maximum number of bets RebelBetting can show on the first page, and make sure that you sort the best by highest value.

More important are the Filters.

When setting up the RebelBetting filters, it’s recommended that you change the minimum value to 4% and the maximum to 25%. We’re setting the max value to 25% because it’s possible that the bookmaker will make a typo/mistake, and you could see things like a 500% value bet.

If you see a 500% value bet, it’s highly likely that a bookmaker make a mistake, and the bet will be cancelled anyway.

Other things worth checking out are the “Time to match start,” where we can set which matches will show up on the first page. There is no correct way to approach setting it up, but we prefer somewhere between 24-36 hours. Ultimately, it comes down to which individual and which betting markets he wants to bet on.

The maximum and minimum odds filter is very self-explanatory, as it sets the range of odds the value finder will filter through. Again, there is no wrong way of doing it, but we would recommend a 1.60-3.30 range for the odds.

The most important thing a bettor should focus on when setting up the filters is the bookmakers’ tab, where we get to pick which bookmakers and betting exchanges will the value bet finder include in the filter.

The “add” button allows you to add new bookmakers, while we can remove them from the filter by clicking on “x” next to the bookmaker’s name. Know that some bookmakers and betting exchanges are only available in the Pro version of the tool.

Bookmaker Filter

Next up is the bookmaker tab, which is the most important part of setting up RebelBetting’s value betting tool. Bookmakers all have different domains, which depend on the country (it can be .com, .uk, .de, and so on).

It’s important that each user picks the domain he is using, so from the example from the picture, if you’re from Italy and are using bet365, you would choose “”.

This tab also allows users to change the currency, and you can adjust the rounding, but this is unimportant and can be ignored. If you live in a country where there’s taxation on betting, you can add it to the tool for more accurate results.

The last tab “User”, has basic options such as changing the display currency, timezone, odds format, and rounding and is largely unimportant.

Is it possible to make money Value Betting on exchanges and sharps with RebelBetting?

Yes, it’s possible to make money with RebelBetting’s value betting tool, even on betting exchanges and sharps; however, that comes with an asterisk.

You will need RebelBetting Pro and a significantly larger bankroll, which might not be feasible for casual punters. According to RebelBetting’s founder Simon Renström, many people are making money on sharp bookmakers, so it’s definitely possible, but it comes with more hoops you have to jump through.

On that note, we would not recommend Pinnacle as a sharp for this strategy. Instead, we would advise Smarkets, Betfair, Matchbook, and brokers, such as Sportmarket and BetInAsia. If you can access Smarkets, it’s probably best to start there.

RebelBetting Arbitrage Betting Review

RebelBetting’s value betting software does its job and is an excellent choice for experienced and new punters due to its simplicity and effectiveness. However, RebelBetting was initially a product designed for arbing, so you can be sure that its arbitrage betting tool is the real deal.

RebelBetting is an established and respected name in the arbitrage world and is an excellent service even for those who are just learning arbitrage betting and anyone who is pursuing an arbitrage betting strategy.

Who Is RB Arbitrage Betting For?

  • Those serious about arbitrage betting

  • Anyone who is looking for reliable arbitrage software

  • Beginners who want to learn about sure betting

Setting Up RebelBetting Arbitrage Betting

RebelBetting arbitrage betting tool is fairly straightforward and flexible to set up. There are a number of filters and settings bettors can change to reflect their preferred betting strategy, bookmakers, types of arbitrage bets, and more.

Bookmakers And Exchanges

RebelBetting arbitrage betting tool has a long list of supported bookmakers to choose from, which can be added and removed under Option-Filters. It’s important to make sure that the selected bookmakers are available to the user, but due to RebelBetting’s excellent coverage of sportsbooks, it’s not difficult to fill up the bookmaker filter.

Arbitrage Filters

Under RebelBetting arbitrage filters, users can change the range of sure bet percentage, odds, and “time to match start”, with an added option to exclude “low tier events”.

By excluding lesser tournaments and matches from the arbitrage filter, the number of available sure bets will decrease; however, it’s highly recommended to use that option as it helps bettors to stay under the radar and not get spotted by the bookmakers.

