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What is the Four Hills Tournament?

The Four Hills Tournament is the most prestigious and the most important ski jumping event of the calendar year. It traditionally takes place in late December – early January across four venues in Austria and Germany.

As the biggest ski jumping tournament of the FIS Ski Jumping World Cup, the Four Hills Tournament draws in a lot of eyes. It is a very popular sporting event among viewers, sports bettors, and fantasy players, offering one week of exciting action across world-renowned hills.

A Ski Jumping Event With a Long Tradition

The Four Hills Tournament (or the Four Hills Tour) was first introduced in 1952 after the officials from Austria and Germany decided to create a multi-day ski jumping event at various jump sites. Initially, the Four Hills Tournament was created to draw more attention to the sport, and it’s fair to say that it had succeeded.

Kamil Stoch makes three straight wins at Four Hills Tournament | Photo recap

Since its inception, the Four Hills Tournament has been scheduled annually from late December to early January to give the people something to look forward to over the New Year holidays, but mainly because the show conditions at that time have been good.

Held in Oberstdorf, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Innsbruck, and Bischofshofen, the Four Hills Tournament has been traditionally dominated by Austrian and German jumpers. Out of 13 multi-time winners, four Austrians and three German jumpers have won the Four Hills Tournament more than once, including Jens Weissflog, who has four Four Hills Tournament titles.

Six of the 13 multi-time Four Hills Tournament winners are not from Germany or Austria. That includes Janne Ahonen, who is the current all-time leader with five Four Hills Tournament overall victories, followed by Bjørn Wirkola and Kamil Stoch, who won the event three times apiece.

In recent years, the tradition has turned on its head. Austrians have won the Four Hills Tournament every year between 2008 and 2014 but not once since then, suggesting that the era of Austrian dominance has ended. 

A Unique Format

One of Four Hills Tournament’s peculiarities is its qualifying system. Unlike in other competitions, where the top 30 jumpers from the first round qualify for the second round, the Four Hills Tournament follows a knock-out system.

Four Hills Tournament divides 50 competitors into two pairs of 25, with all 25 winners of these duels plus five top-performing losers advancing to the second round. The first jumper is the one who qualified 26th, followed by his pair who qualified 25th. The next pair features 27th and 24th, 28th and 23rd from the qualifiers, and so on.

Due to the unique format, the qualifying series is important, as jumpers with better results from qualifiers will have a chance to compete with jumpers with worse results. So, it is highly advantageous for jumpers to perform in the qualifiers to have a better chance to advance.

Ski Jumping Format Simplified

  • The aim is to fly as far as possible
  • Each competition consists of a qualification jump and competition with two rounds (jumps)
  • The jumper is awarded points after every jump.
  • Points are based on distance and five marks by the jury
  • The highest and lowest points given by the jury are cancelled out
  • The jumper with the most points after two jumps is the winner

Home Nations Get More Starters

As a German-Austrian ski jumping event, the Four Hills Tournament has a special rule which allows the German team to bring more jumpers to German jumps, while in Bischofshofen and Innsbruck, the Austrian teams get the advantage.

This gives jumpers from B-squad a chance to prove themselves and participate in the World Cup jumping competitions. Still, while German and Austrian teams are allowed to bring more jumpers, this doesn’t give them any significant advantage en route to the title.

Four Hills Tournament Betting Markets

Ski jumping is more of a niche sport in the betting world; however, it enjoys solid coverage. All bigger sportsbooks will have ski jumping markets for World Cup jumps, including the Four Hills Tournament, but it’s important to note that limits are low compared to other major sporting events. 

Bet365, Unibet, and other soft bookmakers will have Four Hills Tournament markets available, as will Pinnacle. Likewise, it’s possible to bet on the Four Hills Tournament with Betfair, but it suffers from low liquidity. So, those who want to bet on Betfair should consider placing bets on the day of the tournament for better liquidity. 

  • Can’t access Betfair or Pinnacle? Get access to both via a betting broker!

Outright Market

Outright is the most common and simplest Four Hills Tournament betting market to use. Here, punters place their bets on jumpers they believe will win the whole tournament (overall winner).

