Where to Play Fantasy Cycling?
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Where to Play Fantasy Cycling?

Fantasy cycling is a very popular sport in the fantasy sports world and way more popular than darts or winter sports. This also explains why fantasy cycling is far more accessible, with several platforms offering fantasy cycling competitions.

But while there are plenty of options, some fantasy sports sites offer better experience and rewards and are ultimately a much better choice.

Free Fantasy Cycling Platforms

Cycling is one of the most popular fantasy sports, and there are plenty of platforms that offer competitions for it. The list of solid choices goes on and on; here are some of the most notable free fantasy cycling options.

All listed free fantasy cycling platforms have their own set of rules and rewards, and there is no clear choice for the best one. Any fantasy beginner should consider checking them all and finding the one that suits him.

Visually, FantaCycling is by far the best. It offers a beautiful mobile app (for Android and iOS) and has a very generous selection of competitions to choose from and compete in. LeTour might be the most obvious choice as the official fantasy game of the Tour de France, but ultimately, it comes down to each individual and which platform he prefers.

Velogames, on the other side, seem to be the preferred choice for community-hosted fantasy competitions.

Reddit Fantasy

Cycling fans should be aware of the Subreddit r/pleton, where you can find World Tour Road Cycling news, results, and discussions. But beyond that, r/pleton also has community-ran cycling fantasy competitions.

r/peloton Fantasy Cycling

These are usually held on Velogames, which seems to be the preferred platform to host Reddit fantasy cycling competitions. While it doesn’t offer many great rewards, Reddit fantasy tournaments can be a great way to engage in discussions with other cycling fans.

There are plenty of free fantasy cycling platforms for beginners to explore, but there are just as many paid options. Cycling is a very popular sport in the fantasy sports world, and most fantasy sites will offer tournaments for it – especially for big races such as the Tour de France Giro d’Italia and Vuelta a España.

Yet, amid all the available paid fantasy cycling options, one stands out as the best.


Zweeler is a legit fantasy sports platform and the best paid cycling fantasy site. The site started as a cycling fantasy platform in the 90s and has held cycling competitions ever since, which alone is a good testament to the quality offer it can provide.

With free and paid competitions, Zweeler is an excellent choice for beginners who want to explore the world of fantasy sports and experienced players who want to put their skills to the test and earn some extra cash.

Even though we would recommend beginners to check out free fantasy sites first, Zweeler’s free competitions make it a great option even for newbies who just want to try out cycling fantasy. And with a welcome bonus of up to €250, it’s tough to justify not giving Zweeler a look.

Besides cycling competitions, Zweeler also covers a plethora of other sports, including darts, snooker, rugby, F1, tennis, golf, and winter sports.

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Those just starting out and looking for free fantasy cycling platforms should check out Fanta-Cycling, r/peloton subreddit and LeTour.

On the other side, those looking to play for money have plenty of options, yet none is quite as good as Zweeler!

Zweeler is an excellent fantasy cycling platform which offers a generous selection of free and paid competitions, generous rewards, and a solid player base. Moreover, Zweeler comes with a welcome bonus of up to €250 and has fantasy tournaments for over a dozen sports, including football, basketball, winter sports, snooker, motorsports, darts, and more.


Where to play Tour de France fantasy?

Fantasy cycling is very popular, especially for big races such as Giro d’Italia, Vuelta a España, and Tour de France. While most fantasy sites offer competitions for Grand Tour events, LeTour and Zweeler are two of the best free and paid options for Tour de France fantasy.

Where to play free fantasy cycling?

Due to its popularity as a fantasy sport, there are many platforms that offer free fantasy cycling competitions. That includes Velogames, Tropela, LeTour, ProCyclingStats, and Zweeler, which offers both free and paid fantasy competitions.

Is fantasy cycling legal?

Fantasy cycling competitions are completely legal in Europe, the United States, and elsewhere. However, some countries and states have restrictions on which platforms fantasy players can use, which should be considered before registering with a fantasy sports website.

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