Bookmaker Setup & User Settings

RebelBetting goes the extra mile to make sure that its tools and services provide a smooth experience for the users, but we have to do some work on our part to enable it. Up to now, we’ve talked about the settings and filters that can be adjusted to anyone’s personal liking, but now we come to the important part.

Under the “Bookmaker” tab, we have to check that the domains of the bookmakers which we will use are correct. RebelBetting offers a list of available domains for each sportsbook, and it’s on the user to pick the correct address depending on his location.

Currency, rounding, and tax aren’t as critical, but there is an option to adjust it to our liking. The user tab offers the same non-essential settings, such as display currency, timezone, odds format, and rounding on all sportsbooks.


RebelBetting’s speciality and a very useful setting that comes with the sure betting software is the option to scan for middles. This has to be manually enabled under the “Filters,” but know that middles are only available to Pro users.

RebelBetting Middles
Good news! Middles are supported on RebelBetting!
A middle is a bet on an interval of outcomes in a game, where you have a chance to win both sides of your bet at both bookmakers.

Placing An Arb

Placing arbitrage bets with RebelBetting’s software or web-based tool is very straightforward and user-friendly, perfect for even those who are just learning about sure betting. If you’ve set up the tool correctly – as explained above – placing a sure bet requires nothing more than a few clicks, and the best part is that you can place sure bets straight from the tool.

For this, you’ll need to provide your credentials for bookmakers, enter the websites of the involved bookmakers in the tool and execute the best from the bet slip. Rest assured that this is completely safe.

Once you click on the arb, you can place bets on the selected bookmakers with a single click, ensuring that you don’t miss the sure bet opportunity. But remember to log the bet once you’re done to ensure that RebelBetting can keep track of your betting activity and offer a detailed report of your bets.

The BetTracker

For its value betting tool, RebelBetting has introduced a Bet Tracker, which is an excellent feature that helps punters keep track of their betting history and their betting records and helps them analyse their betting activity.

RebelBetting BetTracker
RebelBetting BetTracker

However, to ensure that the Bet Tracker works as intended, punters have to log their value bets after placing them through the betting tool. The tracker then automatically logs the bets after the game ends.

Automatic Bet Settlement
Automatic Bet Settlement

The Bet Tracker will both log the bettor’s bets and track results, as well as provide the latest results and performance of value bets of all users. The results come with some neat features, such as tracking expected ROI over 1000 bets, ROI per bet per month, average monthly bets per user, and the total number of bets placed.

Needless to say, adding the Bet Tracker was an excellent move from the team behind RebelBetting, taking loads of work from the bettor who doesn’t need to manually keep track of his bets. It’s worth noting that there might be a slight discrepancy between the actual record and the Bet Tracker due to different bookmaker rules, so it’s wise to occasionally check the settled bets and manually fix the errors.

RebelBetting Plans and Pricing

RebelBetting has two pricing plans – RebelBetting Pro and RebelBetting Starter, which cost €199 and €99 per month. The plans come with 30% discounts on annual subscriptions and a 40% discount for a 2-year subscription.

RebelBetting Pricing
RebelBetting Pricing

RebelBetting Pro and RebelBetting Starter both come with access to the value bets and sure betting tool as well as automatic bet settlement and the Bet Tracker, but there are advantages to using the Pro version, which also grants customers access to non-limiting bookies, as well as access to all bets including value bets of over 7% and sure bets over 3.5%.

RebelBetting isn’t the cheapest betting tool; however, considering what it offers compared to cheaper options, it’s a good value buy. 

But you don’t have to take our word for it – RebelBetting offers a two-week free trial for all new customers who can test out the value and sure betting tools.

RebelBetting Starter

  • Access to value and sure bet tool

  • Value bets up to 7%

  • Sure bets up to 3.5%

Even though RebelBetting Starter doesn’t come with all the functionality of RebelBetting, it’s an excellent choice for beginners and those who want to test out the service and want access to more functionality than what the free trial offers. 

RebelBetting Pro

  • Access to value and sure bet tool

  • Value bets over 7%

  • Sure bets over 3.5%

  • Access to non-limiting bookies

Unlocking the full potential of RebelBetting, RebelBetting Pro is good for experienced bettors who want to level up their sure betting and value betting performance and take on the sharp bookmakers.

RebelBetting Free Trial

RebelBetting offers a 14-day free trial for its value betting and sure betting tool. The two-week free trial comes with most of the functionality, enough to give a bettor a taste of what the software is capable of. 