It’s important to note that to win the Four Hills Tournament, a jumper has to accumulate the most points across the four jumps. So, by betting on the Four Hills Tournament outright markets, we’re placing bets on which jumper will perform the best across the entire tournament.

Besides the Four Hills Tournament outright markets, bookmakers also offer outright betting on each of the four jumping events, so make sure you pick the right market when placing bets!

Head-to-head Markets

The match-ups or (head-to-head markets) are betting markets where punters can predict which of the two jumpers will finish the tournament with a better result. 

We’re not predicting the outright winner but whether one jumper will outperform the other.

Top X Finish

Like most tournaments, the Four Hills Tournament has a top X finish betting market available – mainly Top 3 or Top 6. The former is essentially a bet on whether a jumper will finish the event on a podium, while the latter expands the places to six.

This is one of the most popular Four Hills Tournament betting markets and quite simple to understand. With it, punters are predicting whether a jumper will finish the tournament inside X places.

Prop Bets

Depending on the bookmaker, the number of available Four Hills Tournament betting markets will vary. Still, there are a few proposition markets that are easy to find.

  • Winning Points Margin – the number of points separating the overall winner from the second-placed jumper (0-9.9, 10-19.9, 20-29.9…)
  • Nationality of Winner – nationality of the overall champion (Austrian, German, Polish, Slovenian..)
  • To Win All Four Events – a yes/no wager on whether any of the jumpers will win all four events

Four Hills Tournament Fantasy Competitions

Winter sports are also available on fantasy sports platforms, offering fans a new and exciting way to enjoy the competition, put their knowledge of the jumpers to the test, and earn some money with it.

Ski Jumping Fantasy Game over at Zweeler
Ski Jumping Fantasy Game over at Zweeler

As a licenced and legit fantasy sports platform, Zweeler is the best option for fantasy Four Hills Tournament, suitable for both beginners and experienced fantasy players.


The Four Hills Tournament is the biggest and most prestigious ski-jumping event of the calendar year, offering one week of ski jumping action across four hills. Not only is Four Hills Tournament extremely popular among viewers, but it’s also one of the most attractive tournaments for ski jumping punters and fantasy players.

Despite being one of the niche sports in the betting world, ski jumping and Four Hills Tournament, in particular, enjoys solid coverage from betting sites. Bet365 and Unibet stand out as the best soft bookmakers for betting on Four Hills Tournament, with great market coverage. 

Alternatively, those after the best odds should consider sharps like Pinnacle and betting exchanges such as Betfair. While both are viable options to bet on the Four Hills Tournament, they will suffer from poor liquidity (or low limits), especially on days leading to the event.

As the best options for those who want the best betting odds on Four Hills Tournament, Betfair and Pinnacle should be in every punter’s arsenal. For some, Betfair and Pinnacle won’t be accessible due to location restrictions, but there is a legal and safe way to bypass that – through a betting broker which can offer accounts for Betfair and Pinnacle clones – Orbit and PS3838.

Besides betting on Four Hills Tournament, there are fantasy competitions available on Zweeler. As a licenced fantasy platform with a generous welcome bonus and paid and free competitions, Zweeler is the top choice for fantasy winter sports.


Where is the Four Hills Tournament?

The Four Hills Tournament will take place on four hills across Germany and Austria. The event will kick off in Oberstdorf (Schattenbergschanze) before moving to Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Große Olympiaschanze), Innsbruck (Bergiselschanze), and conclude at Paul-Ausserleitner-Schanze in Bischofshofen, Austria.

Who has won the Four Hills Tournament the most?

Janne Ahonen is the most successful ski jumper in the history of Four Hills, with five overall victories, ahead of Jens Weissflog, who is the only other jumper to win the Four Hills more than thrice.

In which countries have the Four Hills Tournament taken place?

Since its inception, the Four Hills Tournament has taken place in Austria and Germany. The tournament was created by officials from the two countries and takes place on four hills – Schattenbergschanze, Große Olympiaschanze, Bergiselschanze, and Paul-Ausserleitner-Schanze.

Where Can I play Four Hills Tournament Fantasy Game?

Zweeler is the best platform for fantasy sports, which covers over a dozen of sports, including ski jumping. Zweeler has fantasy competitions for most ski jumping events, including the Four Hills.

2024/25 Four Hills Tournament Countdown


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