What Is Grand Salami Bet & How Does It Work?
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What Is Grand Salami Bet & How Does It Work?

A grand salami might sound made up, but as silly as it may seem, a grand salami bet is a real thing and quite a popular proposition bet in sports betting. Grand salami bets introduce a unique spin to traditional totals (over/under) betting, but it’s not nearly as complex as it may sound.

This article will take a closer look at grand salami bets, what they are, where you can find them, and ultimately how you can use grand salami bets for sports betting.

What Is The Grand Salami Bet?

A grand salami is a silly name to refer to one big cumulative total for all games on any given night. Bookmakers offer it for various sports, but most commonly for hockey and baseball games, so if you’re betting on NHL and MLB games regularly, you’ve likely already heard of it.

Instead of betting on a single game with a totals market, the grand salami bet allows you to predict the entire combined scores of every game and team within a particular sporting event or league with a single bet.

How Grand Salami Works?

A grand salami bet is pretty straightforward, as it’s only a combination of multiple totals markets into one rather than betting on one game. You can look at a grand salami bet as an over/under accumulator of multiple games with a twist.

Bookmakers won’t settle the bets depending on how many goals were scored in each individual match but instead based on how many goals were scored across all games.

For example, we’ll look at an NHL grand salami.

  • Washington Capitals vs Los Angeles Kings – Total 4.5 (goals)
  • Florida Panthers vs Carolina Hurricanes  – Total 5.5  (goals)
  • Toronto Maple Leafs vs New York Rangers – Total 5.5  (goals)
  • GRAND SALAMI – +/- 15.5

In this example, we have three NHL games but it can include five games or more. If we add up the over/under numbers for total goals of all the games (4.5 + 5.5 + 5.5), we get a combined total of 15.5.


So instead of betting on how many goals will be scored by NHL teams in each match, bettors get to determine whether the combined goals scored across all those games will go over or under the posted grand salami line – in this case 15.5.

So let’s assume the games ended with the following scores:

  • Washington Capitals 3-1 Los Angeles Kings
  • Florida Panthers 4-4 Carolina Hurricanes  
  • Toronto Maple Leafs 3-2 New York Rangers

If you were to bet on overs for each individual game, only the Florida Panthers 4-4 Carolina Hurricanes would be settled as a winner. However, if we were to place a grand salami bet on over 15.5 goals for all games, the bet would be settled as a winner (4 + 8 + 5 = 17).

We could use the same example in an MLB game.

  • New York Yankees vs Pittsburgh Pirates – Total 8.5 (runs)
  • Philadelphia Phillies vs Boston Bruins – Total 7 (runs)
  • Boston Red Sox vs Milwaukee Brewers – Total 9.5 (runs)

The only difference between the two grand salamis is that we would be betting on total runs across rather than goals.

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How Is Grand Salami Created?

In the above example, we combined all over/under lines to get a number for the grand salami bet; however, whether you’re betting on an NHL grand salami or an MLB grand salami, it doesn’t work quite like that.

Bookmakers won’t necessarily add up totals of all games on the board to get the grand salami number. So if there are ten games on any given night, all with over/under at 4.5, the Grand Salami wouldn’t be at 45.

Sportsbooks use different formulas to get the grand salami over/under the figure. Even though they add up all totals, that number is often slightly tweaked, so it won’t always be the exact sum of all over/under lines.

Where Can You Find A Grand Salami Bet?

Grand salami betting is regularly available on most online bookmakers, but you’ll most commonly find it in hockey and baseball. They’re not that hard to find, though.

Grand salami in baseball will be available ahead of each round of the MLB, and likewise, grand salami in hockey will regularly be available on sportsbooks ahead of each night of the NHL. When it comes to grand salami betting on other sports, such as soccer leagues, it’s not nearly as accessible.


Is grand salami a good bet?

Whether a grand salami is a good bet largely depends on the offered betting odds, but since the bookmakers regularly tweak the total number, it’s rarely a good choice. Instead, you might want to stick with traditional rather than grand salami bets and take advantage of various betting tools that’ll help you find solid betting opportunities.

Why is it called grand salami?

The name grand salami originated from baseball as a name to describe a “Grand Slam”, but was later adopted by sports bettors to describe predicting how many goals will be scored across all games on any given day.

Where do you find grand salami bets?

Grand salami betting is often available on baseball and hockey games – most commonly on NLB and NHL and very rarely on any other sport or league. It could be used for soccer leagues or other sporting events, but it has yet to happen.

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