Still, there are some limitations, including no option to enable middles and the unavailability of some bookmakers.

Compare Free, Starter, and Pro – Overview

The Free Trial, Starter, and RebelBetting Pro all come with access to the main tools RebelBetting has to offer, but as we go up the ladder, more functionalities become available.

RebelBetting Compare Plans
Compare Plans

As a free option, the free trial is great for those who want to try out RebelBetting and see if they like the service. Starter becomes very useful for those just starting out with exploring new betting strategies and those who want to test out value and sure betting, whereas the Pro version is the right choice for experienced bettors who want to have access to everything RebelBetting has to offer.

Tutorials and Guides

Using a new tool that comes with so many functions as RebelBetting can sound like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. RebelBetting comes with a library of betting tutorials and guides that will help bettors understand the fundamentals of value betting and explain all the functionalities of the software.

RebelBetting Tutorial
Tutorial to Help You Get Going

After logging into RebelBetting’s tool for the first time, the user is met with a small pop-up guiding them through the software, explaining all the functionalities, options, and filters available. And if you still aren’t sure of something or have questions, RebelBetting has an excellent customer support department.

RebelBetting Review Summary

As alluded to in the Rebelbetting review, RebelBetting is an excellent betting tool and a service that provides everything many before and after it failed, and it does so at a very reasonable price.

  • Mobile Friendly – RebelBetting not only offers a reliable web interface, but it’s also very mobile friendly, which many bettors will appreciate. Compared to other tools of its kind, RebelBetting is arguably the best choice for those who must occasionally place bets from their phones and don’t want to go through the usual hassle of slow loading times and navigating through the non-mobile-friendly interface.

  • Excellent Tools – Rebelbetting’s value and sure betting tool are second to none, offering a vast selection of bookmakers (+80) and sports (value betting: 8 + esports, arbitrage betting: 10 + esports).

  • Bet Tracker – a very welcoming addition that helps you track your bets and performances with a single click of a button. No more spending hours daily manually tracking your bets; RebelBetting does it all for you.

  • Competitive Pricing – At 99€ and 199€ per package (+discounts), RebelBetting gives users a lot of value for their money, and the two packages are extremely welcome as they allow newer bettors to experience the tool and experienced punters to take advantage of the tool’s full functionality at a surprisingly low price considering what it offers.

There are many things RebelBetting has done right, and the closer you look, the fewer flaws you can find with it.


Is RebelBetting Legit?

Yes, RebelBetting is a legit and safe betting service that offers legal betting tools for arbitrage and value betting.

Is RebelBetting Good?

RebelBetting is one of the oldest and most well-known arbitrage betting tool and value betting service providers and an excellent choice for new and experienced bettors.

Does RebelBetting Work On Betting Exchanges and Sharp Bookmakers?

Yes, it’s possible to use betting exchanges and sharp bookmakers with Rebelbetting, but you’ll need RebelBetting Pro and a significantly larger bankroll to overcome variance.
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Betting on sharp bookmakers is much harder and more challenging than using soft sportsbooks due to the odds moving VERY fast. However, those who want to give it a go should consider starting with Smarkets.

Does RebelBetting Offer In-play Betting?

No, RebelBetting doesn’t offer in-play betting currently, but the team plans to add something soon.
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Is Arbitrage Gambling Illegal?

No, arbitrage betting is not illegal, but bookmakers are not too happy if you do it and try their best to stop it.

Does RebelBetting Offer Matched Betting Tool?

No, RebelBetting no longer has a matched betting service, which was discontinued and is no longer available.

Does RebelBetting Work In Nigeria?

Yes, RebelBeting works in Nigeria and is an excellent choice for Nigerian bettors since it supports some of Nigeria’s most popular bookmakers, including bet365, Betano, and Bet9ja.

Does RebelBetting Work In USA?

Yes, bettors from the USA can use RebelBetting, which supports some of the USA’s best bookmakers, including DraftKings, TwinSpires, BetMGM, and BetRivers.

My ISP Is Blocking Some Bookmakers – How Can I Access Them?

If you want to access bookmakers which are ISP-blocked, DON’T use a VPN. Instead, check out our guide on how to access bookmakers blocked by ISP.

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