The Masters Darts 2024 - Results, Schedule & Tips
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The Masters Darts 2024 – Results, Schedule & Tips

The Masters Darts 2024 kicks off on Friday, February 2, welcoming the world’s top darts players, including the defending champion Chris Dobey. The £275,000 tournament will take place at Milton Keynes’ Marshall Arena from February 2-4, culminating with a best-of-21 legs finals.

The Masters Darts 2024 Format Explained

The Masters Darts 2024 will welcome 24 PDC darts players, eight of whom will receive a direct invite to the second round. The first round is played as best-of-11 legs, while the second round and quarter-finals are best-of-19 legs. The semi-finals and the grand final are both played as best-of-21 legs.

  • First round – Best of 11 legs
  • Second round – Best of 19 legs
  • Quarterfinals – Best of 19 legs
  • Semifinals – Best of 21 legs
  • Final – Best of 21 legs

The Masters Darts 2024 Prize Pool

The Masters Darts 2024 offers £275,000 in prize money, divided among all participating players. The champion will collect £65,000, while the eight players who get eliminated in the first round of Masters will collect £4,000 apiece.

  • Champion – £65,000
  • Runnerup – £30,000
  • Semifinalists – £20,000
  • Quarterfinalists – £12,000
  • Second round – £7,500
  • First round – £4,000

2024 Premier League Darts Results, Schedule & Tips

Round 1

Player 1Player 2ResultDateTime
Dirk van DuijvenbodeRyan Searle6-5 (van Duijvenbode)2.2.202419:40 GMT
Jonny ClaytonKrzysztof Ratajski6-3 (Ratajski)2.2.202419:40 GMT
Dave ChisnallMartin Schindler6-1 (Chisnall)2.2.202420:10 GMT
Damon HetaGabriel Clemens6-2 (Heta)2.2.202420:40 GMT
Dimitri Van den BerghJames Wade6-1 (Van den Bergh)2.2.202421:10 GMT
Chris DobeyAndrew Gilding6-3 (Dobey)2.2.202421:40 GMT
Josh CullenJosh Rock6-4 (Cullen)2.2.202422:10 GMT
Stephen BuntingRoss Smith6-5 (Bunting)2.2.202422:40 GMT

Betting Picks;

  • Ryan Searle -2.50, 2.10 at PP/BF Sportsbook – 0.50 Units ❌
  • Gabriel Clemens to Win, 2.30 at William Hill – 0.50 Units ❌
  • Andrew Gilding +1.50, 2.20 at bet365 – 0.50 Units ❌

No more bets today.

Round 2

Player 1Player 2ResultDateTime
Danny NoppertDave Chisnall10-8 (Chisnall)3.2.202412:50 GMT
Rob CrossDamon Heta10-8 (Heta)3.2.202413:40 GMT
Peter WrightKrzysztof Ratajski10-8 (Wright)3.2.202414:30 GMT
Joe CullenDaryl Gurney10-8 (Gurney)3.2.202415:20 GMT
Nathan AspinallDirk van Duijvenbode10-5 (Aspinall)3.2.202419:10 GMT
Luke HumphriesStephen Bunting10-7 (Bunting)3.2.202420:00 GMT
Michael van GerwenChris Dobey10-4 (van Gerwen)3.2.202420:50 GMT
Michael SmithDimitri Van den Bergh10-6 (Van den Bergh) 3.2.202421:40 GMT

Betting Picks; No bets today.


Player 1Player 2ResultDateTime
Stephen BuntingPeter Wright10-2 (Bunting)4.2.202413:00 GMT
Nathan AspinallDaryl Gurney10-9 (Aspinall)4.2.202413:50 GMT
Michael van GerwenDave Chisnall10-4 (van Gerwen)4.2.202414:40 GMT
Dimitri Van den BerghDamon Heta10-7 (Van den Bergh)4.2.202415:30 GMT

Betting Picks; No bets today.


Player 1Player 2ResultDateTime
Stephen BuntingNathan Aspinall11-1 (Bunting)4.2.202419:10 GMT
Michael van GerwenDimitri Van den Bergh11-2 (van Gerwen)4.2.202420:00 GMT


Player 1Player 2ResultDateTime
Stephen BuntingMichael van Gerwen11-7 (Bunting)4.2.202421:00 GMT

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