T1 vs Bilibili Gaming - MSI 2023
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T1 vs Bilibili Gaming – MSI 2023 Bracket Stage Betting Preview

Bilibili Gaming continued their Cinderella Story after a commanding victory against Gen.G (3-0) on Friday, getting themselves one step closer to winning the MSI 2023 trophy. But they still need to make it past LCK’s final boss, T1.

Bilibili Gaming looked good against Gen.G, and if they managed to stomp Korea’s first seed, then it might not be too crazy to believe that they can do well against T1. Yet the esports betting sites have BLG priced as 3.75 underdogs against T1 (1.25 at bet365) – suggesting that Bilibili Gaming might have met their match, granted we could’ve said the same thing on Thursday.

T1 vs Bilibili Gaming

When: Saturday, May 20, at 13:00 BST

The match to decide who will join JD Gaming in the MSI 2023 finals will come down to a best-of-five between T1 and Bilibili Gaming, who exceeded all expectations with their performance so far. This might be a bit of an exaggeration considering their only notable win was against Gen.G, but it was an impressive one nonetheless.

BIlibili Gaming were clearly the better team on the day, and they didn’t do anything spectacular. As noted in the previous preview, Bilibili Gaming had a simple plan heading into that match – play their own game and hope Gen.G didn’t find a way to exploit their weaknesses. And that’s exactly what happened.

Not only did Gen.G fail to stop Bilibili Gaming, but they looked worse in the mid-late game.

Much of BLG’s success on the day came thanks to top laner Chen “Bin” Ze-Bin and ADC Zhao “Elk” Jia-Hao, who are serious candidates for MSI 2023 MVP. Bin was a force to be reckoned with in the top lane, ending the series with a 5.00 KDA, whereas Elk walked away from the game with an insane 13.8 KDA and just four deaths across the three maps.

Mid laner Zeng “Yagao” Qi did his job in the mid lane on Ahri and Talyah and played a big role in his team’s success. I could go on and praise every player on Bilibili Gaming, but the point is that all five members had a very good series and are currently some of the best-performing players in the tournament.

Still, the question remains – are Bilibili Gaming good enough to defeat T1?

T1 Could Be Too Much For Bilibili Gaming

T1 entered the MSI 2023 as one of the main candidates to win, and that hasn’t changed yet. They nearly defeated JD Gaming and played a solid series against Gen.G (3-2) in the second round, so even though there’s not as much hype surrounding this team ahead of the MSI 2023 semis, T1 are very strong.

The fact that T1 nearly defeated JD Gaming – who bested Bilibili Gaming thrice over the last month – should be a good indication that T1 should do well against Bilibili Gaming. But this is not a way to measure any team’s strength.

T1 are very good in the early game and often rely on scaling compositions. Their biggest strength is the ability to get ahead early and maintain that lead, and they often succeed at it. This could present a tough challenge for Bilibili Gaming, who similarly rely on getting ahead early and using the lead to hide their shaky mid-late game transition.

This wasn’t as obvious in their game vs Gen.G, but it could be when faced with T1. On the other side, as much as I doubted BLG (and I still stand by it), they have improved, which could be attributed to the momentum they’ve gained, and this boost of confidence just might be what BLG need to be competitive with T1.

Bilibili Gaming are weaker than T1 in the early game and with their mid-game, and the latest LoL betting odds make that pretty clear. There is a world where BLG cause another upset, but we have to remember that T1 are a much stronger team than Gen.G, so success won’t come as easy.

I’ll be sure to tune in and watch the game, but there is no bet that interests me. But for what it’s worth I expect a 3-1 victory for T1.

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