Riyadh Masters Returns In 2023 With A $45 Million Prize Pool
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Riyadh Masters Returns In 2023 With A $45 Million Prize Pool

Prominent esports tournament organiser, Gamers 8, which previously organised Riyadh Masters in 2022, announced the return of the gaming festival in 2023. As revealed, Riyadh Masters 2023 festival is set to take place on July 6, with a range of games (including Dota 2) and a massive $45,000,000 prize pool.

Riyadh Masters Is Back

On March 7, 2023, Gamers8 announced the return of Riyadh Masters, an esports festival which debuted in 2022 as a Dota 2 tournament. This year, the event will return to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, featuring a wide range of esports, including Dota 2, which is expected to receive most of the spotlight and the largest slice of the $45 million prize pool.

As confirmed, the tournament will begin on July 6; however, the tournament organisers have yet to reveal which esports will be a part of the festival besides Dota 2. More information about the festival is expected to become available in the months leading to its kick-off.

Dota 2 The Main Focus

Riyadh Masters was first held in July 2022 as a LAN Dota 2 tournament, which welcomed 10 Dota 2 esports teams competing for the lion’s share of the $4 million prize pool. Attending the event were some of the top Dota 2 squads in the world at the time, including PSG.LGD, Team Secret, Team Spirit, OG, Tundra Esports, Nigma Galaxy, TSM, Team Liquid, Royal Never Give Up, and a local team, Deboosters.

The tournament organisers have yet to confirm which teams will be invited to Riyadh Masters 2023, nor the format or size of the prize pool for the Dota 2 event. However, it’s fair to assume that it will follow the format used in 2022.

Riyadh Masters Aftermovie

This means we could see a single round-robin group stage with the top three teams advancing into the single-elimination Bo3 playoffs, with the group winners moving into the semifinals. However, more teams may be invited to Riyadh Masters, which would call for a slight format change.

Despite boasting a massive prize pool and promising a lineup of some of the world’s top Dota 2 teams, Riyadh Masters 2023 isn’t a part of Dota Pro Circuit (DPC), and it doesn’t award teams any DPC points. However, that likely won’t affect big teams refusing to play since it is scheduled after the DPC tour wraps up.

However, due to the tournament’s timing, we could see a schedule conflict with Bali Major, which is estimated to happen on June 30 – July 9.

What Can We Expect From Riyadh Masters 2023?

Much of Riyadh Masters 2023 is still unknown, besides the date and the total prize pool. We know that the tournament will kick off on July 6 with a $45 million prize pool and will feature Dota 2. However, the tournament organisers plan to host more than just one game, yet we’ll have to wait a bit longer before more esports titles are confirmed.

It will be interesting to see how Gamers8 decided to approach splitting the prize pool. It’s fair to assume that the largest slice of the $45 million will be allocated to Dota 2, yet even within the Dota 2 tournament, we could see different prize pools.

In 2022, OG’s former player Mikhail “Misha” Agatov pocketed an additional $50,000 for achieving the highest healing and recording the best tournament interview. Zhang “Faith_bian” Ruida won an additional $100,000 for being declared the tournament MVP.

As we get closer to the tournament kick-off can expect more information about the festival to be confirmed. Once we have all the details available, we can start exploring all the Riyadh Masters 2023 betting opportunities that’ll be available.

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