Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) 2023 Begins With VCT LOCK//IN São Paulo
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Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) 2023 Begins With VCT LOCK//IN São Paulo

JOIN THE NEW ERA | 2023 VCT LOCK//IN | Cinematic Trailer

The 2023 Valorant esports season is set to kick off with a newly-introduced VCT LOCK//IN São Paulo tournament, scheduled for February 13 – March 4. It will mark the first international Valorant event of the year, welcoming 30 franchised teams who’ll fight to earn their region an extra slot at Masters 2023.

VCT LOCK//IN São Paulo Format & Schedule

Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) 2023 LOCK//IN São Paulo is a new Valorant esports event introduced by Riot Games for the 2023 season. It will mark the first tournament of the 2023 season, which will run on a partnership model, following the footsteps of Call of Duty (CDL) and various League of Legends leagues (LEC, LCS, LCK, LPL).

The tournament will kick off the 2023 VCT season on Monday, February 13, and conclude with the grand finals on Saturday, March 4.

  • Date: February 13 – March 4
  • Venue: Ginásio do Ibirapuera in Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Where to Watch: Twitch, YouTube

VCT 2023 LOCK//IN São Paulo will feature 32 Valorant teams, including all 30 franchised squads and two Chinese teams in EDward Gaming and FunPlus Phoenix, who got invited on January 17 as additional participants.

VALORANT Champions Tour 101: What To Expect From The 2023 Season

The tournament’s format is very straightforward. There will be just one stage, a 32-team single elimination bracket, with all matches played as best-of-three (Bo3), except for semifinals and finals, which will be best-of-five (Bo5).

As the first international Valorant tournament of the year, VCT 2023 LOCK//IN São Paulo, will offer $500,000 in the prize pool, divided between all 32 participating teams. The champions will take home a $100,000 winner’s share and earn their region an additional slot for Masters 2023.

A Thight Field Of New-Look Teams

Valorant Champions Tour 2023 LOCK//IN São Paulo will be a one-of-a-kind tournament, leading into a new era of competitive Valorant. For the 2023 season, Riot decided to move to a partnership model following the success of its other esports title, League of Legends, which led to quite a massive shift in the competitive Valorant scene.

With many big esports organisations denied partner status, some of the strongest rosters of 2022 were left without a team and forced to find a new home among partnered esports organisations. As a result, the 2023 season will feature some returning teams but with new-look squads, shifting the balance of power quite substantially.

Moreover, the massive roster overhaul during the offseason brings up many questions, mainly about which team will step up and secure their region an extra slot at Masters 2023. According to the outright betting odds, there is one favourite, but the top nine teams look fairly tight.

Natus Vincere, who acquired the former FunPlus Phoenix are priced as the main favourites (5.50 at bet365) to hoist the trophy in Brazil, followed by DRX (6.50 at bet365), NRG (7.00 at bet365), the reigning world champions LOUD (7.00 at bet365) and Fnatic (7.00 at bet365).

Not too far behind, we have the former world’s greatest Valorant team Sentinels (8.00) and 100 Thieves (8.00 at bet365), with Cloud9 (10.00 at bet365) and Team Liquid (10.00 at bet365) rounding up the list of contenders.

The rest of the teams, including Paper Rex (12.00 at bet365), Evil Geniuses (26.00 at bet365), Leviatan (19.00 at bet365), KOI (34.00 at bet365), and others have all put together competitive rosters that should do some damage, but expecting any team outside the top nine to lift the trophy would be wishful thinking.

Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) 2023 LOCK//IN São Paulo Betting Odds & Odds Comparison

Team / BookmakerBet365PinnacleGG.Bet
Natus Vincere5.505.384.87
100 Thieves8.0012.2025.87
Cloud910.00 (boost to 11.00)6.293.69
Team Liquid10.009.815.14
Paper Rex12.009.8114.21
Team Vitality16.0017.1015.04
Evil Geniuses26.0032.1922.68
Karmine Corp26.0025.1430.00
Team Heretics34.0039.2227.06
EDward Gaming34.00/30.00
BBL Esports51.0096.4930.00
ZETA Division51.0047.2530.00
FUT Esports51.0063.3430.00
Giants Gaming67.0063.3430.00
FunPlus Phoenix67.00/30.00
KRU Esports67.0039.2230.00
Global Esports76.0071.3730.00
DetonatioN FocusMe101.00141.6830.00
Talon Esports101.00141.6830.00
Team Secret101.00141.6830.00
Rex Regum Qeon101.00141.6830.00

Should You Bet On VCT 2023 LOCK//IN São Paulo?

As the offered outright betting odds on Valorant Champions Tour 2023 LOCK//IN São Paulo suggest, even the esports betting sites have no idea of which team will come out on top. And that’s understandable, considering this is the first Valorant esports event following a substantial roster shuffle.

Almost all teams in the Valorant competitive scene have made at least one roster change, with some signing entire rosters from organisations that didn’t get partnered. And besides the change of talent, the game has undergone a few changes since VALORANT Champions 2022 in September. And that only adds another layer of mystery ahead of the event.

With so little data to work with, VCT 2023 LOCK//IN São Paulo might not be the optimal tournament to bet on; granted, due to the large price differences between bookmakers, it’s not difficult to find a couple of betting opportunities.

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