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Is World of Warcraft Betting Still a Thing

Why Bet on World of Warcraft?

  • Exciting gameplay
  • Rich history
  • Variety of competitions
  • Expansions keep competitions fresh
  • Straightforward format

World of Warcraft Recommended Bookmakers

World of Warcraft is one of the niche esports titles, making finding its betting markets less accessible. However, many prominent bookmakers and esports betting sites offer markets on Blizzard’s games, especially on bigger events and competitions.

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Soft Bookmakers

World of Warcraft betting odds are available on several bookmakers, including Rivalry and bet365. But like with other niche esports titles, there is one problem – low limits and account limitations.

These problems also concern punters who wager on other esports titles and even traditional sports, which is why bettors should consider using sharp bookmakers.

World of Warcraft News, Picks & Previews

Check out our World of Warcraft betting previews, predictions, and the latest news from the WoW world, including information that’ll help you find the best WoW betting opportunities.

World of Warcraft Betting Guide

World of Warcraft falls into a category of niche esports titles in the online betting world. Much like Age of Empires, WoW has a healthy fanbase, and there are several WoW esports competitions throughout the year, but it’s not as popular as other major titles such as Counter-Strike, Dota 2, or League of Legends.

This explains why WoW betting markets aren’t as easily accessible as those of other major esports games. But that doesn’t mean that it’s difficult to start betting on WoW

WoW Tournaments To Bet On

Betting on World of Warcraft can be divided into two categories – betting on PvE competitions and betting on PvP competitions. The former includes The Great Push, Mythic Dungeon International, and the Raid to World First.

Most online betting sites offer outright betting odds on all four; however, you shouldn’t expect there to be many betting options as with other esports titles, where bookmakers offer more outright markets than just “outright winner”.

Mythic Dungeon International

Mythic Dungeon International (MDI) is a PvE World of Warcraft competition, which welcomes teams of five players who compete in completing Mythic Dungeons. The difficulty of the dungeons and affixes are determined beforehand.

MDI 2023 | Dragonflight Global Finals | Day 1 Full VOD

The teams are tested by speed through dungeons – with the team that completes the dungeons the fastest winning the title. The MDI format is very straightforward; however, it regularly features close races between the top squads and unique strategies the teams use to beat their opponents.

The Great Push

The Great Push (TGP) is a spinoff format from Mythic Dungeon International, aimed to offer the top players and groups a proper challenge in Mythic dungeons. Unlike the MDI, where the teams are tested by their speed through the dungeons, TGP is all about pushing the keys as high as possible over the three days.


The tournament is divided into three stages – the proving grounds, the group stage, and the global finals, where the top six teams from the group stage face off in the final battle. The team with the highest combined score of keys wins the event.

Race To World First

Race to World First (RWF), is like the MDI and TGP, a PvE (player vs environment) WoW competition, but unlike the former two, Race To World is contested between guilds who compete in who will clear the latest raid tier first.

The Race to World first starts after the start of the new raid tier, when prominent guilds take on the challenge of completing the raid’s final boss. The length of the competition is not predetermined and instead lasts until one of the guilds kills the final raid boss on Mythic difficulty.

Echo x Amirdrassil, The Dream's Hope | Race to World First Announcement Trailer | WoW: Dragonflight

The competition continues until other top guilds claim second, third, fourth… place in the RWF.

It’s important to note that these are all community-driven competitions, with little to no help from Blizzard. Still, that doesn’t take away from the quality of the production or the competitions themselves, which punters can bet on with most online bookmakers.

Arena World Championship

Arena World Championship (AWC) is a PvP (player vs player) competition, which, as the name suggests, is contested in an arena. Unlike the PvE WoW tournaments, the AWC is played in stages and across different regions.


Each season, there are Four AWC Cups (seasons), which lead to the AWC Finals – for both North America and Europe. The tournament utilises a single-elimination format for all seasons, with teams going head-to-head in arena battles to determine the best PvP team in the world.

All WoW esports tournaments are streamed on the official World of Warcraft Twitch and YouTube channels or by the teams/guilds attending the competitions. Meanwhile, the best website to follow the teams, their progress and results is

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