T1 vs JD Gaming - MSI 2023
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T1 vs JD Gaming – MSI 2023 Bracket Stage Betting Preview

T1 and JD Gaming are set to clash on Thursday, May 18, in the Mid-Season Invitational 2023 upper bracket finals in what should be a very entertaining affair between two of the world’s top League of Legends teams. The winner will advance to the grand finals, while the loser will drop down to the lower bracket and face the winner of BIlibili Gaming vs Gen.G for a ticket to the big stage.

JD Gaming and T1 were billed as the main favourites to win MSI 2023, so it’s only fitting to see them meet in the semifinals. Yet even though JD Gaming entered the tournament as the main favourites to go all the way, they are priced as underdogs for this match.

T1 vs JD Gaming

When: Thursday, May 18, at 13:00 BST

Esports betting sites have T1 priced as favourites (1.61) to defeat JD Gaming (2.20) on Thursday, which I can’t quite agree with as there aren’t any good reasons to believe JD Gaming are weaker. One could argue that T1 should win but JD Gaming have shown more than enough for me to say they’re capable of beating T1.

Since JD Gaming put together the new super team, I had high hopes they can achieve something on the international stage, and as soon as they won the LoL Pro League (LPL) in a dominant fashion, it became clear that JDG might actually be one of the few superteams that will make it work.

T1 were no less impressive in their region, and even though they didn’t win the LCK trophy, this is still an incredibly strong team, filled with elite-tier players. However, even though T1’s roster is arguably just as good as JDG’s, the Koreans are still billed as favourites to come out ahead of this affair.

A Tough Challenge

JD Gaming and T1 will put one another to the test since they both rely heavily on their early game. Especially for JDG, this will be a tough game since they’ve yet to play a team that is so efficient pre-15 minutes as T1 (at least there is no team in LPL that is as good as the Koreans).

This is an interesting angle to take when figuring out what will happen on Thursday.

JD Gaming didn’t have the easiest time against Bilibili Gaming during the regular season, mainly because they gave BLG too much room in the early game, and they can’t afford to make the same mistake here. On the other side, T1 had the luxury of playing teams that are similar (strong early and very good team fighting) to JDG in Gen.G and Dplus, so looking at the fixture from this angle, it might make sense to have more faith in T1.

But we have to put more focus on the most recent outings. I’ve been far more impressed with what JD Gaming have shown so far this tournament than T1, and while they’ve not produced enough for me to say that JDG are undeniably better, at the very least, the two teams should be considered equal. And yet the offered LoL betting odds suggest otherwise.

This match can easily go both ways, and no result would really surprise me, but 2.20 on JD Gaming is an excellent offer.

  • Prediction: JD Gaming to win – 2.20 at bet365

We return tomorrow with more MSI 2023 betting previews and predictions, focusing on the MSI lower bracket clash between Gen.G and Bilibili Gaming, who will duke it out for a spot in the lower bracket finals. To learn more about esports betting, check out our guides and tutorials, recommended bookmakers, and the best betting tools for esports bettors.

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